Honey bee mutations
probably more useful stuff on this site that I didn't check out
8 days ago
Amtrak Status Maps
are the trains running on time?
train  travel 
10 days ago
Eight Useful Tarot Spreads - Interrobang Tarot
Balancing Action Tarot Spread
Emotional Arrow Tarot Spread
Toolkit Tarot Spread
Snowflake Tarot Spread
Self Love Tarot Spread
Project Kindling Tarot Spread
Root Cellar Tarot Spread
WTF Tarot Spread
tarot  spreads  how-to 
18 days ago
The Marigold Tarot - Classic – Amrit Brar
dunno if I really want this but it's so gorgeous I can't forget it
tarot  wishlist 
20 days ago
t5 - Tool for Tabulating Thirty Top Tooters
A codesections project | source code

A tool for Mastodon users that will scan all the toots you've favorited and find the 30 people whose toots you've favorited most often.
mastodon  socialmedia 
6 weeks ago
Sex Redefined: The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.
biology  gender  trans  dojustly 
7 weeks ago
tarot spread sharing site, RWS only?
7 weeks ago
Moominpappa, a liar? : Moomins
interesting trivia re: "Tofslan and Vifslan"
8 weeks ago
Share Family Photos | Online Baby Book | Family Albums | 23snaps
this or cluster for private photo sharing? (this one seems more specifically kid-focused)
photo-sharing  photo  privacy 
8 weeks ago
On Female Rage - by Colleen Tighe
"The angers of women transform difference through insight into power. For anger between peers births change, not destruction, and the discomfort and sense of loss it often causes is not fatal, but a sign of growth." Audre Lorde, 1981
comics  feminism  quotations 
8 weeks ago
Best birthday spreads? : tarot
5 cards laid out in a rising and falling pattern, the 3rd card in the uppermost position. 1st card represents the last year and the 2nd card represents something to leave behind. The 3rd card is a gift to yourself. Then the 4th card is something to Embrace and the 5th card represents the year ahead.
9 weeks ago
Fungi Perfecti | Home
fungi extract helps support bee health?
bees  fungi 
9 weeks ago
[no title]
find out if your personal info and passwords have been made vulnerable to hacking attacks
security  password 
9 weeks ago
resources - tarot
Incredible list of tarot resources.
tarot  reference 
11 weeks ago
resources - tarot
Incredible list of tarot resources.
tarot  reference 
11 weeks ago
2018 Oregon Reach Code (new code applicable to tiny houses)
tinyhouse  oregon  legal 
11 weeks ago
Saurav Malani's answer to How do I fix Ubuntu 16.04 Bluetooth issues? - Quora
I did this and it allowed the laptop to find, but not connect to, the BT speakers. Maybe undo it later? to edit the file in gedit, gksudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
bluetooth  ubuntu  ubuntu-help 
11 weeks ago
recessional | A potentially useful thought, also:
'This is a reminder that positive reinforcement is a powerful tool and motivator and if you're feeling like you have nothing you can do about a current situation that upsets you, a thing you can do is just straight-up find orgs, legislators, civil servants and other groups that are doing The Right Thing and send them a message saying "thank you, you are good, keep up the good work."'
politics  dojustly 
12 weeks ago
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