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here is a place to keep in mind, greek food, cocktails, outdoor seating, not too far from davis

525 Medford St
Somerville MA 02145
Magoun Square
restaurants  somerville  food 
6 weeks ago
Stephen Hawking Memorialized By Vangelis
As part of the memorial ceremonies for Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018), the European Space Agency beamed a message of peace into space, featuring the music of pioneering synthesist Vangelis and the words of Hawking.
8 weeks ago
Neil Gaiman
Did I ever see the official video for David Bowie's Heroes? I don't know. And if I did, I haven't seen it for 40 years.
9 weeks ago
Daniel José Older
2nd @skillshare class is LIVE! Using 1st & last drafts of the opening scene for Shadowshaper as a case study, I break down the anatomy of a scene and provide clear and useful exercises to help you analyze character, movement, and structure.
9 weeks ago
What is ReaLearn?
ReaLearn is a VSTi plug-in for the Digital Audio Workstation REAPER and works in REAPER only. Its purpose is to improve REAPER's MIDI learn capabilities. If you frequently need to map MIDI controller elements like knobs or switches to REAPER functions such as FX parameters or actions, ReaLearn might be useful for you.
9 weeks ago
How To Convert A Stompbox Effect Into A Eurorack Module
Here’s a quick look at converting a stompbox effect into a Eurorack module. The video, via LeoMakes, assumes that you’re starting from a working guitar pedal board that runs on a 9 volt battery, and that you want to run it on standard Eurorack power.
10 weeks ago
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