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8 days ago
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection
"For 500 generations they flourished until newcomers came... much was lost; much was devalued, but much was also hidden away in the hearts of the dispossessed... ...Their voices insist upon a hearing and the cumulative wisdom of their long residence in this land offers rich insights to those willing to listen.
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24 days ago
The best front-end hacking cheatsheets — all in one place.
It’s rather impossible to remember all the APIs by heart. This is when cheatsheets jump in! Here are the best front-end cheatsheets I’ve gathered.
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4 weeks ago
TidalCycles, free live coding environment for music, turns 1.0
Live coding environments are free, run on the cheapest hardware as well as the latest laptops, and offer new ways of thinking about music and sound that are leading a global movement. And one of the leading tools of that movement just hit a big milestone.
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5 weeks ago
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