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Errors and Corrections
The list of people who have been counted as "dead because of James Bond" is actually longer than it should be. The inaccuracy grates.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  character:bond  character:q  characterisation  sad  sweet  clever 
18 days ago by little-thoughts
Relaxation (What a Sensation)
Bond wants to take Q on holiday and help him relax. Q decides to let him.
fandom:skyfall  author:solarmorrigan  relationship:bond/q  sweet  hot  bottom!q 
27 days ago by little-thoughts
Having Slept, the Cat Gets Up
With how busy Q is, it's Bond who ends up taking the cats to the vet.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  relationship:bond/q  sweet  funny 
5 weeks ago by little-thoughts
Build me a nest
When Eames enters the building after his lunch break, Arthur is perched on his desk.
Or: the one where Arthur has had a brilliant idea to get Eames to notice him.
fandom:inception  author:suse  relationship:arthur/eames  crack  funny  sweet 
7 weeks ago by little-thoughts
Five times Eames was reckless and one time Arthur told the truth
fandom:inception  author:containsquinine  relationship:arthur/eames  pre-relationship  sad  sweet 
april 2019 by little-thoughts
right back
Eames wants to kiss him, will kiss him but he has to speak first. He has to quell the whole situation, bin this idea Arthur’s got ramrod in his head about clean and easy because for Eames Arthur has never been either.
fandom:inception  author:sunflowerseed  relationship:arthur/omc  relationship:arthur/eames  sad  sweet  happyending 
april 2019 by little-thoughts
Sans Vêtements
Bond has a different relationship with nudity than most people. Of this Q is quite sure.
fandom:skyfall  author:catchclaw  relationship:bond/q  sweet  hot 
march 2019 by little-thoughts
In Istanbul, the dark circles under Napoleon's eyes don't seem to fade, Gaby starts questioning whether they are really a team at all, and it comes down to Illya to keep them all together.
fandom:tmfu  author:verasteine  relationship:illya/napoleon  sad  sweet  happyending  hot  characterisation 
march 2019 by little-thoughts
burn your hands, make you understand
They've been talking about it for ages, ever since the beginning, and Arthur's always said "whenever you're ready." Eames is ready.
fandom:inception  author:la_victorienne  relationship:arthur/eames  genderbending  hot  sweet 
march 2019 by little-thoughts
Having Seen Barbados
Napoleon crosses the street to a payphone, digging in his pockets for change, feeding it in with hands that aren't as steady as he'd like them to be. His finger hovers over the dial. Gaby would come, but then she would fuss and ask questions. Illya will probably look at him in disgust, but he can take Illya's derision better than Gaby's concern.
fandom:tmfu  author:verasteine  relationship:illya/napoleon  sad  happyending  sweet 
february 2019 by little-thoughts
Like the one with the Nap Partners
They end up having to platonically share a bed for ages, and get so used to sleeping together that when they don't have to anymore they can't sleep -- cue one turning up on the other's doorstep all rumpled and exhausted and secretly nervous.
fandom:inception  author:Renne  sweet  relationship:arthur/eames 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
You, considerate hunter
On the Orient Express to Istanbul, Napoleon discovers that Peril has some very interesting reading habits.
fandom:tmfu  author:green_violin_bow  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet  hot  top!illya  characterisation 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
like brick, like stone
There's not much of a point showing Bond around then in that case, and yet, some part of Q still wants to introduce Bond to each room and every corner. Say his own hellos and goodbyes all in one go, too, while also apologising under his breath to these creaking walls for not bringing Bond home any earlier. He might have grown to like it here, perhaps. And in some other life, maybe even come to love it as much as Q does.
fandom:skyfall  author:skylights  wip  relationship:bond/q  hot  bottom!q  sweet 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
It's All in Vain
Arthur’s got a hot temper that manifests itself by way of holes in his wall and doors of kitchen cupboards ripped off their hinges. He hangs art, makes ceremonial visits to Home-Depot, comes to terms with the loss of his security deposit. His job drives him up the wall. TA-ing for Cobb drives him up the wall. Up the fucking wall. It’s not the job per se and it’s not Cobb, not exclusively at least. Mostly it’s just that he’s twenty-three, starting the first year of his phd, a workaholic and mentally ill to a fault.
wip  fandom:inception  author:sunflowerseed  setting:college-au  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  sweet 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
Obligatory Bakery AU (series)
1960s New York: Napoleon Solo opens a bakery in Manhattan, Illya Kuryakin takes issue with this, and Gaby Teller comes as a surprise to everyone who meets her. Also, Illya's neighbors might be trying to adopt him, or set him up, or both
fandom:tmfu  wip  author:takingoffmyshoes  pre-relationship  relationship:illya/napoleon  setting:shop-au  sweet  funny 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
He beckons him over and to his surprise, Arthur listens. He shucks one arm free from his shirt and raises it to expose the skin over his ribs. He pulls tentatively at the tape holding the gauze there but Eames brushes his fingers away. ‘ Let me.’ He holds his breath as the tape comes away. The ink is still fresh and in dark contrast against Arthur’s skin.
fandom:inception  author:sunflowerseed  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
A Season for Giving
Q had never been the sort of person to look forward to the holidays, having spent most of his past Christmases alone. But this year was different. He had a wreath on his door and fairy lights in the window and James Bond in his bed.

He also somehow found himself being auctioned off for charity at the annual MI6 holiday party.
fandom:skyfall  author:dhampir72  relationship:bond/q  sweet 
january 2019 by little-thoughts
a lover is standing too close to focus on
“You know some people say, that hell is actually a cold and icy place. So, like, be the snowball.”
fandom:inception  author:sugarybowl  relationship:arthur/eames  misunderstandings  sweet 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
The Lady and the Knight
In which Arthur and Eames are childhood frenemies who go to The Cloisters one Christmas and fall in love.
fandom:inception  author:dasyatidae  setting:coffee-shop-au  artist!eames  relationship:arthur/eames  realisations  wip  sweet 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
Marshmallow Clouds and Evergreen Trees
Solo’s eyes meet hers in the mirror. Illya resists the urge to blink, determined to appear unsurprised. This happens all the time. Solo catches her off guard. Illya proudly refuses to admit it. Solo makes it implicitly clear that she sees right through Illya, but allows her her dignity, keeping her commentary limited to a twinkle in her eye. The routine is comforting, by now, to Illya. It’s safe. Solo knows her secrets, but rarely gives voice to them.

It’s the closest thing to friendship Illya has felt since she was a little girl.
fandom:tmfu  author:blake  genderbending  relationship:illya/napoleon  hot  sweet 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
Napoleon is sent on a solo mission to Brazil while Illya stays behind to nurse a broken ankle. When Napoleon barely makes it back in one piece Illya takes it upon himself to take care of him until he's back on his feet again. Pining and troupes ensue.
fandom:tmfu  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet  romantic 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
I say muchos gracias and adios (bye bye)
It’s fleeting at first; a barely-there brush of lips, amidst a fumbling of keycards and cases.
fandom:inception  author:popeee  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
Eames is perched on the sofa when they walk in, scrolling on his phone, eyebrows knitted in concentration, wearing a Christmas sweater that says Happy Christmas, because it’s just like him – to go out of his way to be English and gripe about the English in the same goddamn breath.
fandom:inception  author:scribblscrabbl  sweet 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
Reversal of Fortunes
In which Q is the lethal, highly trained assassin with a sharp smile and sharper blades, and 007 is the long-suffering quartermaster who keeps Q alive. And maybe just wants to keep him. For reasons.
fandom:skyfall  author:SvengoolieCat  relationship:bond/q  sweet  funny 
december 2018 by little-thoughts
I Love Ewe
When Napoleon gets amnesia, all of the clues make it clear: he must be dating Illya.
fandom:tmfu  author:kenshincha  relationship:illya/napoleon  realisations  sweet 
november 2018 by little-thoughts
midnight into morning coffee
It’s been nearly three years to the day since his resignation and James Bond is climbing through your downstairs window.
fandom:skyfall  author:andfinallywearehome  relationship:bond/q  realisations  sweet 
november 2018 by little-thoughts
a true friend will argue
Illya is bleeding.

He can’t be too concerned about it, though, because it’s a flesh wound at most and Solo’s injury is much worse.
fandom:tmfu  author:inlovewithnight  relationship:illya/napoleon  funny  characterisation  sweet 
november 2018 by little-thoughts
Scheduling Sex
Bond endures a week of work-based cockblocking before taking steps to ensure that he and Q can spend enough time together.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  relationship:bond/q  married  funny  sweet 
november 2018 by little-thoughts
Cup of Tea
It wasn’t much, but it had kept Bond himself a little further from death before, so why not Q?
fandom:skyfall  author:solarmorrigan  relationship:bond/q  setting:supernatural-au  sweet 
october 2018 by little-thoughts
Arthur had always assumed two things about sleeping with Eames: 1, that the sex would be decent and 2, that the sleeping part would be mostly terrible with a side of torture.
fandom:inception  author:bauble  artist:motetus  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  hot  funny  * 
october 2018 by little-thoughts
After a mission gone wrong, Q makes a bucket list and Bond helps him cross some things off of it.
fandom:skyfall  author:hyphyp  setting:pretend-bfs  relationship:bond/q  pre-relationship  sweet  justlovely 
september 2018 by little-thoughts
The Golden Age
In which the heir of a badly managed estate attends a masquerade ball in honor of a prince.

(It's a love story.)
fandom:inception  author:sevenimpossiblethings  setting:royalty-au  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
august 2018 by little-thoughts
The Best Laid Plans (Go Awry)
Cobb was so obnoxiously good at his job and Arthur was so bafflingly immune to his many personal shortcomings that Eames was going to have to simply make Arthur see the things that he could offer that Cobb could not, or at least should not—definitely not, ever, not that Arthur would be into it even if he offered, because Arthur had taste and he would never, right? Right. Definitely right.
fandom:inception  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  sweet  author:VIII_XIII 
august 2018 by little-thoughts
We won't find out until we grow
Arthur is a problem-solver.

His actual job title is “producer,” but really, his job is to anticipate problems before they happen, avert them, and then fix all the other things that inevitably go wrong anyway. Arthur knows he’s necessary but unpopular: he saves people time and money, but he’s also the one who’s always telling them what they’re doing wrong.

Arthur’s okay with that, most of the time.
fandom:inception  author:msmorland  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
august 2018 by little-thoughts
My Land's Only Borders Lie Around My Heart
Napoleon and Illya share a quiet moment together in a Parisian safe-house after a mission has kept them apart for three months.
fandom:tmfu  author:writingmonsters  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
The Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Affair
They're on a case, but that doesn't mean everything else stops. In fact, sometimes being on a case is the only time things can start.
fandom:tmfu  author:james  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet  funny 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
Two Cats to Feed
“Did you come just to say ‘I told you so’?” Bond finally asked.

“On the contrary,” Q said, slipping his mobile back into his pocket. “I came here to give you a present.”

In which Bond is laid up in Medical, and Q arrives with an unexpected guest.
fandom:skyfall  author:castillon02  character:bond  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
The Absurdity of Being Eames, a Rom-Com
Future/Cyberpunk AU. When Eames and Arthur are connected to be sex partners via the Formula, neither of them expects it to turn into a real relationship. Much as he craves romance, Eames doesn't even notice when it does.
fandom:inception  author:CoffeeWithConsequences  setting:future-au  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  romantic 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
Arthur has never been so conscious of herself – until she realises that she has caught Eames’ eyes. (In which Arthur and Eames are high school girls who have the hots for each other.)
fandom:inception  author:Lanyonn  setting:highschool-au  relationship:arthur/eames  genderbending  sweet  hot 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
The Sound of Water
Two lonely men.

"The door opens. Through his still-closed lids he feels the stripe of bright light that falls into the room. He tries not to flinch, to reveal that he is conscious. Soft footsteps. The creak of bending knees. His breath shakes as a hand rests lightly on his forehead, pushes his hair off his sweaty face. Yes. It’s hot. He's thirsty, so thirsty. He cannot ask for water."
fandom:inception  author:kate_the_reader  setting:apocalypse  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
The art of wooing Arthur
“It’s my to-woo list, darling,” Eames says.


“My to-woo list,” Eames says again. “Like a to-do list, but for...wooing you.”
fandom:inception  author:msmorland  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  romantic 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
The Closet With Two Doors
Graduate school AU. Upon starting a new relationship with Ariadne, Eames finds himself coming out in ways he'd never expected and having to correct a lot of assumptions and misconceptions.
fandom:inception  author:CoffeeWithConsequences  setting:college-au  artist!eames  relationship:ariadne/eames  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  sad 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
Napoleon looks awful in the dimly-lit room, pale face slightly elevated above even paler sheets, a tube running into one arm. Carrying the fluids hospitals love, and the alleged antidote, and something else entirely to counteract the nasty chemistry that occurs when poison meets poison.
fandom:tmfu  author:wneleh  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
[noun] simper
you're the only one who makes me smile constantly. Five times that Napoleon made Illya smile.
fandom:tmfu  author:jackgyeoms  relationship:illya/napoleon  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
the recklessness of water
And he thinks, not for the first time, that Napoleon is far too easy with his most dangerous secrets. Illya knows by now that even under pain of death Napoleon would never reveal the things that’d hurt him or Gaby or endanger Waverly or end the world.

But the things that could destroy Napoleon himself - he’d just gladly handed them all away, simple as anything, as he laid spread out in bed under the man who’d been his sworn rival not half a year ago, unguarded and pliable and completely at his mercy.
fandom:tmfu  author:therm0dynamics  relationship:illya/napoleon  sad  sweet  characterisation 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
Midnight Clear
“You don’t write, you don’t call,” an annoyingly familiar voice drawled from behind Illya, “and whenever we actually do meet, you try to kill me. You’ll hurt my feelings, sweetheart.”
fandom:tmfu  fandom:good_omens  relationship:illya/napoleon  funny  romantic  sweet  author:manic_intent 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
'Round in Circles I'd Go
Napoleon Solo, if he's being totally honest, is enjoying the hell out of this mission. He gets to lounge around in the sun, flirt with everyone, and pretend not to speak a word of German. Plus being 'married' to Gaby certainly makes for good company. Everything would be perfect, if he hadn't ended up developing for his partners what is beginning to feel suspiciously like feelings. That's becoming rather inconvenient.
fandom:tmfu  author:canardroublard  relationship:gaby/napoleon  relationship:illya/napoleon/gaby  sweet 
july 2018 by little-thoughts
From Hedonism to Heroism
‘Has anyone ever told you that you are remarkably misanthropic for a superhero?’ Napoleon asked curiously.

‘Yes,’ Red Peril replied curtly.

Napoleon tried and failed to conceal his smile.

fandom:tmfu  author:adayofjoy  relationship:illya/napoleon  setting:superhero-au  funny  sweet  hot  top!illya 
june 2018 by little-thoughts
Olympia (or, the art of imperfection)
Art school isn't quite as perfect as Gaby was hoping. The hours are long, the classes difficult, and why is she always covered in charcoal? But she's finding that imperfection isn't all that bad. Especially when imperfection arrives in two equally beautiful but vastly different classmates. And so what if she has tiny crushes on both of them? She can deal with that. Right? Absolutely. Totally. One-hundred-percent not a problem. Not even a little.
fandom:tmfu  author:canardroublard  relationship:illya/napoleon/gaby  setting:college-au  setting:photographer-au  sweet  funny  hot 
june 2018 by little-thoughts
Love in the Times of Cold War
“Don’t blame yourself,” Waverly says, almost kindly. “No one saw it coming.”
fandom:tmfu  author:merle_p  relationship:illya/napoleon  misunderstandings  sad  sweet  happyending 
june 2018 by little-thoughts
You Got the Keys to Me
Arthur should sell the second studio. He won't—which is where Airbnb comes in. And one fateful day, Eames sends a booking request.
fandom:inception  author:sevenimpossiblethings  relationship:arthur/eames  sad  sweet  romantic  happyending 
may 2018 by little-thoughts
Breaking Bread
A new Somnacin blend gives even dreamshare veterans the chance to experience natural dreams again. Arthur & Eames give the compound a try.
fandom:inception  author:bauble  relationship:arthur/eames  misunderstandings  clever  sweet 
april 2018 by little-thoughts
Working for Vacation
Eames really misses working with Arthur. Arthur is taking well-deserved break from crime. For IRBB.
fandom:inception  author:lurrel  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
android boy
Arthur's one of the few people left that can remember how life was before the world went to shit. When Arthur meets Eames, the man who would have been Ariadne's suitor, had she not escaped the country, he starts questioning his own reasons for staying behind.
fandom:inception  author:jollypuppet  setting:apocalypse  relationship:arthur/eames  clever  sad  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
Vocabulary Test
Eames finds one of Arthur's insecurities and makes it into an overture. All fluff, no angst!
fandom:inception  author:CoffeeWithConsequences  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
you belong on the west coast
In which Arthur wants to score movies and Eames is a cheeky bastard, but really, what's new?
fandom:inception  author:jollypuppet  relationship:arthur/eames  setting:college-au  setting:musician-au  sweet  adorable 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
a gentle familiarity
Two weeks later, Eames is on his doorstep with bad Italian takeout and a grin, and Arthur tells him he can sleep on the couch.
fandom:inception  author:jollypuppet  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
About Chelsea Mornings and Black Coffee
Arthur can’t believe he broke his own rule about staying over – a rule that most emphatically stated: don’t ever. He and Eames had fucked before, on jobs, just quick encounters to let off steam, couldn’t really call them one-night stands if they didn’t last the night. So why was this night different?
fandom:inception  author:lurknomoar  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  funny  realisations 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
A Little Help From My Friends
s really kind of sad watching him pine after you all the time, while you just went about business as usual," Ariadne says.
fandom:inception  author:smilebackwards  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  adorable  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
Polar Light
In which Arthur and Eames end up snowed-in in Eames' family chalet, Eames' family is determined that Switzerland lives up to its stereotype, and goat cheese is serious business. Or at least seriously profitable.
fandom:inception  author:kyuu  relationship:arthur/eames  funny  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
just like a full moon
British boarding school au. They share a dorm (with others) or a room (just them) and sneak into each others beds at night to talk/sleep/rub off on each other.
fandom:inception  author:nobleaccents  setting:highschool-au  relationship:eames/fischer  hot  sweet 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
Prompt fill
Eames thinks that's the day his sense of proper dress dies, and every day he comes in more rumpled than the last draws a musical laugh out of Mal and a knowing grin out of Dom. Arthur just waits for a quiet moment before he can pull Eames' shirt out of his trousers and tuck them back in properly.
fandom:inception  author:temperance-k  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  sad  happyending 
march 2018 by little-thoughts
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