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Homer - Text analyser in Python, can help make your text more clear, simple and useful for your readers
A Python package that can help make your text more clear, simple and useful for the reader.
It provides information on an overall text as well as on individual paragraphs. It gives insights into readability, length of paragraphs, length of sentences, average sentences per paragraph, average words in a sentence, etc. It also tries to identify certain kind of vague words. It also tracks the frequency of "and" words in the text. 
text-processing  Python  literature  productivity  tools  opensource  parser  English  language 
7 days ago by liqweed
Shark - Kotlin standalone heap analysis
It’s a Kotlin standalone heap analysis library that runs at high speed with a low memory footprint. By Square.
Kotlin  memory  profiler  tools  opensource  Android  JVM 
11 days ago by liqweed
Octant - Web-based, highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters
A web-based, highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters. By VMware.
Kubernetes  tools  visualization  opensource  dashboard  devops  GUI 
11 days ago by liqweed
GC Easy - Universal JVM GC analyzer
Universal GC Log Analyzer.
Java Garbage collection log analysis made easy.

Industry's first machine learning guided Garbage collection log analysis tool. GCeasy has in-built intelligence to auto-detect problems in the JVM & Android GC logs and recommend solutions to it.
JVM  Java  tools  profiler  online  freeware 
14 days ago by liqweed
Smart Java thread dump analyzer - Thread dump analysis in seconds
Java Thread Dump Analyzer.

Troubleshoot JVM crashes, slowdowns, memory leaks, freezes, CPU Spikes.
Java  tools  error-handling  profiler  online  JVM 
14 days ago by liqweed
git-o-matic - Monitor git repositories and automatically pull & push changes
A tool to monitor git repositories and automatically pull & push changes.
Git  backup  tools  opensource  automation 
17 days ago by liqweed
Cain - Backup tool for Cassandra on Kubernetes
A backup and restore tool for Cassandra on Kubernetes.
Cassandra  backup  opensource  tools  Kubernetes 
19 days ago by liqweed
Grid studio - Web-based spreadsheet application with full integration of the Python programming language.
A web-based spreadsheet application with full integration of the Python programming language.

It intends to provide an integrated workflow for loading, cleaning, manipulating, and visualizing data. This is achieved through a spreadsheet backend written in Go with integration of the Python runtime to manipulate its contents.
data-exploration  Python  golang  tools  opensource  visualization 
21 days ago by liqweed
OverVue - Prototyping Tool For Vue
A prototyping tool that allows developers to dynamically create and visualize a Vue application, implementing a real-time intuitive tree display of component hierarchy and a live-generated code preview. The resulting boilerplate can be exported as a template for further development.
Vue  prototyping  tools  UI  opensource 
21 days ago by liqweed
Nixery - Container registry which transparently builds images using the Nix package manager
A Docker-compatible container registry that is capable of transparently building and serving container images using Nix.
Images are built on-demand based on the image name. Every package that the user intends to include in the image is specified as a path component of the image name.
Docker  Linux  deployment  repository  opensource  tools  Google  build  modularity 
23 days ago by liqweed
graphql-config - Configure GraphQL schema in development environment
The easiest way to configure your development environment with your GraphQL schema (supported by most tools, editors & IDEs).
GraphQL  configuration  opensource  tools  IDE 
29 days ago by liqweed
Monday - Dev tool for microservice developers to run local applications and/or forward others from/to Kubernetes SSH or TCP
Your new microservice development environment friend. This CLI tool allows you to define a configuration to work with both local applications (Go, NodeJS, Rust or others) and forward some other applications over Kubernetes in case you don't want to run them locally.
Kubernetes  development  tools  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed - Beautiful docs & guides for your GraphQL APIs.
Beautiful documentation &
guides for your GraphQL APIs.

Documentation & user guide websites for your APIs.

Leverage the power of GraphQL to generate a robust documentation websitedirectly from your GraphQL API.
GraphQL  documentation  service  commercial  tools 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
ProtoGraphQL - Prototyping tool that helps developers build and visualize GraphQL schemas
A prototyping tool that helps developers build and visualize GraphQL schemas and queries without writing any code. Users simply input their relational database tables and ProtoGraphQL will dynamically create a customized and functional GraphQL Apollo Server readily available for export.
GraphQL  prototyping  schema  tools  visualization  editors 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
grpcui - Interactive web UI for gRPC, along the lines of Postman
A command-line tool that lets you interact with gRPC servers via a browser. It's sort of like Postman, but for gRPC APIs instead of REST.

In some ways, this is like an extension to grpcurl. Whereas grpcurl is a command-line interface, grpcui provides a web/browser-based GUI. This lets you interactively construct requests to send to a gRPC server.
protobuf  RPC  opensource  tools  CLI  client  GUI 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
Lookyloo - Scrape a website and displays a tree of domains calling each other
A web interface allowing to scrape a website and then displays a tree of domains calling each other.
HTML  parser  HTTP  opensource  tools 
6 weeks ago by liqweed
lazydocker - Simple terminal UI for Docker
A simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose.
Docker  CLI  tools  opensource 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
OpenKruise - Workload management, autoscaling and QoS
A suite that provides multiple solutions to automate cloud native applications in Kubernetes. It is built primarily based on Kubernetes CRD extensions. There are three major categories that OpenKruise is going to focus on: workload management, autoscaling and QoS.
Kubernetes  automation  performance  opensource  tools 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Sanic - Build lots of Docker images at once, then deploy them with Kubernetes
All-in-one tool to develop, build, and deploy your Docker/Kubernetes projects.
Kubernetes  Docker  build  opensource  deployment  tools 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
OpenCTI - Open Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
An open source platform allowing organizations to manage their cyber threat intelligence knowledge and observables. It has been created in order to structure, store, organize and visualize technical and non-technical information about cyber threats.

The structuration of the data is performed using a knowledge schema based on the STIX2 standards. It has been designed as a modern web application including a GraphQL API and an UX oriented frontend. Also, OpenCTI can be integrated with other tools and applications such as MISP, TheHive, MITRE ATT&CK, etc.
security  tools  opensource  GraphQL  platform 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Angular view updates tracer - Chrome extension that enables highlighting view updates in Angular applications
Chrome extension that enables highlighting view updates in Angular applications built with ViewEngine.
Angular  tools  Chrome  browser  extension 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Garden - Make developing for Kubernetes and cloud faster and easier
Garden automates the repetitive parts of your workflow to make developing for Kubernetes and cloud faster and easier.

No need to run Docker or Kubernetes on your laptop. Fast, in-cluster builds. Use the same commands and config for dev and CI.
Kubernetes  development  tools  opensource  build  automation 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Garden - Development orchestrator for Kubernetes, containers and functions
A developer tool that automates your workflows and makes developing and testing Kubernetes applications faster and easier than ever.
Kubernetes  development  tools  opensource 
7 weeks ago by liqweed
Cartography - Python tool that consolidates infrastructure assets and the relationships between them in an intuitive graph view powered by a Neo4j database.
A Python tool that consolidates infrastructure assets and the relationships between them in an intuitive graph view powered by a Neo4j database. By Lyft.
clustering  visualization  opensource  tools  Python  graphs 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
rga (ripgrep-all) - ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.
A line-oriented search tool that allows you to look for a regex in a multitude of file types. rga wraps the awesome ripgrep and enables it to search in pdf, docx, sqlite, jpg, movie subtitles (mkv, mp4), etc.
CLI  search  tools  productivity  opensource 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
Webhint - Hinting engine for web best practices
A linting tool that will help you with your site's accessibility, speed, security and more, by checking your code for best practices and common errors. Use the online scanner or the CLI to start checking your site for errors.
JS  code-inspection  opensource  tools 
9 weeks ago by liqweed
Razee - Multi-cluster continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes
A multi-cluster continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes
Automate the rollout process of Kubernetes resources across multiple clusters, environments, and cloud providers, and gain insight into what applications and versions run in your cluster. By IBM.
Kubernetes  ci  opensource  deployment  tools  automation  cloud-computing 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
Stein - Use Google Sheets as your no-setup database
Ship fast and manage your data with ease. Connect to Google Sheets.

Kick off projects, design custom Google Forms, and manage your content in a familiar interface. 
Google  API  productivity  tools  cool-tools 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
batect - Build And Testing Environments as Code Tool
Dockerised build and testing environments made easy.

Consistent, fast, repeatable, isolated builds and test runs everywhere: your computer, your colleagues' computers and on CI
Document and share common tasks within your team in a structured way - it's a go script based on Docker.
build  Docker  ci  devops  opensource  development  tools  golang  automation  testing 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
kubeasy - Immersive CLI to manage Kubernetes clusters
An interactive wrapper around kubectlto help you manage your Kubernetes clusters.
Kubernetes  CLI  tools  opensource 
10 weeks ago by liqweed
Bloom - Open source productivity suite
Suite of Google like tools (email, contacts, photo gallery, calendar etc) that is open source and free to use.
privacy  productivity  tools  on-prem  online  opensource 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
Bit - Easily share code between projects with your team
Makes it easy to share and manage components between projects and apps at any scale.
It lets you isolate components from existing projects with 0 refactoring, with fully-automated dependancy definition/resolution and scalable versioning.
It lets you reuse individual components across projects, using your favorite package managers like npm and yarn through Bit's component hub.
It lets you extend Git's workflow to develop components from any consuming project , suggest updates and easily sync changes across your codebase.
JS  modularity  widgets  opensource  tools 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
dnSpy - .NET debugger and assembly editor
A debugger and .NET assembly editor. You can use it to edit and debug assemblies even if you don't have any source code available.
compiler  tools  development  opensource 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
Gitfolio - Personal website + blog for every github user
personal website + blog for every github user.

Gitfolio will help you get started with a portfolio website where you could showcase your work + a blog.
static-site-generator  Git  tools  publishing 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
Multrin - Organize multiple apps in tabs
A cross-platform app built on top of Electron, React, styled-components and TypeScript, that lets you to organize apps in tabs, by just dropping them onto Multrin. It aims to greatly improve your productivity and organization.
Although Multrin long-term plan focuses mainly on integrating it with Wexond web browser, it is developed as a stand-alone application.
desktop  electron  productivity  opensource  tools 
11 weeks ago by liqweed
Toolnetes - Collection of miscellaneous Kubernetes tools and articles
Collection of miscellaneous helper tools, must-read articles & useful commands.
Kubernetes  curated  list  community  tools  reference 
12 weeks ago by liqweed
Werf - CI/CD for Kubernetes
Implement and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
It helps DevOps engineers generate and deploy images by linking together:

application code (with Git support),

infrastructure code (with Ansible or shell scripts), and

platform as a service (Kubernetes).

Werf simplifies development of build scripts, reduces commit build time and automates deployment. It is designed to make engineer's work fast end efficient.
Kubernetes  ci  deployment  tools  PaaS 
12 weeks ago by liqweed
Undesign - Collection of free design tools and resources for makers, developers and designers
Collection of free design tools and resources for makers, developers and designers.
webdesign  design  reference  tools  images  curated  list 
may 2019 by liqweed
Coggle - Simple Collaborative Mind Maps & Flow Charts
An online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps and flow charts. It works online in your browser. Whether you're taking notes, brainstorming, planning, or doing something awesomely creative, it is super simple to visualise your ideas with Coggle. Share with as many friends or colleagues as you like. Changes you make will show up instantly in their browser.
visualization  collaboration  online  service  tools  diagrams  productivity 
may 2019 by liqweed
prometheus-webhook-snmp - Prometheus Alertmanager receiver that translates incoming notifications into SNMP traps
A Prometheus Alertmanager receiver that translates incoming notifications into SNMP traps. By Suse.
Prometheus  monitoring  tools  integration 
may 2019 by liqweed
Velero - Backup and migrate Kubernetes resources and persistent volumes
An open source tool to safely backup and restore, perform disaster recovery, and migrate Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes.
Kubernetes  backup  tools  opensource 
may 2019 by liqweed
Weave Scope - Automatically Detect and Process Containers And Hosts
Zero configuration or integration required — just launch and go.
Weave Scope automatically detects processes, containers, hosts. No kernel modules, no agents, no special libraries, no coding. Seamless integration with Docker, Kubernetes, DCOS and AWS ECS.
Kubernetes  visualization  clustering  microservices  opensource  monitoring  tools 
may 2019 by liqweed
kboom - Kubernetes scale & soak load tester
The Kubernetes equivalent of boom, allowing you to create short-term load for scale testing and long-term load for soak testing. Supported load out of the box for scale testing are pods and custom resources via CRDs for soak testing is planned.
Kubernetes  stress-testing  opensource  tools  testing  performance  distributed 
may 2019 by liqweed
KubeOne - Lifecycle management tool for Highly-Available Kubernetes clusters
A CLI tool and a Go library for installing, managing, and upgrading Kubernetes High-Available (HA) clusters. It can be used on any cloud provider, on-prem or bare-metal cluster.
Kubernetes  deployment  automation  opensource  clustering  tools  distributed 
may 2019 by liqweed
TestCafe - Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing
A Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing. Write tests in JS or TypeScript, run them and view results.
JS  browser  testing  tools  opensource  automation 
may 2019 by liqweed
Embark - Platform for developing decentralize applications
A platform with tools to make developing decentralize applications a breeze.

Smart Contract Management - Build, test and deploy your Smart Contracts without the hassle. Embark takes care of the ground work, watches for changes, and redeploy your application when needed.

Easy to use Debugger and Testing. Embark makes debugging and testing a first class citizen of your development experience.

End to End DApp Development. Go beyond Smart Contracts if you want to. Embark offers great integrations with decentralized services such as IPFS and Whisper.
P2P  distributed  framework  platform  tools  encryption  opensource 
may 2019 by liqweed
Prowler - AWS Security Best Practices Assessment
AWS Security Best Practices Assessment, Auditing, Hardening and Forensics Readiness Tool. It follows guidelines of the CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark and DOZENS of additional checks including GDPR and HIPAA (+90). Official CIS for AWS guide
Amazon  security  validation  code-inspection  tools  opensource 
may 2019 by liqweed
Batect - Build And Testing Environments as Code Tool
Build and testing environments as code tool: Dockerised build and testing environments made easy.
testing  tools  CLI  golang  devops  sysadmin  opensource  Docker  Linux 
may 2019 by liqweed
Master PDF Editor - Multifunctional PDF Editor
Master PDF Editor is straightforward, easy to use application for working with PDF documents equipped with powerful multi-purpose functionality. With Master PDF Editor you can easily view, create and modify PDF documents. The application enables you to merge several files into one, split a source document into multiple documents, and also to comment, sign and encrypt PDF files.
PDF  editors  tools  desktop  cross-platform  Windows  Linux  Mac  commercial 
may 2019 by liqweed
wtf - Personal information dashboard for your terminal
A personal terminal-based dashboard utility, designed for displaying infrequently-needed, but very important, daily data.
CLI  tools  opensource  dashboard  productivity  sysadmin 
may 2019 by liqweed
PicBackMan - All-in-One Photos Uploader
Backup & Transfer your Photos in Minutes.

Automate backup & migration of your photos & videos with support for all top services.
backup  photography  tools  desktop  Windows  Mac 
may 2019 by liqweed
Shepherd - Guide your users through a tour of your app
A JavaScript library for guiding users through your app. It uses Tippy.js, another open source library, to render dialogs for each tour "step".

It also offers a robust API for styling animations of steps as they enter and exit the view.
JS  UX  tools  documentation  opensource 
april 2019 by liqweed
HTTP View - Intercept, explore & debug HTTP
The first release of HTTP Toolkit, a suite of beautiful & open-source tools for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac.
HTTP  profiler  tools  client  proxy  opensource  desktop  cross-platform  Mac  Linux  Windows  development 
april 2019 by liqweed
Fortio - HTTP & gRPC load testing library
A microservices (HTTP, gRPC) load testing library, command line tool, advanced echo server, and web UI in go (golang). Fortio allows to specify a set query-per-second load and record latency histograms and other useful stats.
stress-testing  opensource  tools  Kubernetes  microservices  protobuf  RPC  HTTP 
april 2019 by liqweed
jq - Lightweight and flexible CLI JSON processor
Like sed for JSON data - you can use it to slice and filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed, awk, grep and friends let you play with text.
JSON  CLI  parser  tools  sysadmin  opensource 
april 2019 by liqweed
yq - Portable command-line YAML processor
A lightweight and portable command-line YAML processor.
The aim of the project is to be the jq or sed of yaml files.
CLI  parser  tools  opensource  configuration  sysadmin 
april 2019 by liqweed
TOAST UI - GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor
A productive and Extensible GFM Markdown Wysiwyg Editor editor that comes with powerful Extensions in compliance with the Markdown syntax. You also get the flexibility to develop your own extensions using simple APIs.
Markdown  editors  opensource  tools  cool-tools  browser  widgets 
april 2019 by liqweed
Gimli - Visual Studio Code extension with visual tools for front-end developers
A Visual Studio Code extension enabling smart visual tools for front-end developers.

Creating complex dynamic layouts often requires the use of grid and flexbox. Learning all the possible properties and how they interact with one another can be challenging.
Gimli solves this by providing visual tools that greatly simplifies the process of creating complex layouts.
IDE  prototyping  UI  opensource  webdesign  HTML  tools  plugin  editors 
april 2019 by liqweed
sshcode - Run VS Code on any server over SSH
A CLI to automatically install and run code-server over SSH.

It uploads your extensions and settings automatically, so you can seamlessly use remote servers as VS Code hosts.

If you have Chrome installed, it opens the browser in app mode. That means there's no keybind conflicts, address bar, or indication that you're coding within a browser. It feels just like native VS Code.
IDE  editors  CLI  opensource  tools  Linux  sysadmin  cool-tools 
april 2019 by liqweed
UserGuiding - Onboarding & product walkthrough software
The easiest way to show how your product works. Create interactive product tours in minutes with the most non-technical friendly tool, without coding.
UX  tools  service 
april 2019 by liqweed
keptn - Enterprise-grade control plane for cloud-native delivery and automated operations
Enterprise-grade control plane for cloud-native delivery and automated operations.

Keptn can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster and converts it into a self-healing autonomous cloud fabric.
Kubernetes  automation  ci  opensource  tools  devops 
april 2019 by liqweed
FTPGrab - Grab your files periodically from a remote FTP or SFTP server easily
A CLI application written in Go to grab your files from a remote FTP or SFTP server to your NAS, server or computer . With Go, this app can be used across many platforms and architectures. This support includes Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Windows on architectures like amd64, i386, ARM and others.
filesystem  tools  golang  opensource  server  scheduling  integration 
april 2019 by liqweed
PreVue - Prototyping tool for Vue
All-in-one prototyping tool for Vue developers.
Vue  prototyping  editors  tools  opensource 
april 2019 by liqweed
VSCodium - The advanced open source editor
A lightweight but powerful source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It comes with built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js and has a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages (such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Go) and runtimes (such as .NET and Unity).
IDE  editors  opensource  tools  desktop  polyglot 
april 2019 by liqweed
Shipper - Kubernetes native multi-cluster canary or blue-green rollouts using Helm
Lets you use kubectl to manipulate objects which represent any kind of rollout strategy, like blue/green or canary. These strategies can deploy to one cluster, or many clusters across the world.
Kubernetes  deployment  clustering  opensource  tools 
april 2019 by liqweed
Couscous - Put your documentation in a website
Couscous turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It's GitHub Pages on steroids.
documentation  static-site-generator  opensource  publishing  Markdown  tools 
april 2019 by liqweed
Popeye - Kubernetes cluster resource sanitizer
A utility that cruises Kubernetes cluster resources and reports potential issues with your deployment manifests and configurations. By scanning your clusters, it detects misconfigurations and ensure best practices are in place thus preventing potential future headaches. It aims at reducing the cognitive overload one faces when managing and operating a Kubernetes cluster in the wild. Popeye is a readonly tool, it does not change or update any of your Kubernetes resources or configurations in any way!
Kubernetes  code-inspection  validation  tools  opensource 
april 2019 by liqweed
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