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SimpleFS - Handles files on IndexedDB
A minimal, extensible and promise based filesystem layer for modern browsers. Uses IndexedDB.
JS  persistence  filesystem  browser  database  opensource 
14 hours ago by liqweed
Cryption - In-Browser AES File Encryption with Data Integrity Check
Cryption is an open-source tool that encrypts and decrypts your data in the browser.

It checks the file integrity, making it impossible to manipulate data without the correct password.
JS  encryption  browser  opensource 
14 hours ago by liqweed
Codecrumbs - Learn, design or document codebase by putting breadcrumbs in source code
Have you ever got lost in a big or unknown codebase? This tool will help you to solve that. Also, it will increase your development speed and give more knowledge about your application architecture. Supports live updates, multi-language support, and easy sharing.

How it works? You run codecrumbs command for a codebase, it analyzes source code and builds its visual representation. Write down a codecrumb-comment and codebase state will be reflected by visual client in browser on the fly.
documentation  visualization  cool-tools  opensource  JS  graph-theory 
15 hours ago by liqweed
oss-contributors - Ranking of tech companies by GitHub contribution
Build a(n improved) ranking of companies-as-contributors-to-public-GitHub. By Adobe.
opensource  business  curated  list  activism  intellectual-propery 
17 hours ago by liqweed
simdjson - Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second
A C++ library to see how fast we can parse JSON with complete validation.

JSON documents are everywhere on the Internet. Servers spend a lot of time parsing these documents. We want to accelerate the parsing of JSON per se using commonly available SIMD instructions as much as possible while doing full validation (including character encoding).
JSON  C  parser  performance  opensource  serialization 
20 hours ago by liqweed
Cube.js - Serverless Analytics Framework
An open source modular framework to build analytical web applications. It is primarily used to build internal business intelligence tools or to add customer-facing analytics to an existing application.

Cube.js was designed to work with Serverless Query Engines like AWS Athena and Google BigQuery. Multi-stage querying approach makes it suitable for handling trillions of data points. Most modern RDBMS work with Cube.js as well and can be tuned for adequate performance.
JS  BI  charts  visualization  analytics  SQL  big-data  opensource  querying 
20 hours ago by liqweed
ImmortalDB - Relentless key-value store for the browser
A resilient key-value store for the browser.
ImmortalDB is the best way to store persistent key-value data in the browser. Data saved to ImmortalDB is redundantly stored in Cookies, IndexedDB, LocalStorage, and SessionStorage, and relentlessly self heals if any data therein is deleted or corrupted.

For example, clearing cookies is a common user action, even for non-technical users. And browsers will unceremoniously delete IndexedDB, LocalStorage, and/or SessionStorage without warning under storage pressure.
database  key-value-database  browser  JS  opensource  persistence 
yesterday by liqweed
Uppy - Next open source file uploader for web browsers
A sleek, modular JavaScript file uploader that integrates seamlessly with any application. It’s fast, easy to use and lets you worry about more important problems than building a file uploader.
JS  web-fx  widgets  opensource 
yesterday by liqweed
timetable-fns - Useful date and time utility functions for working with timetables
Handy library of utility functions for working with timetables (such as flight or train schedules).
JS  time  opensource  modeling  performance 
yesterday by liqweed
How To Secure A Linux Server - Evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server
An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server that, hopefully, also teaches you a little about security and why it matters.
Linux  security  opensource  reference  Unix  operating-systems  sysadmin  curated 
yesterday by liqweed
GCP Hipster Shop - Sample cloud-native application with 10 microservices showcasing Kubernetes, Istio, gRPC and OpenCensus
Cloud-Native Microservices Demo Application by Google Cloud Platform. This project contains a 10-tier microservices application. The application is a web-based e-commerce app called “Hipster Shop” where users can browse items, add them to the cart, and purchase them.

Google uses this application to demonstrate use of technologies like Kubernetes/GKE, Istio, Stackdriver, gRPC and OpenCensus. This application works on any Kubernetes cluster (such as a local one), as well as Google Kubernetes Engine. It’s easy to deploy with little to no configuration.
Kubernetes  mesh  Google  examples  opensource  protobuf  RPC  monitoring 
yesterday by liqweed
Nginx Quick Reference - Describes how to improve Nginx performance, security
This notes describes how to improve Nginx performance, security and other important things.
proxy  networking  reference  HTTP  opensource  documentation 
yesterday by liqweed
Awesome-Selfhosted - List of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally
Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.

This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Non-Free software is listed on the Non-Free page.
list  curated  opensource  on-prem  tools 
2 days ago by liqweed
ApexCharts.js – Open-Source HTML5 JavaScript Charts
Modern & Interactive Javascript Charts to create beautiful representation of your data.
charts  opensource  JS  svg  widgets 
4 days ago by liqweed
TagSpaces - Your versatile data manager
An offline, open source, data manager. It helps you to browse and organize your files.
desktop  productivity  opensource  cross-platform  filesystem  tools 
4 days ago by liqweed
Talos - Modern Linux distribution for Kubernetes
A modern Linux distribution for Kubernetes that provides a number of capabilities.
Kubernetes  operating-systems  opensource  distro 
4 days ago by liqweed
DeskGap - Cross-platform desktop app framework based on Node.js and the system webview
A framework for building cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies (JavaScript, HTML and CSS).

To enable native capabilities while keeping the size down, DeskGap bundles a Node.js runtime and leaves the HTML rendering to the operating system‘s webview.
desktop  node.js  JS  opensource  deployment  application-framework 
6 days ago by liqweed
smallstep step certificates - More than a certificate authority
Secure automated certificate management is easy with step certificates. Certificates let you use TLS to connect across clouds and easily access services and applications from anywhere.
encryption  security  tools  CLI  opensource 
7 days ago by liqweed
Autocert - Automatically mTLS certificate injection for Kubernetes
A Kubernetes add-on that automatically injects TLS/HTTPS certificates into your containers.

To get a certificate simply annotate your podswith a name. An X.509 (TLS/HTTPS) certificate is automatically created and mounted at /var/run/ along with a corresponding private key and root certificate (everything you need for mTLS).
Kubernetes  security  encryption  clustering  automation  opensource 
7 days ago by liqweed
SpringMockK - MockBean and SpyBean, but for MockK instead of Mockito
Support for Spring Boot integration tests written in Kotlin using MockK instead of Mockito.

Provides @MockBean and @SpyBeanannotations for integration tests, which create mock/spy beans using Mockito.

This project provides equivalent annotations MockkBeanand SpykBean to do the exact same thing with MockK.
Spring  Kotlin  test-stub  testing  opensource 
7 days ago by liqweed
bank-vaults - Vault swiss-army knife with Kubernetes operator
A Vault swiss-army knife: A K8s operator. Go client with automatic token renewal, Kubernetes support, dynamic secrets, multiple unseal options and more. A CLI tool to init, unseal and configure Vault (auth methods, secret engines). Direct secret injection into Pods.
security  Kubernetes  encryption  opensource  tools  automation 
9 days ago by liqweed
ClusterFuzz - Scalable fuzz testing infrastructure
A scalable fuzzing infrastructure which finds security and stability issues in software.

It is used by Google for fuzzing the Chrome Browser, and serves as the fuzzing backend for OSS-Fuzz.

ClusterFuzz provides many features to seamlessly integrate fuzzing into a software project’s development process.
code-inspection  C  Google  error-handling  opensource  tools  build  Chrome 
10 days ago by liqweed
Open Source Software at Comcast
We are committed to open source software. We use it to build products, attract talent and evolve the technology we use to improve the customer experience. Beyond using open-source technologies to build our products, we contribute actively to a wide range of open-source and open-standards groups including the Linux Foundation, OpenStack Foundation, Apache Foundation, Cloud Foundry Foundation and Internet Engineering Task Force, to name just a few. We also encourage and support our software engineers in open-sourcing the projects they develop at Comcast.
opensource  community 
11 days ago by liqweed
Kuberhealthy - Easy synthetic testing for Kubernetes clusters
Easy synthetic testing for Kubernetes clusters. Supplements other solutions like Prometheus nicely. By Comcast.
Kubernetes  monitoring  opensource  tools  Prometheus 
11 days ago by liqweed
k8sh - Shell for easily navigating your kubernetes clusters
A shell wrapper for bash including aliases for kubectl that makes it easy to navigate between and execute commands on different kubernetes clusters and namespaces. By Comcast.
Kubernetes  CLI  tools  opensource 
11 days ago by liqweed
Kr8 - configuration management for Kubernetes
A configuration management tool for Kubernetes, designed to generate deployable manifests for the components required to make your clusters usable.

Its main function is to translate and manipulate YAML or JSON without using a templating engine.
Kubernetes  configuration  modularity  opensource  deployment  tools 
14 days ago by liqweed
K9s - Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style
Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

K9s provides a curses based terminal UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters. The aim of this project is to make it easier to navigate, observe and manage your applications. This command line app continually watches Kubernetes for changes and offers subsequent commands to interact with observed resources.
Kubernetes  CLI  tools  opensource  cool-tools 
16 days ago by liqweed
Blazer - Business intelligence made simple
Explore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with your team.
data-exploration  SQL  BI  tools  opensource 
16 days ago by liqweed
FireHOL - Linux firewalling and traffic shaping for humans
A language (and a program to run it) which builds secure, stateful firewalls from easy to understand, human-readable configurations. The configurations stay readable even for very complex setups.

FireQOS is a program which sets up traffic shaping from an easy-to-understand and flexible configuration file.

Both programs abstract away the differences between IPv4 and IPv6. so you can concentrate on the rules you want. You can apply rules for IPv4 or IPv6, or both, as you need.
Linux  security  networking  tools  DSL  opensource  configuration 
16 days ago by liqweed
FlexSearch.js - Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js
Web's fastest and most memory-flexible full-text search library with zero dependencies.
When it comes to raw search speed FlexSearch outperforms every single searching library out there and also provides flexible search capabilities like multi-word matching, phonetic transformations or partial matching. Depending on the used options it also provides the most memory-efficient index. Keep in mind that updating and/or removing existing items from the index has a significant cost. When your index needs to be updated very often then BulkSearch may be a better choice. FlexSearch also provides you a non-blocking asynchronous processing model as well as web workers to perform any updates or queries on the index in parallel through dedicated balanced threads.
JS  search  opensource  browser  node.js 
17 days ago by liqweed
Papers With Code - The latest in machine learning
The mission of Papers With Code is to create a free and open resource with Machine Learning papers, code and evaluation tables.

We believe this is best done together with the community and powered by automation.

We've already automated the linking of code to papers, and we are now working on automating the extraction of evaluation metrics from papers.
machine-learning  examples  learning  opensource  reference 
18 days ago by liqweed
Prototool - Swiss Army Knife for Protocol Buffers
Protobuf is one of the best interface description languages out there - it's widely adopted, and after over 15 years of use, it's practically bulletproof. However, working with Protobuf and maintaining consistency across your Protobuf files can be a pain - protoc, while being a tool that has stood the test of time, is non-trivial to use, and the Protobuf community has not developed common standards with regards to stub generation. Prototool aims to solve this by making working with Protobuf much simpler. By Uber.
protobuf  tools  opensource  code-inspection 
19 days ago by liqweed
DevFlight - Getting open-source maintainers paid
Get paid to work on open-source.

Spend more time on your projects and make open-source your full-time job.
opensource  freelance  money  career  collaboration 
20 days ago by liqweed
import-HTTP - Import modules from URL instead of local node_modules
Imports source code URLs! Like <script type="module"> and Deno but implemented in webpack.
JS  build  asset-management  deployment  opensource  tools 
20 days ago by liqweed
jcabi – Small Useful Java Components
A collection of small and useful Java components, which are not big enough to make their own projects.
Java  generic-toolkit  utilities  opensource 
21 days ago by liqweed
Strata - Open source market risk library
Strata is the award-winning open source analytics and market risk library from OpenGamma.
Java  economy  trading  opensource  math  analytics  money 
24 days ago by liqweed
GraphQL Inspector - Compare GraphQL schemas, validate documents, find breaking changes, find similar types, schema coverage
Bulletproof your GraphQL API.

Detects every change, finds similar or duplicated types, validates documents against a schema and looks for deprecated usage.
GraphQL  testing  code-inspection  tools  comparison  API  opensource  online  service 
24 days ago by liqweed
kraph - GraphQL request string builder written in Kotlin
A GraphQL request JSON body builder for Kotlin. It will generate the JSON string for request body that work with GraphQL Server.
Kotlin  GraphQL  client  opensource  querying 
24 days ago by liqweed
tekniq - Kotlin Framework with full-featured HTTP Framework, Restful HTTP Client, JDBC DSL, Loading Cache, Configurations, Validations, and more
A framework designed around Kotlin providing a full-featured HTTP Framework, Restful HTTP Client, JDBC DSL, Loading Cache, Configurations, Validations, and more.
Kotlin  framework  application-framework  opensource  HTTP  server  client  REST 
24 days ago by liqweed
Kwery - SQL library for Kotlin
An SQL library for Kotlin. Kwery consists of three major modules (core, mapper and fetcher) that when combined provide similar functionality to a traditional ORM.
Kotlin  SQL  querying  opensource  DSL  ORM 
24 days ago by liqweed
KDBC - SQL DSL for Kotlin
Provides type safe SQL queries for Kotlin.
Kotlin  SQL  querying  DSL  opensource 
24 days ago by liqweed
Hydra - OpenID Connect certified OAuth2 Server
OpenID Connect certified OAuth2 Server - cloud native, security-first, open source API security for your infrastructure. Written in Go. SDKs for any language.
authentication  clustering  opensource  golang  Docker  Kubernetes  proxy 
25 days ago by liqweed
Revery - Native, high-performance, cross-platform desktop apps
Build native, high-performance, cross-platform desktop apps with reason!
desktop  framework  UI  opensource  JS  cross-platform  Windows  Linux  Mac 
25 days ago by liqweed
Shards Dashboard React - Free and beautiful React admin dashboard template pack
A free React admin dashboard template pack featuring a modern design system 
and lots of custom templates and components.
React  dashboard  templates  opensource  scaffolding  webdesign 
27 days ago by liqweed
The Practical Linux Hardening Guide
This guide details the planning and the tools involved in creating a secure Linux production systems - work in progress.
Linux  security  reference  opensource 
27 days ago by liqweed
Hotkey Behavior - Global DOM element activation
Trigger a action on element when keyboard hotkey is pressed.

Automatically binds hotkeys to any link with a data-hotkey attribute set. Multiple hotkeys are separated by a ,. Key combinations are separated by a +, and key sequences are separated by a space. By GitHub.
keyboard  web-fx  opensource  JS 
28 days ago by liqweed
Spoon - Source Code Analysis and Transformation for Java
An open-source library that enables you to transform and analyze Java source code. Spoon provides a complete and fine-grained Java metamodel where any program element (classes, methods, fields, statements, expressions...) can be accessed both for reading and modification. Spoon takes as input source code and produces transformed source code ready to be compiled. Spoon can be integrated in Maven and Gradle.
Java  parser  code-inspection  opensource  tools  conversion 
28 days ago by liqweed
Citus - Scalable PostgreSQL for multi-tenant and real-time analytics workloads
A distributed database that scales across commodity servers using transparent sharding and replication. Citus extends the underlying database rather than forking it, giving developers and enterprises the power and familiarity of a relational database. As an extension, Citus supports new PostgreSQL releases, and allows you to benefit from new features while maintaining compatibility with existing PostgreSQL tools.
database  SQL  RDBMS  distributed  opensource  big-data  BI 
29 days ago by liqweed
OpenSDS - Cloud native storage
An open source community working to address storage integration challenges, particularly in scale-out cloud native environments with heterogeneous storage platforms.
storage  Kubernetes  opensource  distributed 
29 days ago by liqweed
Virtual Kubelet - Open-source Kubernetes kubelet implementation that masquerades as a kubelet
An open-source Kubernetes kubelet implementation that masquerades as a kubelet.

This allows Kubernetes nodes to be backed by Virtual Kubelet providers such as serverless cloud container platforms.
Kubernetes  virtualization  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Ouroboros - Automatically update running docker containers with latest image
Automatically update your running Docker containers to the latest available image.
Docker  deployment  development  tools  opensource  automation 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Apron - Read and write Java .properties files in a more sane manner
Advanced Properties — Read and write Java .properties files in a more sane manner.
Java  configuration  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
SubEtha SMTP - Java library for receiving SMTP mail
A Java library which allows your application to receive SMTP mail with a simple, easy-to-understand API.
Java  email  opensource  testing 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Prometheus Alertmanager
The Alertmanager handles alerts sent by client applications such as the Prometheus server. It takes care of deduplicating, grouping, and routing them to the correct receiver integrations such as email, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie. It also takes care of silencing and inhibition of alerts.
monitoring  opensource  Prometheus  error-handling 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
GraphQL Nexus - Simple, Scalable, Type-Safe, Programmatic GraphQL Schema Construction
Simple, strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript/JavaScript

Combines the best practices from building real-world GraphQL servers without the boilerplate or excessive imports.
GraphQL  JS  server  Typescript  schema  opensource  API 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Git Hammer - Collect and display statistics of git repositories
A statistics tool for projects in git repositories. Its major feature is tracking the number of lines authored by each person for every commit, but it currently includes some other useful statistics as well, and the data that it collects could be used in multiple new ways as well.
Git  statistics  tools  opensource  visualization 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Kubernetes Icons Set
These icons are a way to standardize Kubernetes architecture diagrams for presentation. Having uniform architecture diagrams improve understandibility.
Kubernetes  icons  opensource  images  repository 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
openCypher - Open specification of Cypher graph database query language
The openCypher project aims to deliver a full and open specification of the industry’s most widely adopted graph database query language: Cypher.
graph-theory  database  querying  DSL  specification  opensource 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
junit5-system-exit - JUnit5 Extension to help write tests that call System.exit()
JUnit5 System.exit() Extension.

This JUnit 5 Extension helps you write tests for code that calls System.exit().
Java  testing  opensource  extension  plugin 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Scio - Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow
A Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow inspired by Apache Spark and Scalding. By Spotify.
Scala  streaming  API  opensource  functional-programming 
4 weeks ago by liqweed
Notable - The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.
The markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.

I couldn't find a note-taking app that ticked all the boxes I'm interested in: notes are written and rendered in GitHub-flavored Markdown, no WYSIWYG, no proprietary formats, I can run a search & replace across all notes, notes support attachments, the app isn't bloated, the app has a pretty interface, tags are indefinitely nestable and can import Evernote notes (because that's what I was using before).

So I built my own.
productivity  tools  opensource  editors  Markdown 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
NS:IDE - JavaScript IDE for accessing a phone/tablet's native runtime via NativeScript bindings!
NS:IDE is the NativeScript IDE that lets you get 'inside' your device.

Access any native functionality at run-time by calling a Javascript API that binds to the Obj-C (iOS) or Java (Android) run-time.
JS  mobile  error-handling  opensource  tools  IDE  editors  Android  iOS 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
Sockette - WebSocket wrapper
A tiny wrapper around WebSocket that will automatically reconnect if the connection is lost.
JS  WebSockets  opensource 
5 weeks ago by liqweed
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