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Headless CMS with automatic JSON API. Featuring auto HTTPS, HTTP/2 Server Push, and flexible server framework written in Go.
go  cms 
april 2017 by linuslundahl
Netlify CMS
An open-source CMS for your Git workflow
static  react  cms 
march 2017 by linuslundahl
A fast and modern static website engine
go  static  cms 
october 2016 by linuslundahl
New generation CMS on top of React, Redux and GraphQL
react  javascript  cms 
may 2016 by linuslundahl
The easiest way to build a static website for your project. Just create a folder with markdown (.md) files in it, and let Easystatic to do its magic.
static  cms 
march 2016 by linuslundahl
Kanso CMS
A PHP CMS for code savvy people.
php  cms 
january 2016 by linuslundahl
Sphido: A rocket fast flat file CMS
A rocket fast, lightweight, flat file CMS for PHP
php  cms 
october 2015 by linuslundahl
A stupidly simple & blazing fast, flat file CMS.
php  cms  markdown 
january 2015 by linuslundahl
Cockpit CMS
An API-driven CMS without forcing you
to make compromises in how you implement your site.
php  cms 
january 2015 by linuslundahl
Automad / A File-Based & Open Source Content Management System
Automad is a file-based CMS and template engine. It is designed to be fully portable without any dependencies on databases or fixed locations and doesn't require any complicated setup process.
php  cms 
august 2014 by linuslundahl
Fraym Open Source CMS
Creates a new experience for creating & editing websites
cms  php 
august 2014 by linuslundahl
Self-hosted photo-management done right.
tools  image  cms 
january 2014 by linuslundahl

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