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We all <3 Terminals. - Terminals Are Sexy
A curated list of Terminal frameworks, plugins & resources for CLI lovers.
zsh  terminal  cli 
7 days ago by linuslundahl
Staticli | staticli
A CLI tool for working with static site generator tooling
static  cli 
march 2018 by linuslundahl
Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts
cli  javascript 
march 2018 by linuslundahl
A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
cli  node  javascript 
december 2017 by linuslundahl
Analyze website stack from the terminal
cli  analytics 
december 2017 by linuslundahl
jrnl- The Command Line Journal
Collect your thoughts and notes without leaving the command line
cli  app 
december 2017 by linuslundahl
TLDR pages
Simplified and community-driven man pages
cli  documentation 
november 2017 by linuslundahl
a modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
cli  terminal 
october 2017 by linuslundahl
Front CLI
A simple tool to automate front-end projects
cli  web 
august 2017 by linuslundahl
exa is a modern replacement for ls.
cli  terminal 
august 2017 by linuslundahl
React for CLIs
cli  react 
july 2017 by linuslundahl
svgi, the SVG inspection tool
svgi is a CLI tool to inspect the content of SVG files.
svg  tools  cli 
june 2017 by linuslundahl
Preact CLI
Start building a Preact Progressive Web App in seconds
preact  cli  javascript 
may 2017 by linuslundahl
Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line. Create bots. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere!
alexa  cli 
may 2017 by linuslundahl
Fork a Spotify playlist
spotify  javascript  cli 
may 2017 by linuslundahl
Pingy CLI
The Simple Frontend Build Tool
terminal  development  tools  cli 
may 2017 by linuslundahl
A sensible GraphQL testing tool - test your GraphQL schema locally and in the cloud
graphql  testing  terminal  cli 
may 2017 by linuslundahl
A simple command line tool for generating fake data from a template string
json  generator  terminal  cli 
april 2017 by linuslundahl
Create updatable log lines into the terminal, and give life to your logs!
node  terminal  cli 
march 2017 by linuslundahl
A full-featured framework for building command line applications (cli) with node.js
javascript  node  terminal  bash  cli 
march 2017 by linuslundahl
The perfect command-line task management app. Fast, simple, GTD.
bash  terminal  cli 
march 2017 by linuslundahl
The ZSH Environment Manager
zsh  terminal  cli 
february 2017 by linuslundahl
Impressive terminal logger
terminal  npm  cli 
november 2016 by linuslundahl
Dotconf by yoannmoinet
dotconf will archive all your .file|.directory into one single .conf.
terminal  cli 
september 2016 by linuslundahl
Swiss Army Knife for Mac OS X
terminal  cli  macOS 
july 2016 by linuslundahl
React Bash
A configurable/extendable bash terminal React component
react  terminal  cli 
june 2016 by linuslundahl
CLImate - PHP's best friend for the terminal.
If you’re running PHP from the command line, CLImate is your new best bud.

CLImate allows you to easily output colored text, special formatting, and more. It makes output to the terminal clearer and debugging a lot simpler.
php  terminal  cli 
february 2016 by linuslundahl
side-by-side highlighted command line diffs
terminal  tools  cli 
december 2014 by linuslundahl
Terminal Color Scheme Designer
terminal  color  cli 
october 2014 by linuslundahl
Introducing vtop — A Terminal Activity Monitor in Node.js - Blog - Parallax
Vtop is a free and open source activity monitor for the command line.
app  terminal  cli 
june 2014 by linuslundahl

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