Facebook Sound Collection
Use Sound Collection to access free music and sound effects for videos
free  sound  music 
6 hours ago
A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
cli  node  javascript 
14 hours ago
Popmotion - A functional JavaScript motion library
Popmotion is a 11.5kb (max) Swiss Army knife for animators and interaction developers.
animation  javascript 
⌘+C – Copy special characters to your clipboard
A basic app that allows you to find and copy special characters to your clipboard. Click or tap on a character and it will be copied to your clipboard.
tool  ascii 
Zero-configuration bundler for tiny modules. https://npm.im/microbundle
javascript  node 
2 days ago
Use Touch ID / Secure Enclave for SSH Authentication!
security  ssh 
7 days ago
A responsive micro-framework for the grid spec powered by CSS custom properties.
css  grid  framework 
7 days ago
📦 Parcel
Blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler
javascript  bundler  optimization 
9 days ago
A dead simple way to add complex translations in a React (DOM/Native) project
10 days ago
Loads images and exports traced outlines as image/svg+xml URL-encoded data
image  svg  node 
10 days ago
Analyze website stack from the terminal
cli  analytics 
10 days ago
A build system designed to automate your WordPress development workflow.
11 days ago
jrnl- The Command Line Journal
Collect your thoughts and notes without leaving the command line
cli  app 
11 days ago
Lite Editor - A Modern WYSIWYG Editor especially for inline elements
Lite Editor is a simple JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor focuses on inline elements such as strong em a i which suits block-based CMS
javascript  library 
11 days ago
Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos
17 days ago
Vanilla javascript input mask
forms  javascript 
18 days ago
These are fonts from iA.
free  fonts 
21 days ago
TLDR pages
Simplified and community-driven man pages
cli  documentation 
22 days ago
PinTab - Free collection resources for creatives
PinTab is a collection of the best free resources to help creatives with their next project!
23 days ago
Stylable enables you to build reusable, highly-performant components. Each component exposes a style API that maps its internal parts so you can reuse components across teams without sacrificing stylability.
css  react  javascript 
25 days ago
A powerful, modern, and friendly wrapper for Javascript dates and times.
javascript  date  time 
25 days ago
A modern, geometric typeface
fonts  free  typography 
25 days ago
m-operator is a repository of minimalist royalty free audio pieces
free  audio  stock-audio 
4 weeks ago
Beautiful, free videos for your homepage
free  video  stock-videos 
4 weeks ago
CSS Blocks
Blazing fast CSS for your design systems and app components
css  react 
4 weeks ago
The Design Directory
An expansive directory of designers & studios producing amazing stuff.
design  inspiration 
4 weeks ago
Every Noise at Once
This is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data tracked and analyzed for 1537 genres by Spotify.
4 weeks ago
Noel | Event Emitter
A universal, human-centric, replayable javascript event emitter.
4 weeks ago
Glottologist is JavaScript framework that works in the browser (or on NodeJS).
javascript  node 
4 weeks ago
A small (3kb) CSS framework.
css  framework 
4 weeks ago
Emergence.js | Detect element visibility in the browser
Lightweight, high-performance JS plugin for detecting and manipulating elements in the browser.
javascript  animation  scroll 
5 weeks ago
Every shortcut for designers in one place 🚀
design  reference 
5 weeks ago
Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML pages
css  optimization  performance 
5 weeks ago
IBM Plex
The IBM Plex™ family comes in sans serif, monospace and serif versions to serve a variety of needs across all experiences.
free  typography 
5 weeks ago
Powerful server for Node.js that just works so you can focus on your awesome project
javascript  node  server 
5 weeks ago
Make Bots in Your Way, Fast and Flexibly
javascript  bot 
5 weeks ago
Tailwind CSS
A Utility-First CSS Framework for Rapid UI Development
css  framework 
6 weeks ago
Frappe Charts
GitHub-inspired simple and modern charts for the web with zero dependencies.
javascript  library  svg  chart 
6 weeks ago
HEML is an open source markup language for building responsive email.
tools  email 
6 weeks ago
A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client for JavaScript
javascript  graphql 
7 weeks ago
Inter UI font family
Inter UI is a font for highly legible text on computer screens.
free  typography 
7 weeks ago
macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apache Setup
macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apache Setup: MySQL, APC & More...
apache  php  homebrew 
7 weeks ago
macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apache Setup
macOS 10.13 High Sierra Apache Setup: Multiple PHP Versions
apache  php  homebrew 
7 weeks ago
Writing is a lightweight distraction-free text editor, in the browser (Markdown and LaTeX supported).
javascript  markdown 
8 weeks ago
Accessible W3C conform accordion written in ES6.
a11y  javascript 
8 weeks ago
maptalks - for building 2D/3D maps
An open-source javascript library for integrated 2D/3D maps.
3d  javascript  library 
8 weeks ago
Sticky Sidebar ⬆⬇
Sticky Sidebar is a pure JavaScript plugin for making smart and high performance sticky sidebar.
javascript  scroll 
9 weeks ago
React Static
A progressive static-site framework for React.
static  react 
9 weeks ago
a11y-dialog is a lightweight (1.2Kb) yet flexible script to create accessible dialog windows. It has no dependency, a JavaScript API, a DOM API and event handling.
javascript  a11y 
9 weeks ago
Balloon.css — CSS tooltips for HTML elements
Balloon.css lets you add tooltips to elements without JavaScript and in just a few lines of CSS.
css  tooltip 
10 weeks ago
a modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor
cli  terminal 
10 weeks ago
Micromodal.js - Tiny javascript library for creating accessible modal dialogs
Micromodal.js is a lightweight, configurable and a11y-enabled modal library written in pure JavaScript
10 weeks ago
A 218b spreadsheet app in HTML/JS
10 weeks ago
Draggable JS – JavaScript drag and drop library
a lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop library
javascript  library 
11 weeks ago
A CSS Animations Class Library Because Everyone Else Is Doing It.
css  animation 
11 weeks ago
Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
code  tool 
11 weeks ago
A terminal emulator for the 21st century.
terminal  app  free 
11 weeks ago
JS library to convert textual words to numbers with optional fuzzy text matching
12 weeks ago
Tiny JS tweening library.
javascript  animation 
12 weeks ago
1 KB JavaScript library for building frontend applications
javascript  webapp 
12 weeks ago
Create a promise that reports progress
node  javascript 
september 2017
320B JavaScript function for conditionally concatenating classNames.
node  javascript 
september 2017
unnamed css framework
A colorful css framework made by a human not an Ai
september 2017
Highly performant, light ~0.5kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for images, iframes and more
javascript  loader 
september 2017
LookForward.js is a small library that helps you to create smooth transitions between pages with the easiest way
javascript  animation 
september 2017
Bookmark Archiver | bookmark-archiver
Save an archived copy of all websites you bookmark (the actual content of the sites, not just the list of bookmarks).
social  bookmarks 
september 2017
Massive color name list
september 2017
HTTP client. Spiritual successor to request.
september 2017
Responsive Flexbox Grid
css  grid 
september 2017
Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP
september 2017
A Node.js library to send all kinds of transactional notifications.
node  library 
september 2017
Hot Module replacement (HMR) capabilities for any HTTP Server.
node  javascript 
september 2017
A simple file-based router for Express.js with automatic routes remounting on file changes without the need to restart the server.
node  javascript 
august 2017
CSS Animation Library
css  animation 
august 2017
A simple and powerful React framework with minimal API and zero boilerplate.
react  javascript 
august 2017
Pts.js enables you to compose and visualize points in spaces.
august 2017
Front CLI
A simple tool to automate front-end projects
cli  web 
august 2017
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