JS library to convert textual words to numbers with optional fuzzy text matching
4 days ago
Tiny JS tweening library.
javascript  animation 
4 days ago
1 KB JavaScript library for building frontend applications
javascript  webapp 
4 days ago
Create a promise that reports progress
node  javascript 
8 days ago
320B JavaScript function for conditionally concatenating classNames.
node  javascript 
9 days ago
unnamed css framework
A colorful css framework made by a human not an Ai
11 days ago
Highly performant, light ~0.5kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for images, iframes and more
javascript  loader 
11 days ago
LookForward.js is a small library that helps you to create smooth transitions between pages with the easiest way
javascript  animation 
14 days ago
Bookmark Archiver | bookmark-archiver
Save an archived copy of all websites you bookmark (the actual content of the sites, not just the list of bookmarks).
social  bookmarks 
16 days ago
Massive color name list
16 days ago
HTTP client. Spiritual successor to request.
16 days ago
Responsive Flexbox Grid
css  grid 
16 days ago
Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP
19 days ago
A Node.js library to send all kinds of transactional notifications.
node  library 
21 days ago
Hot Module replacement (HMR) capabilities for any HTTP Server.
node  javascript 
21 days ago
A simple file-based router for Express.js with automatic routes remounting on file changes without the need to restart the server.
node  javascript 
22 days ago
CSS Animation Library
css  animation 
22 days ago
A simple and powerful React framework with minimal API and zero boilerplate.
react  javascript 
28 days ago
Pts.js enables you to compose and visualize points in spaces.
4 weeks ago
Front CLI
A simple tool to automate front-end projects
cli  web 
4 weeks ago
Interface font family
Interface is a font for highly legible text on computer screens.
fonts  free 
4 weeks ago
Shifty - Get more control over Night Shift
Shifty is a macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift.
app  macOS 
5 weeks ago
Tonik | WordPress Starter Theme
Enhance your WordPress theme development workflow
5 weeks ago
All important React transforms at one place.
javascript  converter  react 
5 weeks ago
Ultra small CSS in JS library in 0.6 KB for Picodom
css  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Backpack is minimalistic build system for Node.js.
6 weeks ago
exa is a modern replacement for ls.
cli  terminal 
6 weeks ago
React Simple Maps
react-simple-maps is a library of React components to make SVG maps using d3-geo and topojson.
react  maps  javascript 
6 weeks ago
Fast & powerful microservices framework for NodeJS.
javascript  development 
7 weeks ago
Render changelog as a website on the fly.
generator  development 
7 weeks ago
Beautiful static documentation for your API
api  documentation  generator 
7 weeks ago
Purple3 is a CSS framework for all of Heroku's digital properties.
css  heroku 
7 weeks ago
A simple JavaScript image compressor.
performance  tools 
7 weeks ago
spacetime date-utility
javascript  time  date 
7 weeks ago
Tiny, fastest and concise template engine.
javascript  template 
7 weeks ago
High level abstraction between React and Redux
javascript  react 
7 weeks ago
A tiny drop-in REST API to send emails
email  rest  api 
7 weeks ago
Shoelace.css: a back to the basics CSS starter kit
A back to the basics CSS starter kit. For when you don’t need the whole boot.
7 weeks ago
Advanced SCSS
Advanced SCSS, or, 16 cool things you may not have known your stylesheets could do
sass  tips 
7 weeks ago
A simple JavaScript framework for building ambitious UIs
javascript  framework 
7 weeks ago
Snugly resizes text to fit its parent container.
javascript  typography 
7 weeks ago
Learn regex the easy way
development  regexp 
7 weeks ago
GPU Accelerated JavaScript
javascript  webgl 
8 weeks ago
Markvis - make visualization in markdown
A markdown-it plugin, two lines code to generate charts.
markdown  chart  javascript 
8 weeks ago
This font is an extended clone of the original font shipped with Pokémon games for the GAME BOY in the 90's.
fonts  free 
8 weeks ago
Flow is a typeface built for wireframing
typography  free  ux 
9 weeks ago
Baseline atomic CSS toolkit. fractures helps you bootstrap design-systems and prototypes by providing a set of non-blocking, atomic, utility classes.
css  framework  library 
10 weeks ago
Blazing-fast static site generator for React
react  static  generator 
10 weeks ago
Convert any CSV or JSON file to a SQL, JSON or CSV file
json  csv  converter 
10 weeks ago
React for CLIs
cli  react 
10 weeks ago
Flow Supply Co. | Mind-blowing posters
Beautiful posters by independent studios and designers.
11 weeks ago
A lightweight JS framework for fast navigation and page updates from YouTube
javascript  library 
11 weeks ago
A CSS reprocessor using <style> tags
11 weeks ago
Find the best Bots for Facebook Messenger, Discord, Kik, Slack, Skype and more
12 weeks ago
PHP Serialized Editor
Online Visual Editor for Serialized Data
php  tools 
12 weeks ago
React Flight
Ultra Simple Animation Compositions for React
animation  react 
12 weeks ago
React Express
The all-in-one guide to modern React application development
javascript  react 
12 weeks ago
Microformats : Meaningful HTML
Microformats are a simple way to add more meaning to your HTML.
june 2017
CHMOD Command Calculator
CHMOD Command Calculator is the easiest way to generate file or directory permissions.
chmod  generator  terminal 
june 2017
Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects
javascript  library 
june 2017
ZangoDB is a MongoDB-like interface for HTML5 IndexedDB that supports most of the familiar filtering, projection, sorting, updating and aggregation features of MongoDB, for usage in the web browser.
database  html5 
june 2017
FuseBox is a bundler/module loader with super powers - Blazing speed, simplicity and ultimate flexibility.
tools  bundler 
june 2017
Password protect a static HTML page
security  tools 
june 2017
coolHue - Coolest Gradient Hues and Swatches by UVdesk
Coolest handpicked Gradient Hues for your next super  ⚡ amazing stuff
color  css 
june 2017
The HTML Audio Player for the modern era
html5  audio  javascript 
june 2017
JS MythBusters
A JavaScript optimization handbook from a high level point of view.
javascript  optimization 
june 2017
<head> Cheat Sheet
A list of everything that could go in the <head> of your document
html  reference 
june 2017
Country Flags
SVG and PNG renders of all countries' flags.
svg  flags 
june 2017
Tools for smoother shape animations.
animation  javascript  svg 
june 2017
Bojler is an email boilerplate and a guideline for writing HTML code that will render correctly across each of the most popular email clients.
css  email 
june 2017
Lightweight and modern terminal animations using async/await
june 2017
Easily creates timeline slider.
javascript  timeline  slider 
june 2017
Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit!
june 2017
Your website. Emojified.
emoji  css 
june 2017
svgi, the SVG inspection tool
svgi is a CLI tool to inspect the content of SVG files.
svg  tools  cli 
june 2017
The magical disappearing UI framework
javascript  ui 
june 2017
Re-usable easy interface JavaScript chart library, based on D3 v4+.
javascript  chart 
june 2017
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