Machine learning: Moving from experiments to production - codecentric AG Blog
Moving from machine learning experiments to production use is hard. I invite you to join me as I think about possible approaches for it.
big  devops  workflow 
4 days ago
Java Weekly, Issue 273 | Baeldung
A good week in the Java and Spring ecosystems, as Java 12 is released, and a nice write-up on Spring's @ConfigurationProperties annotation.
java  thisweek  baeldung 
4 days ago
Configuring a Spring Boot Module with @ConfigurationProperties - reflectoring
An in-depth look at Spring Boot’s support to bind external configuration parameters to fields of a Spring bean.
springboot  configuration-properties 
4 days ago
Modularizing a Spring Boot Application - reflectoring
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springboot  modular 
4 days ago
What is Spring bean? | Dev in Web
Learn about a Spring bean and its properties in details. See how the framework manages Spring beans at runtime.
spring  beans 
4 days ago
Definitive Guide To Java 12 - blog@CodeFX
Detailed Java 12 guide: migration, versions; switch expressions, teeing collectors, indenting/transforming Strings (and more); default CDS, Shenandoah, G1.
java  java12  tutorial 
4 days ago
Options for managing derived attributes in Kotlin
A derived attribute is an attribute computed from other attributes e.g.: The fullName is aggregated from the first, middle and last nameThe age is computed from the birthdateetc. Kotlin offers different options to manage such derived attributes. Let’s browse through them. Inline field initialization The simplest way to manage derived attributes is to declare a property, and compound its declaration with its initialization: class Person(val firstName: String, val...
kotlin  lang 
4 days ago
Express tutorial for ExpressJS – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
ExpressJS is a NodeJS web framework that is easy to use for development of web applications, API’s etc. This Tutorial will try to remain as simple and straightforward as possible and a part of a…
nodejs  express  tutorial 
6 days ago
Supporting old browsers without hurting everyone
I’m Sérgio, and I work with Web frontend code. Sometimes I write about it here.
10 days ago
PlantText UML Editor
PlantText is an online tool that quickly generates images from text. Primarily, it is used to generate UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams. It is based on a text language called PlantUML.
tools  diagraming  ascii  plantuml 
12 days ago
Workflow and Decision Automation Platform | Camunda BPM
Open source platform for BPMN workflow and DMN decision automation. Download now.
bpmn  cmmn  dmn  camunda 
13 days ago
Web-based tooling for BPMN, DMN and CMMN | bpmn.io
Simple web-based tooling for BPMN, DMN and CMMN.
bpmn  dmn  cmmn  camunda 
13 days ago
Reactive Scroll Position Restoration with RxJS – Angular In Depth
JavaScript Single Page Applications rely on navigation libraries that use the History API to route through the application. A common issue is that scroll position isn’t as predictable inside of an…
angular  scroll-position  rxjs 
15 days ago
Introducing Version 20.1 of ag-Grid – ag-Grid – Medium
A little more than a month has passed since our last major release and we’re already rolling out a new version of ag-Grid. We’ve taken this time to work on the number of handy features that make our…
angular  ag-grid 
15 days ago
ag-Grid | Features Overview
ag-Grid is a framework agnostic feature-rich datagrid. This overview details all stand out features in ag-Grid from Grouping, Pivoting, Pagination, Tree Data and many more.
angular  ag-grid 
15 days ago
A step-by-step guide to integrating a third party widget with Angular
When working on a complex project you will inevitably face the situation when you have to use a 3rd party widget in your project. Also, most of the web projects today use frameworks. But the majority…
angular  3rd-party 
15 days ago
Getting Started with AWS – Lewis Gavin – Medium
My post on VPC, S3 and DynamoDB did well but got feedback that a more introductory article would be useful for some people. If you do find this useful then please check out my other articles: This…
aws  tutorial 
15 days ago
What is your UX process? – UX Collective
When you first land on your job as a UX Designer or as an intern, first week or two might pass without any pressure. Developers might give you the requirements and you might use your existing…
ux  process 
15 days ago
Angular Reactive Forms: Tips and Tricks – Netanel Basal
For example, if you have an input that is bound to a form control, Angular performs the control validation process for every keystroke. Now, imagine a form with complex validation requirements —…
angular  forms  validation 
15 days ago
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces. It was created by <a href='http://jonyablonski.com'>Jon Yablonski</a>.
ux  psych 
15 days ago
Data Versioning · EmilyGorcenski.com
<p>Productionizing machine learning/AI/data science is a challenge. Not only are the outputs of machine-learning algorithms often compiled artifacts that need t
big  data-versioning  devops 
15 days ago
Does BDD Make Sense for Your Team? | Hiptest
Hiptest is a continuous test management platform with native support for Behavior Driven Development. Learn more about Behavior Driven Development, Agile test management, living documentation, and many more...
test  bdd 
15 days ago
Where should you use Behaviour-Driven Development?
Where should a BDD implementation be used then?
test  bdd 
15 days ago
How to Decide What To Automate | TestProject
When automation is done poorly, it results in tests that are not trusted and wasted time for everyone. This article describes the differences between helpful and unhelpful automated tests and in which cases we should and should not automate tests.
test  automatition 
15 days ago
CI/CD for Microservices on DigitalOcean Kubernetes - Semaphore
How to implement a CI/CD pipeline for a microservice running in Docker with Semaphore and DigitalOcean Kubernetes. A step-by-step tutorial.
kubernetes  digitalocean  ci-cd 
15 days ago
Introducing Kraken, an Open Source Peer-to-Peer Docker Registry | Uber Engineering Blog
Developed by Uber, Kraken is an open source peer-to-peer Docker registry capable of distributing terabytes of data in seconds.
docker  registry  distributed.  p2p  kraken 
15 days ago
A Complete Guide to Grid | CSS-Tricks
CSS Grid Layout is the most powerful layout system available in CSS. It is a 2-dimensional system, meaning it can handle both columns and rows, unlike
css  grid 
15 days ago
CI/CD for Kubernetes
If you’re looking to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in Kubernetes, you’ve come to the right place. Learn about On these pages, we’ll share with you what you need to know about deployments and what tools we recommend for automating a delivery pipeline to Kubernetes.
kubernetes  ci-cd  cloud 
16 days ago
Create Modular Components with Angular Structural Directives
When creating components, particularly core components, our goal is to make them as modular and as flexible and grant the consumers a high level of control over what they can pass. For example, let’s…
angular  structural-directives 
16 days ago
codecentric/hikaku: A library that tests if the implementation of a REST-API meets its specification.
A library that tests if the implementation of a REST-API meets its specification. - codecentric/hikaku
rest  test  contract-test 
16 days ago
Opinion | Is Anti-Semitism Exceptional? - The New York Times
The inevitable decline of left-wing philo-Semitism.
pol  jews 
16 days ago
Index - Tech - Itt az Index Nagy Netbiztonsági Kalauza
Itt az Index Nagy Netbiztonsági Kalauza - Ha nem akar ön lenni a hekkerek következő áldozata, nem szereti, hogy a Facebooktól a netszolgáltatójáig mindenki mindent tud önről, vagy csak szeretné megőrizni a titkait, kattintson.
17 days ago
Index - Tech - Itt az Index Nagy Netbiztonsági Kalauza
Itt az Index Nagy Netbiztonsági Kalauza - Ha nem akar ön lenni a hekkerek következő áldozata, nem szereti, hogy a Facebooktól a netszolgáltatójáig mindenki mindent tud önről, vagy csak szeretné megőrizni a titkait, kattintson.
17 days ago
Neuroscience Readies for a Showdown Over Consciousness Ideas | Quanta Magazine
To make headway on the mystery of consciousness, some researchers are trying a rigorous new way to test competing theories.
sci  brain  consciousness 
17 days ago
DevDocs API Documentation
Fast, offline, and free documentation browser for developers. Search 100+ docs in one web app: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, C, C++…
docs  service 
18 days ago
Testing Web Services with Karate | Automation Panda
Karate is a relatively new open source framework for testing Web services with a Gherkin-like language. Here's my quick-start guide with examples!
test  karate 
18 days ago
How to write the perfect error message – UX Planet
Error messages are seemingly so innocuous but they’re actually incredibly important in ensuring good UX and keeping your end user happy. A good error message informs your customers what went wrong…
test  sw  error-handling 
18 days ago
Top 10 ways to use Interceptors in Angular – Angular In Depth
There are many ways to use an interceptor, and I’m sure most of us have only scratched the surface. In this article, I will present my ten favorite ways to use interceptors in Angular. I have kept…
angular  http-interceptors 
20 days ago
kreuzerk/node-command-line-starter: Starter project that provides you with all the necessary setup to quickly create your node-command-line utility. Focus on your util and don't loose time with the project setup.
Starter project that provides you with all the necessary setup to quickly create your node-command-line utility. Focus on your util and don't loose time with the project setup. - kreuzerk/node-command-line-starter
nodejs  cli-template 
20 days ago
Let’s Take a Crack at Understanding Distributed Consensus
Blockchains have forced engineers and scientists to re-examine firmly entrenched paradigms in distributed computing. Let’s take a crack at understanding key consensus algorithms — and why they matter.
blockchain  consensus-algo 
21 days ago
Why Netanyahu and Gantz publicly bicker most over the policy they most agree on | The Times of Israel
PM and ex-IDF chief together helped shape Israel’s careful, arguably wise Gaza strategy, but it’s hard to explain to a rocket-battered public, so they're blaming each other for it
pol  jews 
22 days ago
Hölgyeim és uraim, íme a Google Translate atyja: Ludwig Wittgenstein - Qubit

Vannak ismert emberek, akikről nem is hinnénk, mi mindent találtak fel. Az még hagyján, hogy állítólag Isaac Newtonnak köszönhetjük a macskaajtót, az viszont igazi világszám, hogy a Google fordítóprogramja mögött az 1951-ben elhunyt osztrák filozófus, Ludwig Wittgenstein áll.
sci  ling 
22 days ago
AlternativeTo - Crowdsourced software recommendations
AlternativeTo lets you find apps and software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Web Apps, Online, Windows Tablets and more by recommending alternatives to apps you already know.
service  dw  recommendation 
24 days ago
A nyugdíjrendszerek rombolják a társadalmakat - 1000 A Mi Hazánk
Mielőtt az olvasó elhamarkodottan levonná lesújtó következtetését a címből, a folyamat, amelyet ajánlok, több évtizedet is igénybe vehet, és a célja a közösségek, a társadalom és a gondoskodó kultúra elősegítése -- az állam kárára. Sokat gondolkodom mostanában az ún. feltétel nélküli…
pol  ubi 
25 days ago
Unit Testing with Spring Boot - reflectoring
In this tutorial we’ll learn how to build testable Spring beans and get to know the tools that Spring Boot by default imports for writing maintainable unit tests.
springboot  test  unit-testing 
25 days ago
Integration Tests with @SpringBootTest - reflectoring
A tutorial on when and how to use Spring Boot’s @SpringBootTest annotation and how to reduce test runtime.
springboot  test  integration-testing 
25 days ago
👻 Who’s Afraid of Observables? – Netanel Basal
In this article, we’ll create a simple implementation of the observable pattern and work to understand the core concepts behind it. The observable object represents a push-based collection…
rxjs  observables 
25 days ago
Do Linux distributions still matter with containers? | Opensource.com
There are two major trends in container builds: using a base image and building from scratch. Each has engineering tradeoffs.
docker  linux 
25 days ago
Conscious: A UX case study – Brayden Iwasaki – Medium
Are you ready to buy a Tesla or install solar panels on your house? Probably not. If we are going to help our environment and be more sustainable, this is not the starting point. Sustainability is…
sci  ux  eco  global-warming 
29 days ago
TSLint Deprecated to Focus Support on typescript-eslint
Palantir, the creators of TSLint, recently announced the deprecation of TSLint, putting their support behind typescript-eslint to consolidate efforts behind one unified linting solution for TypeScript users.
typescript  lint 
29 days ago
Reasonable Doubt – Medium
What do we trust? What can we believe — and what can’t we? What does it take to change people’s minds, at a moment when the truth itself is in doubt? There is a lot to unpack in these uncertain times, and in our February issue of Medium magazine — Reasonable Doubt — we’ll tackle these questions and more.
zine  philo 
29 days ago
CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet - A reference for CSS goodness.
ui  css  cheatsheet 
4 weeks ago
Friday Frontend: February 22 Edition
Lots of good stuff in this week’s edition. One of the best BEM articles I’ve ever read, a mindboggling piece of CSS art, some solid JavaScript tutorials, and a bunch of other awesome webby stuff.
thisweek  ui  css 
4 weeks ago
Developing Microservices with Behavior Driven Development and Interface Oriented Design
These dependencies require well-defined and well-tested services. Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Interface Oriented Design (IOD) help achieve this. BDD concentrates on the functionality of the services, which are specified with tests. IOD identifies contractual obligations (e.g. failure reporting) of the services.
microservices  bdd 
4 weeks ago
A Practical Guide to Operating Kubernetes the GitOps Way - DZone DevOps
The growing popularity of DevOps as a way of working has given birth to GitOps as a means of establishing a single source of truth using versioning control.
ci-cd  gitops 
4 weeks ago
A guide to automating HashiCorp Vault #1: Auto-unsealing
Vault is an open source tool created by HashiCorp for securely storing secrets, such as database passwords, API keys, and TLS certs. Authenticating to Vault as a normal user is easy, you just need to…
devops  secrets  vault  hashicorp 
4 weeks ago
How @supports Works | CSS-Tricks
CSS has a neat feature that allows us to test if the browser supports a particular property or property:value combination before applying a block of
ui  css-purge 
4 weeks ago
database-rider/database-rider: Database testing made easy!
Database testing made easy! Contribute to database-rider/database-rider development by creating an account on GitHub.
db  testing  database-rider 
4 weeks ago
Monitoring systemd services in realtime with Chronograf
Every system administrator knows systemd. Developed by Lennart Poettering and freedesktop.org, systemd comes as a very handy initialization tool for administrating Linux services and handling…
linux  monitoring  devops 
4 weeks ago
KyleOS | plotly-chart-editor
Jupyterlab plotly extension to customize charts with no code!
jupyter  charting  plottly  tools 
4 weeks ago
How Matter Lost Its Mojo
You’re sitting here, reading this article. Maybe it’s a hard copy, or an e-book on a tablet computer or e-reader. It doesn’t&#8230;
sci  phys 
5 weeks ago
How to set up continuous deployment in your home project the easy way
Continuous Deployment is a beautiful thing. Committing your project and seeing it being built and deployed without having to do anything is mesmerizing. To clear it up, here is a flowchart showing…
ci-cd  github  docker 
5 weeks ago
3 new ways to contribute code to Ansible | Opensource.com
There are more ways than ever to participate in one of the most vibrant open source communities in configuration management.
devops  ansible  oss 
5 weeks ago
database-rider/database-rider: Database testing made easy!
Database testing made easy! Contribute to database-rider/database-rider development by creating an account on GitHub.
db  testing 
5 weeks ago
Automating Your Java Project Workflow with a Modified Gitflow Branching Model
Gitflow is a collaborative branching model that attempts to exploit the power, speed and simplicity of Git branching. But documentation for Gitflow in an automated build, integrate, and deploy environment is sparse. This article provides a flavor of Gitflow that can be used in an automated build environment.
ci-cd  git-flow  gitlab. 
5 weeks ago
Configuring Spring Boot with application.properties file | Java, JS & Web
Are you familiar with the capabilities of the application.properties file? Learn how to confgure your Spring Boot application with custom property keys.
springboot  configuration 
5 weeks ago
How reading habits are changing in the digital age | Arts | University of Waterloo
During CBC radio's recent Cross Country Checkup discussion on how reading is changing, guest commentator on the program, Christine McWebb, programs director at Stratford Campus and French Studies professor, discussed the different ways in which digital technology affects us.
reading  internet 
5 weeks ago
The Next Wave of ‘Unicorn’ Start-Ups - The New York Times
Uber and Airbnb were part of an early generation of tech start-ups that quickly reached $1 billion in value. The up-and-coming generation is looking very different.
biz  startups 
5 weeks ago
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