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‘Shape of You’ Was 2017’s Biggest Track. Here’s How Ed Sheeran Made It. - The New York Times
Like many current pop hits, “Shape of You” was written in a brainstorming session where ideas are developed or discarded fast, with computers and instruments close at hand and recorders running. “The best songs that I’ve ever written, I don’t really remember writing,” Mr. Sheeran said. “They take like 20 minutes and then they’re just done. And then you move on to the next thing.”

Mr. Sheeran plays his concerts solo with a looping device, performing and then layering all the parts live; he writes songs the same way, stacking and nesting motifs. “Within 30 seconds Ed was firing melodies out,” Mr. McDaid said. “Ed writes like nobody else in the world. He has a picture of the song in his mind before he’s even articulated it.”
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Sculptor would like to forget Cherokee Indian work : Sj
No one seems to remember when the statue was dedicated. An old St. Louis Globe-Democrat clipping found by Cherokee Station Business Association Treasurer Will Liebermann bears the stamp of Oct. 2, 1985. However, Christman said it happened earlier than that.

The brief article said the sculpture was by "St. Louis artist Bill Christmas." The misspelling made it harder for the Journal to track down the sculptor. After checks with people in the local arts community, one artist suggested it was not Bill Christmas, but Bill Christman. That led the Journal to the artist.
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