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Five Thin Lines - giidas (KatushkaK) - Hockey RPF, Jupiter Ascending (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Geno loves dogs, Sidney is a lone wolf - the best man his men ever fought with - and it's all very complicated because Geno is Royalty and Sid is decidedly not.

It's all very complicated until it just really isn't.
crossover  jupiterascending  hockeyrpf  sidney/evgeni  malkin/crosby  Penguins  fanfic 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
My Siberia: A Russian Knitting Circle Story - impertinence - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The last thing you want to do with the guy you've been hung up on for ages is teach him how to be decent at sex. So of course, that's exactly what Geno does. Featuring interfering Russians, thorough devirginization, and equal parts alcohol imbibing and hockey playing.
crosby/malkin  fic  hockey  author:impertinence  hockeyrpf  slash  fandom:hockeyrpf  RPF  sid/geno  fandom:hockey 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
try to map the ocean - oflights - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Geno scowls at him and pointedly Googles can penguins get concussions? while Sidney eats a tuna breakfast. Geno scowls harder when all of the results are about human Sidney’s concussion. (or, the one where Sidney gets turned into a penguin, and Geno's life is really hard.)
crosby/malkin  fandom:hockeyrpf  fic  hockey  author:oflights  crack  hockeyrpf  pairing:crosby/malkin  sid/geno  fandom:hockey 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
Pond Ice and the In Between - luxover - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“I thought your name was Zhenya,” Sid says, which—right, they didn’t talk about that, he just read it on the name tag and also probably butchered the pronunciation beyond repair. He thinks, maybe, that he should have only two states in life: on the ice, and in the office, and there should never exist any in between for him. He feels his face flush as he sort of tries to fix the situation, gesturing to his own chest, to where his nametag would be if he wore one, and says, “Your, uh. Y...
fic  hockey  sid/geno  AU  author:luxover  hockeyrpf  crosby/malkin  slash  fandom:hockey  genre:au 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
Hockey at the End of the World - ionthesparrow - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Jeff has a plan: Get to camp, skate well. Make the team. Do well. Make the Orange. Survive. Win Cups. Get free.

carter/richards  fandom:hockey  genre:au  hockey  au  fandom:hockeyrpf  slash  au:dystopia  hockeyrpf  rpf 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
Door to Door - Ferritin4 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Hey," Jamie says, pounding on the door. "Hey, open up!"

The dogs shut up.

"Hi, shit, sorry," says the stupidly fucking gorgeous man who opens the door in a tank top and boxers. "Shit, were the dogs loud? They get really excited when I come home."

"It’s three in the morning," Jamie says. On cue, a dog pokes its head around the corner to the entryway and bounces over to the — to this guy. It’s followed by another, browner dog, and Jamie has a moment of surrealist sleep-deprived hor...
genre:au  hockey  author:ferritin4  benn/seguin  fandom:hockey  fic  pining  hockeyrpf  au  slash 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
Measure of a Fall - merrin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Kaner gets traded out, traded around, and traded back. (Actually he signs as a free agent, but that's neither here nor there.) Written for the Hockey Big Bang.
hockey  kane/toews  hockeyrpf  author:merrin  Fic  slash  fanfic  futurefic  trading 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
baby are you down - ohtempora - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Maybe you two will get married,” Tyler says—because hey, he can’t predict the future, but Dougie goes anyways, and Tyler high-fives himself and then high-fives Marchy and does another shot.  They're heading to the Stanley Cup Finals and he's helping people find true love, or at least sex.  His life is pretty awesome.
pairing:Patrick/Tyler  Pairing:Patrick/Jonny  MagicalRealism  HockeyRPF 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist
Autonomy within Reason (Reason without Sense) - maccabird_23 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick had proved every naysayer right. He flaunted the image that the media and hockey culture already had in the back of their mind; that of an unmated omega in the NHL taking the power that they so kindly let him have and becoming unhinged, out of control and trying to dominate alphas off the ice.
hockeyRPF  pairing:Patrick/Jonny  Pairing:Jamie/Tyler  a/b/o 
june 2015 by lilredalchemist

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