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An Appropriate Use of Metrics
A very good article on using metrics to help improve processes and ultimately achieve goals more rapidly
metrics  business  management  goals  success  westfielddevfeed 
february 2013 by lightningdb
DCI: The King of the Open/Closed Principle :: Mike Pack Development
relatively simple article mentioning DCI with good discussion in the comments
dci  ruby  objects  westfielddevfeed 
december 2012 by lightningdb
Rerun by rerun
Rerun is a simple command runner that turns loose shell scripts into modular automation.
westfielddevfeed  cli 
december 2012 by lightningdb
Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools - a session at Øredev 2012
Webdevs: if you don't know how to use Chrome dev tools Timeline, you have to check out 's session:
webdev  chrome  westfielddevfeed  from twitter_favs
november 2012 by lightningdb
On Being A Senior Engineer
I can't recommend this enough. Very very good clear writing on what seniority and progression mean in our industry.
programming  career  management  teams  westfielddevfeed  5star 
october 2012 by lightningdb
Random Ruby Tricks: - Literate Programming
our codebase has had a lot of openstruct in tests, so this is worth looking at
ruby  westfielddevfeed 
september 2012 by lightningdb
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