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David Pescovitz, Co-editor of Boing Boing | Cool Tools
Some cool vinyl tools here, plus popcorn maker and telescope
music  tools  gifts 
november 2016 by lightningdb
David Waring - RTM CLI
remember the milk command line util
gtd  tools  cli 
january 2015 by lightningdb
Tools – Development Impact and You
innovation  tools  webdev  products 
december 2014 by lightningdb
window management for hackers in OS X
mac  osx  windowmanager  tools  utils 
july 2014 by lightningdb
Cool Tools – What’s in My Bag? James Altucher
some really cool "loser" ideas in here! lab coats, waiters order pads.
june 2014 by lightningdb
Soulver | Acqualia
Great calculator software for mac
mathematics  mac  software  tools 
march 2014 by lightningdb
helps find shades of colours
colour  webdev  design  css  tools 
january 2014 by lightningdb
Dash – Snippet Manager, Documentation Browser - Kapeli
I recently starting using this, which showed me - if you jump around tech a lot - seems amazing:
code  programming  tools  from twitter_favs
march 2013 by lightningdb
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