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TDD: Why do You Want Me to Write Bad Code | David Tanzer - Coach Consultant Trainer
Last week I was teaching TDD to two groups of programmers. And in the first group, someone asked me “Why do you always want me to write wrong code?”
august 2018 by lightningdb
How to get the most out of Given-When-Then – Gojko Adzic
Good tips on Given-When-Then criteria: - I've seen all the problems @gojkoadzic mentions, avoidable with proper care
bdd  tdd  testing  programming 
february 2015 by lightningdb
Consumer-Driven Contracts with Pact (Sydney API Days 2015)
RT : Thanks for the opportunity to speak at , I had a great time! You can find my slides about at
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february 2015 by lightningdb
Working Effectively with… by Jay Fields [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Great opportunity to learn from ' years of REAL unit testing experience and thought. Great book!
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december 2014 by lightningdb
Leading a Culture of Effective Testing
EXCELLENT article on building a testing culture in your teams: - so much nod
tdd  testing  culture  engineering  5star 
august 2014 by lightningdb
Goto Fail, Heartbleed, and Unit Testing Culture
excellent article on programming culture in the modern world and a manifesto for testing
testing  tdd  programming  martinfowler 
may 2014 by lightningdb
Test Induced Design Damage? | 8th Light
How do you separate concerns? You separate behaviors that change at different times for different reasons. Things that change together you keep together. Things that change apart you keep apart.
design  tdd  testing 
may 2014 by lightningdb
great simple explanation of testing and its applicability. woudl be easy to share with management
testing  tdd  martinfowler  programming 
may 2014 by lightningdb
The philosophy of Continuous Deployment | verticalslice
An insightful post on continuous deployment by @Ian_Tinsley - great stuff
agile  continuous  deployment  tdd  release  newsdevfeed 
march 2014 by lightningdb
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