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Matz's Ruby Developers Don't Use RubySpec and It's Hurting Ruby - Rubinius
It's hard not to feel sad about Ruby and the lack of a formal spec after reading this:
january 2015 by lightningdb
fuzzy finder for command line (also usable from vim)
cli  ruby  vim 
may 2014 by lightningdb
Slides: Keith and Mario's Guide to Continuous Deployment… #rubyconfau14
Enjoyed @mariovisic’s (& @keithpitt’s) slides on Cont Deployment, doubly because he has same Shure hphones as me!
continuous  deployment  presentation  ruby 
february 2014 by lightningdb
Ruboto 1.0.0
Congrats! Very interesting “@MrRuboto: Ruboto 1.0.0 released! Enjoy Android app development! ”
android  ruby  programming 
december 2013 by lightningdb
vim-ruby/doc/ft-ruby-syntax.txt at master · vim-ruby/vim-ruby · GitHub
Discovered the magic switch that makes Vim Ruby syntax highlighting not ridiculously slow: let ruby_no_expensive=1
vim  ruby  from twitter_favs
october 2013 by lightningdb
Play by Play: Katrina Owen | PeepCode Screencasts
Play by Play screencasts are an amazing way to look over the shoulder of excellent programmers. Do have a look
refactoring  ruby  newsdevfeed 
october 2013 by lightningdb
Testing Tuesday | | The Codeship Blog via @codeship
Continuous Integration and Delivery, Testing, Screencasts. Interesting!
javascript  ruby  testing  tdd  newsdevfeed 
august 2013 by lightningdb
Changing the wheels on the bus at 80 mph: upgrading to Rails 3 on a... - Andrew Bloomgarden, Julian Giuca - RailsConf 2013
Very happy to see my old teammate Julian delivered a good, funny and useful talk at RailsConf recently:
rails  ruby  conference  video 
june 2013 by lightningdb
A few weeks ago, I would have said that was not worth the money. Now, it's one of the most interesting things I read.
ruby  rails  from twitter_favs
january 2013 by lightningdb
DCI: The King of the Open/Closed Principle :: Mike Pack Development
relatively simple article mentioning DCI with good discussion in the comments
dci  ruby  objects  westfielddevfeed 
december 2012 by lightningdb
scriptable, editable shell. screencast is pretty damn cool. must check out when a bit more mature, maybe ~6 months
cli  programming  wiki  ruby  python  javascript 
september 2012 by lightningdb
Random Ruby Tricks: - Literate Programming
our codebase has had a lot of openstruct in tests, so this is worth looking at
ruby  westfielddevfeed 
september 2012 by lightningdb
Good looking AB testing framework.
rack  abtesting  testing  ruby  rails 
july 2012 by lightningdb
// Swinger // MDD (1 of 80)
good overview of some tech and approaches to metrics
analytics  metrics  ruby 
march 2012 by lightningdb
only had a skim read, but seems reasonable
ruby  westfielddevfeed 
march 2012 by lightningdb
Watch for turbulence
would be interesting to see against our codebase. tried briefly tonight against premium, but couldn't get good results.
westfielddevfeed  ruby 
february 2012 by lightningdb
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