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The Push Train
Great tips in this presentation
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may 2017 by lightningdb
Move Fast and Break Nothing
Fave part of this talk by @holman is "ChatOps" - always encouraging our teams to do as much as possible out in open:
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october 2014 by lightningdb
The philosophy of Continuous Deployment | verticalslice
An insightful post on continuous deployment by @Ian_Tinsley - great stuff
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march 2014 by lightningdb
Slides: Keith and Mario's Guide to Continuous Deployment… #rubyconfau14
Enjoyed @mariovisic’s (& @keithpitt’s) slides on Cont Deployment, doubly because he has same Shure hphones as me!
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february 2014 by lightningdb
Continuous Delivery: The Value Proposition
We should look at Jez's book on our Safari Books account too
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december 2011 by lightningdb
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