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Transformation or Transition?
Your iterations are your value "too many orgs still apply the old model of outsourcing to the new economics of IT"
digital  transformation  cio  business  management 
april 2017 by lightningdb
6 CIOs are interviewed at conclusion of their career
cio  leadership  career 
november 2016 by lightningdb
Troy Hunt: Offshoring roulette: lessons from outsourcing to India, China and the Philippines
This is a big post I've been working on for a long time. Here's my experiences offshoring a large amount of dev work
offshore  outsourcing  india  china  philippines  tech  management  cio  from twitter_favs
november 2016 by lightningdb
Make Strategic Thinking Part of Your Job
Good tips - what is the strategy objective required from the role? what would you need to do to organise towards that objective?
strategy  ceo  cio 
november 2016 by lightningdb
ROSS GITTINS: Faster growth demands better chief executives
One common human failing you won't find in any economics textbook is managers' tendency to be so busy fixing problems they find easy to fix that they have no time to grapple with more important problems they're not sure how to fix.
rossgittins  management  ceo  cio  economics 
september 2016 by lightningdb
Future of the CIO - Ross Dawson
Future of the CIO Framework Drivers, Changing IT, New Role of CIO
cio  from twitter_favs
june 2016 by lightningdb
​How Jeff Smith built an Agile culture at IBM - CIO
also mentions how they manage macs from corp IT dept
cio  apple  mac  agile 
june 2016 by lightningdb
Tennis Australia shares the data analytics and technology driving Australian Open 2016 - CIO
An example of how Tennis Australia "sells" their successes (from tech perspective)
january 2016 by lightningdb
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