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So you’re surrounded by idiots. Guess who the real jerk is | Aeon Essays
the jerk appreciates neither others’ difficulties in attaining all the perfections that he attributes to himself, nor the possibility that some portion of what he regards as flawed is in fact blameless
august 2017 by license
What 'Brain Food' Actually Does for Your Brain
good stuff to think about, especially since I want to do more of the cooking duties. basically, more: fish, nuts, berries, spinach, broccoli, tea; in other words, omega-3, anti-oxidants. less:food. also, apparently glucose is good for your brain but not too much of it, and it's better to slow-release it by combining it with protein.
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april 2012 by license
High IQ linked to drug use – The Chart - Blogs
this article's a bit of a no-brainer. I think DFW mentioned this in Infinite Jest. anyway, there are some great comments (there I go reading the fucking comments again). highlights:

"Studies have shown that high IQ people suffer more from isolation, unhealthy perfectionism, existential depression (depression rooted in questions of existence, the kind that doesn't readily go away because you got over splitting up with your boyfriend), and existential anxiety. While I don't use drugs as an adult, it doesn't shock me that others do."

"I consider IQ, if anything, a measure of potential; by the time you're an adult, it's irrelevant. You don't need a paper-test measure of a person's potential to use their brain to create or achieve when they are already out there creating and achieving–just look at what they're doing.

A person with relatively high, but not all THAT high, an intelligence, like me, can find it frustrating being acutely aware of what they don't have. Just suppose for the sake of argument that IQ numbers mean something. A person with an IQ of 140 knows full well that there are people with IQs of 180 or 200 and that s/he is not one of them. I suppose that could lead to a certain form of depression, if you let it...

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player ever, at 6 ft 6 in. He needed all that height, but he didn't need more. Intelligence is a lot like height. You just got to get out and scrap around with what you got."
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november 2011 by license
Kids' Study Habit Myths Debunked - The Early Show - CBS News
Article debunking study habits, particularly studying in one place, and only studying one aspect of material.
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december 2010 by license
How To Trick Yourself Into Good (Japanese) Studying Habits
Covers how to create good study habits and the importance of association. The main idea could be applied to just about anything you want to create a habit for.
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