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MegaCon costume repair center offers a place to fix cosplay - Orlando Sentinel
The Cospital repair center provides a safe space for cosplayers at the annual Megacon convention to rest and fix their costumes.
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Random Item Generator — A Story About Joy and Exploding Kittens
They wrote love notes to the machine, and one person actually proposed marriage (for which she received a massive bouquet of 50 red roses). People shared their stories all over the convention floor, in the hallways, and on social media. It was one of the biggest hits at every convention we brought it to.

The final result was pure magic. A live show that crafted impossible and unique moments for each individual in real time every single minute, nonstop, for 8 hours a day.

People laughed, people cried, people fell in love, and people made friends with this machine.

Our goal was to stand out at conventions, and we ended up building a wondrous joy machine running on human software and vending happiness.

This was not just a machine that solved our convention booth problem — it was the best machine we’ve ever built.
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About Metro Orlando - Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission / Metro Orlando EDC
"flipped the switch" on the solar panel system at the Orange County Convention Center. This one-megawatt rooftop PV system, the largest of its kind in the southeastern U.S., will generate 1,300-megawatt hours of electricity per year, equivalent to the power used by 100 typical houses.
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Historical Miniature Gaming Society
Welcome to the Historical Miniature Gaming Society - South Chapter, known to all as HMGS-South. Our organization is known as the absolute best gaming group in the southeast. We boast a membership of over 500 from all across the world, includin…
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