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Why I think Flutter is the future of mobile app development
GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
flutter  mobile  ios  android  dart 
may 2019 by lgtout
Driving View-State through Data for Fun and/or Debugging
Matt Gallagher from Cocoa With Love shows how everything mutable in your app is actually a model.
swift  ios  android  architecture  mvc-viewstate 
march 2019 by lgtout
App Architecture · objc.io
objc.io publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
ios  android  architecture  comparison  book  swift 
march 2019 by lgtout
In-App Feedback, Bug Reporting and Mobile Testing for Apps | Instabug
Instabug empowers developers and product managers to build better apps with comprehensive bug reporting, crash reporting, and in-app feedback. Mobile testing for iOS, Android, and Cross-Platform apps made easy.
bug  debug  mobile  android  ios  library  feedback  capture  problem  testing 
february 2019 by lgtout
krzysztofzablocki/Sourcery: Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code.
Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code. - krzysztofzablocki/Sourcery
code  generation  generator  sourcery  ios  swift 
january 2019 by lgtout
Advanced iOS Architecture: Solving the 5 Issues of the MVC, MVVM and VIPER patterns - The Lotus architecture : iOSProgramming
r/iOSProgramming: A subreddit to share articles, code samples, open source projects and anything else related to iOS, watchOS or tvOS development. Swift or Objective-C.
architecture  lotus  ios 
january 2019 by lgtout
Isolating your Data Layer
In a truly layered architecture (MVVM, Viper, etc), the data layer should be relegated to it's own layer - every other piece just wants the
architecture  android  ios 
january 2019 by lgtout
Flutter: the good, the bad and the ugly – The ASOS Tech Blog – Medium
Ahead-of-time compilation, Dart language, hot reloading, extensibility with 3rd party plugins, theming, ease of use, cross-platform support, maintained by Google…there’s alot to like about Flutter
flutter  android  ios  multiplatform 
november 2018 by lgtout
Write and deploy a Kotlin library compatible with Android and iOS
Learn how to create a Kotlin-Multiplatform library, compatible with Android & iOS
kotllin  multiplatform  ios  android 
november 2018 by lgtout
My first experience with Kotlin Native – florent champigny – Medium
With the recent release of Kotlin 1.3, I heard about the capability to create multi-platform mobile applications 🤔 Let me show you how I succeed to create my first Android & iOS compatible module…
kotlin  multiplatform  android  ios 
november 2018 by lgtout
My mentor was often saying “If you are using Ctrl-C Ctrl-V in a single project, you are doing something wrong”. This sentence got deeply into me and started my story in search of better and better…
architecture  multiplatform  kotlin  ios  javascript 
october 2018 by lgtout
How to seamlessly share code between iOS and Android using Kotlin
A look at the pros and cons of using Kotlin Native for cross-platform development
ios  android  crossplatform  kotlin  share  common  multiplatform 
october 2018 by lgtout
Monolith to modular
Slides from CocoaHeads LA @ Fair on Modularity
ios  tinder  mobile  android  architecture 
october 2018 by lgtout
Flipd — The Digital Wellness Company
Flipd nudges you to spend less time on your phone — helping you to be present, productive, and happy. Enjoy life offline with Flipd.
app  block  ios  android  usage  phone  device 
june 2018 by lgtout
drand48(3) Mac OS X Developer Tools Manual Page
HTML versions of the OS X, OS X Server, Xcode Tools, and CHUD man pages.
ios  swift  random  repeatable  generator 
april 2018 by lgtout
iOS 10 Rich Notifications · Carnival Developer Documentation
The Carnival Developer Documentation contains information about the iOS, Android, Unity and Cordova SDKs. It also details setting up Push Notifications, Collecting Data and Messaging Users.
rich  notification  ios  carnival  tradesy 
april 2018 by lgtout
Error Tracking & Crash Reporting for Software Developers - Rollbar
Rollbar provides real-time error alerting & debugging tools for developers. Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Android, iOS & more languages supported.
error  crash  tracking  android  ios 
march 2018 by lgtout
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (6th Edition) (Big Nerd Ranch Guides): Christian Keur, Aaron Hillegass: 9780134682334: Amazon.com: Books
iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (6th Edition) (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) [Christian Keur, Aaron Hillegass] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <div sercontent= > <div style= color: rgb(34, 34, 34); : arial, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255
ios  book 
march 2018 by lgtout
What’s Revolutionary about Flutter – Hacker Noon
The Flutter mobile app SDK is a new way to build fast, beautiful mobile apps that helps developers break away from “cookie cutter” apps that have been so common in the past. People who try Flutter…
flutter  android  crossplatform  ios 
february 2018 by lgtout
Is Flutter The Best Way To Build Cross-Platform Mobile Apps?
Flutter SDK is Google's new cross-platform mobile SDK. How does it compare to existing solutions? Let's take a look at it and find out!
flutter  crossplatform  mobile  android  ios 
february 2018 by lgtout
Mobile DevOps for App Build, Test, Deploy & Monitor | Bitbar
Bitbar is a mobile DevOps platform that lets teams automate app build, test, deploy and monitor in the cloud to spin up the process from ideation to production.
cloud  test  mobile  android  ios 
january 2018 by lgtout
Bitbar Cloud - Dashboard
Bitbar Cloud hosts hundreds of Android and iOS devices, enabling users to create and test high quality mobile apps and games.
cloud  test  mobile  android  ios 
january 2018 by lgtout
Kotlin vs. Swift: Are Android and iOS moving towards creating a universal language?
Comparing Kotlin with Swift. Can these languages trigger the appearance of a universal mobile development language for both Android and iOS?
ios  kotlin 
january 2018 by lgtout
Contribute to kotlinconf-spinner development by creating an account on GitHub.
ios  kotlin  project 
january 2018 by lgtout
MobiVM/robovm: Ahead of time compiler for JVM bytecode targetting iOS, Mac OSX and Linux
robovm - Ahead of time compiler for JVM bytecode targetting iOS, Mac OSX and Linux
ios  kotlin 
january 2018 by lgtout
Multiplatform native development in Kotlin. Now with iOS!
KotlinConf was a great event! There was a lot of inspiring ideas and a lot of announcements. Especially there was one huge announcement that excited everyone: Kotlin/Native started supporting iOS…
ios  kotlin  android 
january 2018 by lgtout
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