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Kotlin+Dagger best practices/documentation/pain points · Issue #900 · google/dagger
Opening this as a tracking bug for all kotlin related documentation that we should be add/best practices that we should call out to make using Dagger w/ Kotlin easier. One example: How to achieve the effect of static @Provides in Kotlin....
dagger  kotlin  function  injection 
january 2019 by lgtout
Correct usage of Dagger 2 @Named annotation in Kotlin
Let me warn you about something small but subtle in Dagger 2 that bit me recently and save you from loosing few hours before getting what’s going on. The reason is because in Kotlin annotations need…
injection  kotlin  dagger  annotation  syntax  field  setter 
january 2019 by lgtout
Kodein - Painless Kotlin Dependency Injection
kodein  dependency  injection 
october 2018 by lgtout
Opinions on Kodein? : androiddev
r/androiddev: News for Android developers with the who, what, where when and how of the Android community. Probably mostly the how.

Here, you'll find:

- News for Android developers
- Thoughtful, informative articles
- Insightful talks and presentations
- Useful libraries
- Handy tools
- Open source applications for studying
kotlin  kodein  dagger  dependency  injection  comparison 
october 2018 by lgtout
When Koin met Ktor... - ekito people
How to use Koin (our Kotlin dependency injection framework) in a Ktor project.
koin  kotlin  ktor  backend  dependency  injection 
october 2018 by lgtout
Comparing the Performance of Dependency Injection Libraries
The dependency injection (DI) has become an increasingly popular tool in Android development, and for good reason. Injections reduce the amount you have to code (and hence, debug), facilitating the creation of better apps and a smoother development process. While it may be tempting to toss in dependencies to a...
dependency  injection  android  comparison  performance 
march 2018 by lgtout
Better dependency injection for Android – ProAndroidDev
Simplifying dependency injection with Kotlin and Koin — (examples shown here are in Koin 0.2.x) — Check the latest changes of Koin Since I began to work as a developer, I’ve seen a bunch of building…
dependency  injection  kotlin  android  koin  dependency_injection 
march 2018 by lgtout
Ekito/koin: KOIN - a concise and pragmatic dependency injection framework for Kotlin
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
koin  dependency  injection  kotlin  android 
march 2018 by lgtout
Moving from Dagger to Koin — Simplify your Android development
The Koin framework has been started a while now (remember when I published its first lines in “Better dependency injection for Android”). Release 0.5.1 just came up, bringing fixes and improving main…
koin  dagger  dependency  kotlin  android  injection 
march 2018 by lgtout
marcingrzejszczak/spock-subjects-collaborators-extension - Groovy
spock-subjects-collaborators-extension - Spock subjects-collaborators extension
spock  extensions  injection  mock  dependency  github 
january 2016 by lgtout
Architecting Android Applications with Dagger | Tutorial | Parleys
Parleys is the World's Finest Platform for Online Developer Tutorials ✔ Parleys.com: Nr.1 in Architecting Android Applications with Dagger Tutorials.
dagger  android  dependency  injection  video 
april 2015 by lgtout
The Future of Dependency Injection with Dagger 2 | Tutorial | Parleys
Parleys is the World's Finest Platform for Online Developer Tutorials ✔ Parleys.com: Nr.1 in The Future of Dependency Injection with Dagger 2 Tutorials.
dagger  dependency  injection  android  video 
april 2015 by lgtout
NickQiZhu/di.js · GitHub
di.js - Ultra light dependency injection container in Javascript
javascript  ioc  dependency  injection  browser  library 
june 2013 by lgtout
viaplay/simple-ioc · GitHub
simple-ioc - Simple Dependency Injection for node.js
javascript  ioc  dependency  injection  library  nodejs 
may 2013 by lgtout
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