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Instant Run: How Does it Work?! – Google Developers – Medium
Instant Run is an Android Studio feature that significantly reduces the time for building and deploying incremental code changes during your coding / testing / debugging lifecycle. Join Reto Meier as he offers a peek behind the curtain to learn how Instant Run actually works, and learn some tips to help make it work better for you.
android  instantrun  explanation  build 
may 2019 by lgtout
Gradle: Android Build Variables Done Right – Rafael Matias – Medium
Present how developers can use just Gradle system to setup, develop, deliver and integrate Android projects using build variables. Gradle is the standard build tool for Android Studio. So, It can do…
android  gradle  build  variable  configuration  properties 
april 2019 by lgtout
arrow/README.md at 0.9.0 · arrow-kt/arrow
Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library. Contribute to arrow-kt/arrow development by creating an account on GitHub.
arrowkt  dependency  configuration  build  0.90  module 
april 2019 by lgtout
KT-24668 - Kotlin DSL 3-4x slower than Groovy DSL on FIRST USE on many simple projects build · Issue #902 · gradle/kotlin-dsl
Groovy DSL ~18s scenario: first use of largeJavaMultiProject template: largeJavaMultiProject performance test results Kotlin DSL ~75s scenario: first use of largeJavaMultiProjectKotlinDsl template: largeJavaMultiProjectKotlinDsl performa...
ticket  issue  build  speed  kotlin  dsl  gradle 
march 2019 by lgtout
Error Prone Java (Android) Plugins – taman neupane – Medium
Hello guys out there !! today while i was surfing through internet i found something interesting and i was not able to stay without sharing that interesting topic. We developers do write tons of code…
errorprone  gradle  plugin  android  build  error  quality 
january 2019 by lgtout
Using Mockito 2.x on Android - Jeroen Mols
The Mockito team is on fire lately! Not only did they add support to mock final classes and methods, but now they allow running Mockito directly onto an actual Android device.
mockito  android  test  instrumentation  setup  unit  build  dependency  mockito-android  dexmaker 
january 2019 by lgtout
ex.dagger/build.gradle at master · tmtron/ex.dagger
simple dagger2 example using gradle and IntelliJ. Contribute to tmtron/ex.dagger development by creating an account on GitHub.
dagger  example  build  dependency  setup 
december 2018 by lgtout
Incremental Annotation Processing doesn't seem to be working when applied via kapt
My team has been reluctant to adopt dagger due to its cost in incremental build times, so until incremental annotation processing was implemented this wasn't really an option for us. Now that this was implemented here, I decided to take ...
build  gradle  dagger  android  incremental  compilation 
december 2018 by lgtout
Setup Dagger 2 on Kotlin Project – Elye – Medium
To start a project after you have setup Kotlin (refer to this article), it’s best to setup Dagger with it. Here I’ll show you the to bare minimum of setting up your Dagger for a blank project…
dagger  setup  build  gradle  project  android 
december 2018 by lgtout
CrashlyticsDemo/build.gradle at master · jaisonfdo/CrashlyticsDemo
Sample application to show the usage of crashlytics - jaisonfdo/CrashlyticsDemo
crashlytics  configuration  project  android  build  gradle 
november 2018 by lgtout
Architecting Android...The evolution | Fernando Cejas
Architecture is about evolution. This is an evolution of my implementation of Clean Architecture on Android
architecture  artifact  version  learning  clean  android  gradle  build  dependency 
september 2018 by lgtout
How to Make Xcode Run Faster
The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
xcode  build  speed  swift 
september 2018 by lgtout
Managing targets with AppCode – IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains
I've been using xCode to set the targets for a ObjC file. Is there a way to do this in App Code?Thanks,Dave Cranewww.feelgoodtracker.com
appcode  build  file  class  target 
april 2018 by lgtout
Speed up your Build with Gradle Remote Build Cache – ProAndroidDev
Set up Gradle Remote Build Cache for an existing Android project using Kotlin
speed  android  gradle  build  cache  remote  docker  time 
february 2018 by lgtout
dorongold/gradle-task-tree: Gradle plugin that adds a 'taskTree' task that prints task dependency tree
gradle-task-tree - Gradle plugin that adds a 'taskTree' task that prints task dependency tree
gradle  task  graph  dependency  tree  build 
january 2018 by lgtout
Getting Started With Gradle: Creating a Multi-Project Build
This blog post describes how we can create a Gradle build that has more than one module.
gradle  multiproject  build  multiple  module 
august 2017 by lgtout
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