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Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample at withTest
A minimal setup for using dagger-android with Kotlin to setup application wide and activity wide dependencies. - Albert-Gao/DaggerAndroidKotlinExample
dagger  mock  android  instrumentation  test  example  unit  project  androidinjector  functional  daggermock 
january 2019 by lgtout
maskaravivek/AndroidTestingExamples: Examples for writing test cases in an Android app
Examples for writing test cases in an Android app. Contribute to maskaravivek/AndroidTestingExamples development by creating an account on GitHub.
android  instrumentation  unit  espresso  test  example  project  mockito  dagger  mock  androidinjector 
january 2019 by lgtout
Dagger.Android [in Kotlin] with Runtime Dependencies
To be frank, it’s been an uphill climb figuring out how to get dagger.android working with the nuance that I’d like to provide runtime dependencies from my Activities and that I’d like to write my…
android  dagger  androidinjector 
december 2018 by lgtout
Dagger & Android
Dagger is a fully static, compile-time dependency injection framework for both Java and Android. It is developed by the Java Core Libraries Team at Google.
dagger  android  androidinjector 
december 2018 by lgtout
New Android Injector with Dagger 2 — part 1 – Mert Şimşek – Medium
Dagger 2.10 released with android support module and android compiler. I think this was a huge change for us and all android developers should switch to new dagger android injection as soon as…
dagger  android  androidinjector 
december 2018 by lgtout
Dependency Injection on Android with Dagger 2 (and Kotlin) — Part 2
In the first part of the series, we talked about the dagger annotations and how they are useful in our projects. In the second part we will look at how we can use Dagger 2 to provide dependencies in…
android  dagger  androidinjector  kotlin 
december 2018 by lgtout

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