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imagine getting a "nice" from beyonce
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28 days ago by levleviev
Yesterday Pop walked into his press conference and said "I'm tired of this."

Today asked Pop: "are you…
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5 weeks ago by levleviev
The Lowe Post - Monty McCutchen
Frederick Wiseman should make a movie about NBA refs. In the meantime, theres this:
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11 weeks ago by levleviev
Tfw you love the whole Pangaea/ Agharta era
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june 2017 by levleviev
I wish that this professional basketball coach was the President of our country
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january 2017 by levleviev
The Year in Sports At the End of the World | Hazlitt
fwiw icymi I wrote about what's been destroyed by Trump & how sports can help us regain a sense of normalcy in life.
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december 2016 by levleviev
Gregg Popovich was asked about the reaction to what he said last week. It led to another lengthy answer. Here it is.
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november 2016 by levleviev
Joakim Noah: 'That's not who I am' - TrueHoop- ESPN
This old piece has always summed up Noah for me: He has every reason to know better but just doesn't.
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october 2016 by levleviev

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