The math of CSS locks
A CSS lock is a Responsive Web Design technique that lets you transition smoothly between two values, depending on the current viewport size, rather than jump straight from one value to the other.
responsive  design  css  mobile  browser  size  font  text  resize  calculated  calculate 
november 2016
MIDIDrums/drummachine.js at master · cwilso/MIDIDrums
Some interesting ideas for sequencing drums with the web audio API here.
web  audio  api  drum  sequencer 
september 2016
Automated video looping with progressive dynamism from Microsoft
An application to extract a 5-second looping video from a non-looping input video. Also a viewer application to enable both interactive control over the level of dynamism of the output video, as well as manual editing of which regions animate or are static.
animated  gif  seamless  perfect  loop  jiggler  microsoft  ms  repeat  repeating  animation 
august 2016
20Objects Curriculum Overview - Cycling '74 Wiki
A course in Max MSP that I found particularly effective.
max  msp  tutorial  course  howto 
february 2016
MIDI, DINSync items in touchprone store on eBay!
MIDI, DIN Sync, clock converters, and other clever chips.
MIDI  dinsync  din  sync  clock  converter  24ppqn  48ppqn 
january 2016
Displaying all SKUs on Amazon
Using Levi's 501s as an example. Swap out the ASIN in the URL for other products.
shopping  deals  bargains  data  sku  display 
november 2015
A plan of the city of Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, from an actual survey. By Benjamin Easburn, Surveyor General; 1776; P. Andrâe, sculp.
A plan of the city of Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, from an actual survey. By Benjamin Easburn, Surveyor General; 1776; P. André, sculp.
Scale ca. 1:5,000.

Oriented with north toward the upper right.

Shows name and location of important buildings and wharf facilities.

Inset: A chart of Delaware Bay and River, from the original by Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia, 1776 [ca. 1:700,000]
april 2015
Builder Facing A United Front River's Edge Residents Fight Garage Plan - philly-archives
few handfuls of houses are huddled together on Front Street between Vine and Callowhill. In the winter their windows rattle when the big trucks grunt along rutted Delaware Avenue, and in the summer the stench floats in from the meat-packing plants nearby.

The urban pioneers who live on this one block of houses call their section of town River's Edge. Isolated from Old City by I-95, River's Edge is not the kind of place many people would like to live.

For neighbors, the residents have a city auto impoundment lot, a city trash incinerator, a storage cubicle farm and block after block of crumbling, abandoned brick warehouses. They don't have a drugstore, corner grocery, taproom or newspaper stand.

About the only thing River's Edge does have is a spectacular view of the river and the majestic Benjamin Franklin Bridge spanning it, and the neighborhood is fighting hard not to lose that.

A downtown lawyer says he's going to build a six-story parking garage in the residents' faces. The 65-foot garage, on a Delaware Avenue lot right in front of the homes, is needed for all the people who will be coming to the $22 million Philadelphia Marine Center, argues Malcolm Lazin, the lawyer and managing partner redeveloping the waterfront between Piers 12 and 24.

So far, what's open is a 350-slip marina adjacent to a marine trade center, ''the first time in the nation there's a shopping mall for boat fanciers," Lazin says.

By next year, Lazin expects to open a nightclub, a private yacht club and ''one of the largest restaurants in the Delaware Valley" at the rear of Pier 19, near the boarding ramp for the paddleboat "Liberty Belle" and other tour boats.

"I happen to be bullish on our waterfront," Lazin said in his parking garage pitch to the city Planning Commission last week. "When it's done, it will draw more people than (Baltimore's) Harbor Place. It will be the top attraction not just for Philadelphia but for the entire commonwealth."

The River's Edge residents are bullish on the waterfront too. They readily acknowledge they rehabilitated their shells with an eye on the city's 1982 riverfront plan, which called for low-density, mixed-use development along the Delaware.

"I would be happy to say that I agree with Malcolm Lazin that this area should be a fun, active space," said architect Charles S. Johnson, a partner in Alley Friends Architects, which has been on the block the longest, since 1973. "I'm for upgrading the neighborhood, but who wants a block-buster sitting here?"

Looking out his apartment window at an oceangoing tugboat, Johnson said, ''It's a great view, but you won't be able to see it" if the parking garage is built. "You're going to be looking at the a- - end of Cadillacs."

Mary Malcolm, who has been living in her four-story rehabilitated house for 18 months, said, "We clean our streets, we want to see it developed. We want something good. But all we're talking about is put the parking somewhere else."

When Johnson bought seven buildings on Front Street 14 years ago, "I almost think the landlord would have paid us to take them. Boy, they were pieces of junk."

That was before construction of I-95 and the relocation of the Market- Frankford El. Front and Vine was a full-fledged intersection, center of the Dietz & Watson meat-packing firm's slaughtering operation on Monday mornings, Johnson recalled.

"So every Monday morning, there'd be two or three truckloads of hogs sitting out on the street, and on the other corner John Tinney trucking parked their cars on the streets, so there was grease everywhere. We had to be absolutely nuts," said Johnson.

But he was a recent architecture graduate of the University of Pennsylvania who had next to no money.

"You cross your fingers and hope that the whole thing doesn't go downhill," he said.

Tom Noon bought an abandoned building on the block in 1979. "I had to pay it off. There was no bank financing down here, still isn't. But I wanted to live there, and I was privy to the riverfront plan. It's a nice neighborhood, close to everything, enough parking."

The parking garage plan is making him think he needs to put a sign on his house - For Sale.

The person the River's Edge Civic Association's two dozen members have

closed ranks against is a former federal prosecutor and chairman of the Pennsylvania Crime Commission who made a run for district attorney in 1977. A dapper man in his early 40s, Lazin is a resident of Society Hill whose name pops up in society columns from time to time.

He's the managing partner for Penn's Landing Marine Trade Center Associates, which has a 20-year lease and an option to renew with the Philadelphia Port Corp. According to the lease, the group pays a basic rent of $60,000 a year for Piers 12 through 24, plus a varying percentage of annual gross receipts on any activity at the piers.

Lazin last week declined to say what the gross receipts have been to date.

The area is zoned to permit construction of the 850-car garage on land owned by Lazin's mother. But Lazin agreed to submit to a review by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp., the Planning Commission and the Old City Civic Association, the parent organization of the River's Edge Civic Association.

According to the agreement, two of those three bodies must agree before the parking garage can be built.

That unusual arrangement has put the Planning Commission, which normally makes only non-binding recommendations, "unwittingly in the position of having to decide" the battle, commission chairman Graham Finney said.

Old City is backing River's Edge, and PIDC, as project financier, is likely to back Lazin, although PIDC executive vice president G. Craig Schelter said last week, "We will withhold comment until we see the plans."

But the River's Edge Civic Association has its own plan, drafted by Alley Friends and association president Andy Sacksteder, an engineer.

The residents' plan is 22 pages of sketches, maps and William Penn's original intentions, to support a mixed use of retail shops ringing a parking lot, green space, a tavern and a barn for the historic trolleys that now run up and down Delaware Avenue.

Sacksteder has asked for equal time before the Planning Commission, and he intends to argue that a parking garage is better suited for Front and Spring Garden streets.

"It's not just that we don't want a garage," said Colleen Murphy, who is married to Sacksteder. "It's a poor use of space. It wrecks the whole idea of a nice river development to put a parking garage right in front of the river. It's not very pleasing. In other cities, they didn't let developers throw up whatever they wanted willy-nilly.'
callowhill  alley  friends  alan  johnson  neighbors 
april 2015
Penn Treaty Special Services District
We're not 501c3 yet, but once we are, maybe this is worth pursuing.
callowhill  grant  theater 
march 2015
Resources -
Sound-Proofing: The Quest
How To Find How Much Isolation You Need
Room Acoustics Design And The Frequency-Power Spectrum
Who Needs a Haas Kicker? My Acoustics Design Approach
Grounding, Wiring, & Zero Loop Area
Electronics Design Philosophy
Recommendations For Surround Sound Production
The Myth Of The Booth
acoustic  callowhill  wiring  theater  treatment 
march 2015
GIR Project Overview
2018 update: Start/End Dates are now 2024 & 2028

I-95, Section GR5

Construction Start: 2017 (projected)
Construction Completed: 2020 (projected)

Section Details

Widen and reconstruct I-95 northbound and southbound between Race Street and Shackamaxon Street ;
Reconstruct and widen I-676/Vine Street ramp connections with I-95 northbound and southbound;
Rehabilitate or replace I-95 bridges over Race Street, Callowhill Street, Spring Garden Street, Fairmount Avenue, Brown Street, and Ellen Street-to-Frankford Avenue;
Construct retaining walls to support embankments along I-95;
Realign sections of Poplar, New Market, Front and Laurel streets at I-95;
Construct retaining walls to support embankments;
Install sound walls along northbound and southbound I-95 (TBD);
Build sustainable enhancements adjacent to and beneath I-95 (TBD);
Relocate utilities (TBD);
Install Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) devices (TBD).
i95  callowhill  construction  bridge  95  interstate 
march 2015
An examination of Philadelphia's early waterfront through the archaeology of the Hertz lot, by Carmen A. Weber. Edited and compiled by Rebecca Yamin.
Callowhill  archaeology 
march 2015
west-public1.jpg (JPEG Image, 4785 × 1129 pixels)
"The South East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia by Peter Cooper Painter" Includes the West Shipyard and Penny Pot House
Callowhill  Philadelphia  Waterfront 
march 2015
a-Old-Hertz-parking-lot-660x444.jpg (JPEG Image, 660 × 444 pixels)
Callowhill and Front St, before the completing the construction of the Vine Street Expressway ramp
march 2015
2 Super Small Apartments Under 30 Square Meters
First apartment has some interesting ideas for 103 Callowhill Fl 2
small  apartment  house  layout  design 
february 2015
Products - Amaranth Audio
Including Cycle, a Spectral Vertex Synthesizer
spectral  synthesis  audio  cycle 
september 2014
The Private Program: The New Basics: A Recording Equipment Guide for The Rest Of Us
Since I picked up a big ol' mixing console, this is probably worth reading later.
recording  equipment  diy  pro-audio  mixing  compression 
july 2014
How I Start.
Hi there! I'm Steve Klabnik. Let's build a Ruby gem together! There are a few key steps to building a gem. Here's what we need to do:
tutorial  ruby  gem  programming 
june 2014
Flexframe Tom Mounts for using snare stands
An aluminum ring, connected by plastic clippy things, which seems to be the best way to use the Tama Rockstar drums I have without compromising on heads due to the rim clips involved in the starcaster hoops.
drum  tom  mount  isolation  snare  stand  sound  float  resonance 
may 2014
Use Smart Object Stack Modes in Photoshop CC - For Dummies
Mean or median stack and auto align in Photoshop for elimination of noise and other spurious visual data.
april 2014
OctoPre MkII | Focusrite
In the event I want to expand inputs on my Projectmix by 8.
outboard  inputs  pro-audio  digital  xlr  firewire  ADAT 
march 2014
Potentiometer Knob Cover Things
I don't know if I'm still going to mod out a DR-110, but if I did, I'd like prettier knobs than I have.
knobs  electronics  parts  pot  knob  potentiometer 
february 2014
Comparing between different takes in Reaper.
daw  comping  takes  multiple  edit  choose 
january 2014
Free VST Analog Drum Machine synthesizers
I've always wondered why someone hasn't done something like this. In the last few years, it looks like this Marvin dude put it all together. It's all modeled, as opposed to being sample-based. Good job, Marvin.
analog  drum  machine  vst  synthesizer  vsti  virtual  emulator  emulation  marvin 
january 2014
Top 5 syntactic weirdnesses to be aware of in MongoDB
Maybe after I work with Mongo for any amount of time at all, this will all be like "Duh"
mongodb  tips 
january 2014
What You May Not Know About the Z-Index Property – Tuts+ Tutorials
Interesting breakdown of the order of depth in which things are displayed in a browser when you set Z-index (and when you don't)
z-index  html  css  layout 
december 2013
Solving Tomcat OutOfMemoryError: Heap space and PermGen space | Web2.0 Tutorials
"It’s even possible to update memory settings from a GUI frontend, or to view what happened after running the command line tool. Running the following command:

tomcat6w //ES//Tomcat6"

...or C:\railo\tomcat\bin\tomcat7w-win64 //ES//Railo
railo  tomcat  apache  windows  memory  heap  jvm  settings  config 
december 2013
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