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hullo! you have a looking-glass
Gorbeau House-era. Maybe Montparnasse goes to visit Jondrette and takes a fancy to the pretty boy next door?

I'd love if there was mention of how Marius sees Montparnasse and how young he is, and Marius worrying that the Jondrettes next door can hear, but anything would be great really!

(tw for potential dub-con and underage. Montparnasse'd be 17 in 1930, Marius 19)
pairing:marius/montparnasse  char:marius  char:montparnasse  kink:dubcon  status:filled 
may 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
I know I've read a fic sometime somewhere that put them together in a sort-of-relationship and made it work, but I can't seem find it. It's just super rare and I'd like to see someone try to write them; maybe just talking, or being friends, or maybe even as a relationship. Take it any direction you'd like. Canon era preferable.
pairing:marius/montparnasse  char:marius  char:montparnasse  kink:friendship  status:filled 
april 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
[no title]
marius/montparnasse, non/dub-con

maybe eponine tells 'parnasse about marius and he wants to avenge her?
status:unfilled  pairing:marius/montparnasse  char:marius  char:montparnasse  kink:noncon  kink:dubcon 
march 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme

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