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IRS will allow employers to match their employees' student loan repayments : personalfinance
Upvoted: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/irs-ruling-allows-401k-student-loan-benefits-2018-08-27The IRS is setting up a framework for companies to match their employees' student loan repayments in the same way companies match 401k contributions. This will be cost neutral for the employer.Edit: the employer's match would go into the employee's 401k account.According to the article, employees with student loan debt accumulate 50% less wealth in their retirement plans (by age 30) than their peers without student loan debt. I think most of us with student debt have at one point or another felt "behind".Thoughts? This is definitely a cool idea and would be a great hiring incentive/perk. via /r/personalfinance
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august 2018 by lepht
Greenpoint Reddit Meetup Sat Sept 8th : Greenpoint
Upvoted: Hey, Greenpoint Redditors! I've been talking with Zeus_in_hyrule and we want to try another Greenpoint get-together!How does Saturday Sept 8th sound? Figure 2 PM at Spritzenhaus33. We can meet there, have a few drinks, mingle. And if we feel like it we can always move to another bar.Perhaps then try Berry Park? They have an indoor game area (life size beer pong, gigantic jenga, etc) and a rooftop if the weather is nice!Let us know your thoughts. Hope to see y’all there! via /r/Greenpoint
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august 2018 by lepht
A24 Horror Movie Appreciation : horror
Upvoted: In the past 5 years A24 has given us:The WitchThe Blackcoat's DaughterThe Killing of a Sacred DeerGreen RoomUnder the SkinIt Comes at NightHereditarySome of these movies have been polarizing but three of them (Green Room, The Witch, Hereditary) are widely considered to be among the best horror films released this decade.This company is absolutely killing it, just wanted to show them some love. via /r/horror
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august 2018 by lepht
Fortnite has a fun concept, but seeing games like Morphies Law I get reminded that a fun & beautiful design is just as important to me. : NintendoSwitch
Upvoted: Fortnite is just a bit plain and boring in that sense. Morphies Law seems a bit beta, playing on-line, but the design of menu, maps with perfect color matching and innovative character design just pulls me over. The concept is also innovative and fun, so that's not missing and the other stuff will be patched, that's for sure.Thinking back, my favorite games always have included a recognizable and well designed world's and characters. Also, That's why BOTW is so freaking amazzzzzzzzingHow about the rest of ya? What are your favorites in terms of design and how important is it for a purchase? via /r/NintendoSwitch
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august 2018 by lepht
What causes our stomach to rumble when we are hungry? : askscience
Upvoted: I understand that it means we are hungry but why does it rumble? My 10 second rumble made me question it via /r/askscience
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august 2018 by lepht
Am I the only one who hates the “mods are asleep” posts? : TooAfraidToAsk
Upvoted: It seems like people think they’re really funny but they always just anger me. It just seems like someone getting tons of free karma for posting something that isn’t supposed to be in that subreddit, which already happens enough. These posts just encourage this behavior IMO via /r/TooAfraidToAsk
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august 2018 by lepht
*somebody comments yes* : everyfuckingthread
Upvoted: r/InclusiveOr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 via /r/everyfuckingthread
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august 2018 by lepht
A college professor started to notice that one of his students, Dave, started gaining lots of female attention. : Jokes
Upvoted: So, one day he asks Dave about his secret. Dave replies: "Well, before sex I simply whip out my willy and smack it against the bedside table, like a hammer. It numbs it up and makes me last longer".Later that day, the professor gets home to his wife and finds her in the shower - a welcome opportunity for sex. So, he quickly undresses and starts banging his dick against the dresser, just before hearing his wife calling from the shower:"Dave, is that you?". via /r/Jokes
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august 2018 by lepht
Thinking about switching from AT&T : tmobile
Upvoted: Ok so I have noticed my quality of service dropping lately with AT&T.Come to find out they have a backwards policy concerning unlocked devices. Basically unlocked devices cannot access things like VoLTE, advance SMS, Visual Voicemail, and etc, in an effort to FORCE customers to participate in their stupid financing plans with limited device selection.Needless to say, considering they PUSHED me to buy unlocked devices 4 years ago because they phased out traditional contracts. I find this policy quite infuriating.Then I find out the reason my quality of talk service has worsened in my area is because they are re-purposing the HSDPA and 3G connections into LTE. Meaning, since I have unlocked devices and they don't receive VoLTE, I loose call service while still paying FULL PRICE.I have heard that T-Mobile does NOT do this. At least not to the extent AT&T has. Is this True?Because from what I can tell the coverage would be comparable, I wouldn't be loosing plan features, and would actually save some money per month by switching. via /r/tmobile
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august 2018 by lepht
ELI5: how do boat anchors work at sea? : explainlikeimfive
Upvoted: Saw a YouTube video of people jumping off a US aircraft carrier for fun in the sun. I assume the boat was shut off and chilling. So, how do they know when to drop the anchor? How long are anchors? Do they not use anchors when the ocean is too deep? Is there a safety mechanism to cut off the anchor if shit hits the fan? Cheers, my semens via /r/explainlikeimfive
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august 2018 by lepht
If this website is correct, when and how did the taboo against showing ANY visible affection for your spouse in traditional Indian households begin? : AskAnthropology
Upvoted: http://factsanddetails.com/india/People_and_Life/sub7_3d/entry-4174.htmlThere is tremendous emphasis on the unity of the family grouping, especially as differentiated from persons outside the kinship circle. Internally, efforts are made to deemphasize ties between spouses and between parents and their own children in order to enhance a wider sense of harmony within the entire household. Husbands and wives are discouraged from openly displaying affection for one another, and in strictly traditional households, they may not even properly speak to one another in the presence of anyone else, even their own children. Young parents are inhibited by "shame" from ostentatiously dandling their own young children but are encouraged to play with the children of siblings.If the website is overstating things, what is the actual taboo in traditional Indian households like?​ via /r/AskAnthropology
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august 2018 by lepht
The Fly (1958), Black and white / Now in COLOUR : Retconned
Upvoted: The Fly (1958), Black and white / Now in COLOUR!As a kid, I was into classic movie monsters, and I’ve seen the original The Fly a few times on VHS and on television. It was an interesting premise, but the black and white was always difficult to digest as a child; the film redeemed by the end scene where the fly is trapped in a spider web screaming “help me”... disturbing stuff!Saw a clip of the film recently and it was in vibrant colour! When did they colorize that classic I wondered, and was surprised to discover on IMDB that it has always been in full colour.from the IMDB faq page:Has this movie been colorized? Wasn't it first released in black-and-white? Many viewers who first saw The Fly in the 1960s swear that they saw it in black-and-white. The movie was actually shot in color. The best explanation for the discrepancy, other than faulty memories, is that they viewed the movie on a b/w television. There is also the possibility that some viewers are confusing this film with its sequel, The Return of The Fly, which was shot in black-and-white.It seems like many remember the film as being B&W; reviews, tweets, and eBay sales all referencing as a colorless movie. Most reviews online I’ve seen start, “I saw this movie as a child, and thought it was black and white. If you thought so too, we were both wrong.”So this is pretty mind blowing; not just a scene change, or a line of dialogue, but the ENTIRE picture being recast in “glorious and vibrant” colour.Which do you remember?Album full of residuals for The Fly (1958) being in black and white: https://www.flickr.com/photos/154930084@N08/albums/72157694818449220 via /r/Retconned
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august 2018 by lepht
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