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Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine Buyers Guide: How To do it Right! | Play Legit: Gaming & Real Talk - PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Handheld, Retro
This is going to be something I wish I had back in 1998 when I started collecting Turbo Grafx 16 games. This is going to be a guide on how to buy the best and most reliable Turbo Grafx 16/PC Engine setup, to play most of the library on real hardware, that isn’t prone to breaking. via Pocket
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june 2017 by leolobato
The Phenomenal Playstation (PS1) Shmups Library | RetroGaming with Racketboy
Note from racketboy: Following up on his epic Saturn Shmups Guide, BulletMagnet, walks us through the original Playstation’s well-rounded shooter lineup. It’s difficulty to declare a solid winner in the 32-bit 2D shooter wars, but the PS1 puts up an awesome fight against the Saturn. via Pocket
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february 2017 by leolobato
The Playstation 2 (PS2) Shmups Library | RetroGaming with Racketboy
Note from racketboy: Once again, it’s a pleasure to have BulletMagnet back to guide us through another blockbuster shmup library.  His guides to the Sega Saturn and Playstation Shmup Libraries are required reading for those looking to explore the genre. via Pocket
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february 2017 by leolobato
Shoot them up development forums
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september 2007 by leolobato

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