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Smart Speakers Study – Mon(IoT)r Research Group
Are these devices constantly recording our conversations? In short, we found no evidence to support this. The devices do wake up frequently, but often for short intervals (with some exceptions).
How frequently do devices activate? The average rate of activations per device is between 1.5 and 19 times per day (24 hours) during our experiments. HomePod and Cortana devices activate the most, followed by Echo Dot series 2, Google Home Mini, and Echo Dot series 3.
How consistently do they activate during a conversation? The majority of activations do not occur consistently. We repeated our experiments 12 times (4 times for Cortana), and only 8.44% of activations occurred consistently (at least 75% of tests). This could be due to some randomness in the way smart speakers detect wake words, or the smart speakers may learn from previous mistakes and change the way they detect wake words.
Are there specific TV shows that cause more overall activations than others? If so, why? Gilmore Girls and The Office were responsible for the majority of activations. These two shows have more dialogue with respect to the others, meaning that the number of activations is at least in part related to the amount of dialogue.
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