Performing Efficient Broad Crawls with the AOPIC Algorithm
The Adaptive On-Line Page Importance Computation (AOPIC) algorithm is useful for prioritizing page visits during broad crawls. Learn how AOPIC iteratively estimates page importance from links between pages.
49 minutes ago
Add a mergebot to your repo!
Read what Plastic SCM mergebot look like: a robotic automation for the integration process.
bot  devops 
49 minutes ago
The Monolith and the Microservice
In 2014, Martin Fowler wrote a great article that explains how applications can be built and deployed as suites of small services. Since then, microservices have become the new IT rock stars. The…
grpc  microservice 
11 days ago
Photography and scanning tips and hints, about basics, about how to get the most from your digital camera and scanner. How it works, for those that want to know.
photography  tips 
11 days ago
My Love Hate Relationship with Docker and Container Orchestration Systems
Fenced Consumerism - Journey of Khan Docker was first getting big while I was working for an ope...
16 days ago
A Minimal Development Environment: Part Two
These are the results of building a minimal development environment on Debian Linus with the Neo Vim editor as the primary development tool.
16 days ago
Beaker is an experimental peer-to-peer Web browser.
browser  p2p 
16 days ago
Feather: fast, interoperable binary data frame storage for Python, R, and more powered by Apache Arrow
python  data 
16 days ago
a machine learning pipeline for analyzing CI results.
machine-learning  ci 
17 days ago
What Did Ada Lovelace's Program Actually Do?
In 1843, Ada Lovelace published the first nontrivial program. How did it work?
programming  history  blog-material 
18 days ago
GopherCon 2018 - Allocator Wrestling
Presenter: Eben Freeman Liveblogger: Beyang Liu Summary A whirlwind tour of the Go memory allocator and garbage collector, with tools and…
golang  go  low-level 
18 days ago
A collection of *nix Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers for Interview/Exam (2018 Edition). - trimstray/
23 days ago
Making slow queries fast with composite indexes in MySQL
This post helps you select columns which to index and shows how to make sure your most important queries are using these correctly. Goes over the basics of composite indexes, EXPLAIN and index hints.
database  mysql 
25 days ago
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
book  networking  github  ebook 
25 days ago
React Performance – A Definitive Guide to Optimize Major Performance issues in React
React performance optimization is a major key factor if you want to speed up your React web app. This guide talks about common React performance issues.
25 days ago
A Brief History of DevOps, Part I: Waterfall
(This is part one of a four-part series. Read parts two, three, and four here.)Software engineers spend most of their waking hours wading through the mud of their predecessors. Only a few are lucky enough to see green fields before conflict transforms the terrain; the rest are shipped to the front (end). There, they languish in trenches as shells of outages explode around them. Progress is usually glacial, though ground can be covered through heroic sprints.But veterans do emerge, scarred and battle-hardened. They revel in relating their most daring exploits and bugfixes to new recruits. And just as individuals have learned individual lessons about writing code, our industry has learned collective lessons about software development at scale. It’s not always easy to see these larger trends when you’re on the ground — buried in bugs and focusing fire on features.
software-engineering  blog-material 
4 weeks ago
Imitating Scala Futures with Go channels (in Go and Clojure)
Scala's Future abstraction is one of my favourite feature of the language. It's simple, elegant and powerful. I make the beginner's attempt ...
scala  go  clojure 
4 weeks ago
Text Classification is Your New Secret Weapon
In this series, we are learning how to write programs that can understand text written by humans. In Part 1, we built a Natural Language Processing pipeline where we processed English text by…
nlp  python  tutorial 
4 weeks ago
Time Series Benchmark Suite, a tool for comparing and evaluating databases for time series data
time-series  benchmark  testing 
5 weeks ago
Discover Mathigon, a groundbreaking new education platform that adapts to every individual student. Mathematics has never been so colourful.
ebook  math  education 
6 weeks ago
Polyhedra Viewer
For centuries, mathematicians and artists have been fascinated by the beauty in polyhedra. While most are familiar with only a few of them, such as the Platonic solids, prisms, or pyramids, there are many more polyhedra to discover, with interesting properties and relationships to each other.
math  graphics  geometry 
6 weeks ago
Iconic font aggregator, collection, and patcher
: 34 patched fonts: Hack, Source Code Pro, +. Popular glyph collections: Font Awesome, Octicons, +.
font  font-icon 
6 weeks ago
Idyll-lang: Make your app stand out with interactive data-driven stories
Explorable explanations are data-driven documents which have interactivity. You have seen many EE’s on the web, everyone loves them! Here’s a great article going in more depth on being an active…
6 weeks ago
Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
architecture  do-it  learning 
6 weeks ago
Revenge of the PMO
I was first introduced to Agile methods about 15 years ago, when I first encountered some product teams that were experimenting with new ways of producing software. I’ve been a long-time student of processes and tools for product development, and since the origin of these methods were from the custom solutions/projects world, I was asked …
PMO  agile 
6 weeks ago
simple terminal UI for git commands
git  productivity  cli 
6 weeks ago
How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds
This sleep technique helped WWII fighter pilots relax and unwind on the battlefield.
sleep  blog-material 
6 weeks ago
The Engineer’s guide to the future
This post is a vision for the near to medium future, aimed at engineers — or developers, coders, designers, or whatever else you want to call people who use computers to make new and amazing things…
future  blog-material 
8 weeks ago
Background Music for Coding 🎧
Do you guys use background music while coding? They say that the right music allows to catch the flow and improve the concentration and performance during the task. Today I assembled a list of…
background-music  music  blog-material 
8 weeks ago
Gradient Backgrounds
Discover the best gradient backgrounds from a curated collection of the ultimate list of gradient sites. With 1000+ gradients, it's easy to find the 👌 color!
gradients  colors  design 
8 weeks ago
Improve Application Performance with These Advanced GC Techniques
Application performance is on the forefront of our minds, and Garbage Collection optimization is a good place to make small, but meaningful advancements
8 weeks ago
A configuration language guaranteed to terminate
functional  language 
8 weeks ago
Ryan Willms
I still have the first Eames chair I bought, but overall my tastes have refined slowly over the past few years.
9 weeks ago
A friendly application manager and task runner for React.js
javascript  react  productivity 
9 weeks ago
The Software Architecture Chronicles
This post is the first of a series of posts about Software Architecture. In them, I write about what I've learned on Software Architecture, how I think of it, and how I use that knowledge.
architecture  software 
9 weeks ago
Convergence to Kubernetes
I asked our CTO, as part of preparing this content for a conference presentation, about what he thought was interesting about our use of Kubernetes and he replied: His comment was inspired from…
architecture  kubernetes 
9 weeks ago
A visual introduction to machine learning, Part II
Learn about bias and variance in our second animated data visualization.
9 weeks ago
The Ultimate Guide to Learning CSS
Over 100 curated resources for learning CSS, arranged in an order that makes sense for learning from scratch or jumping straight to a particular topic.
9 weeks ago
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
gif  cli  google  python 
9 weeks ago
What It Was Like to Write a Full Blown Flutter App
I haven't been this excited about a technology since Ruby on Rails or Go. After building a smallish-medium size Flutter app, I still think it's great technology to invest in.
9 weeks ago
Introducing GraphQL for Visual Studio Code
We're releasing a plugin for VS Code to upgrade your daily GraphQL coding workflows. Features include intelligent autocompletion, jump-to-definition, syntax highlighting, query validation & a lot more.
9 weeks ago
Diablo devolved - magic behind the 1996 computer game
games  diablo  funny-project  do-it 
9 weeks ago
A Directory of design and front-end resources
An expert curation of amazing resources for Designers & UI Developers.
design  collection  frontend 
9 weeks ago
Backblaze B2 provides the cheapest cloud object storage and transfer available on the internet. Comparatively, AWS S3 is 320% more expensive to store and 400% more expensive to transfer to the internet.
backup  storage  python 
9 weeks ago
Data Visualization
Fundamentals of Data Visualization
9 weeks ago
[no title]
An ebook by Flavio Copes 🔥 🚀
9 weeks ago
A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
security  ssl  testing 
9 weeks ago
Reduce JavaScript Payloads with Tree Shaking
Knowing where to begin optimizing your application's JavaScript can be daunting. If you're taking advantage of modern tooling such as webpack, however, tree shaking might be a good place to start!
javascript  performance 
9 weeks ago
Vim plugins I use
Source code for my personal website.
vim  productivity 
9 weeks ago
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
osx  mac  opensource 
9 weeks ago
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
9 weeks ago
JavaScript framework for visual programming and creating node editor
javascript  visual-programming 
9 weeks ago
A fully interactive, realtime and modern browser rendered to TTY
9 weeks ago
What is a zero-knowledge proof?
What are they, how do they work, and are they fast yet?
algorithm  cryptography 
9 weeks ago
Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed?
Example (good) uses include hash dictionaries. I know there are things like SHA-256 and such, but these algorithms are designed to be sec...
performance  cryptography  hash  algorithm  blog-material 
9 weeks ago
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