A modern reverse proxy for node
proxy  nodejs  docker 
4 days ago
Cross-platform application to open any website or media in a floating window
electron  tools 
4 days ago
The Obelisk
(Hubert Robert #1900.383)
4 days ago
Looperepool, a tool to create looperinos
javascript  graphics 
4 days ago
A Netflix Web Performance Case Study
tl;dr: There are no silver bullets to web performance. Simple static pages benefit from being server-rendered with minimal JavaScript. Libraries can provide great value for complex pages when used…
javascript  react  netflix  performance 
8 days ago
Embracing failures and cutting infrastructure costs: Spot instances in Kubernetes
Spot Instances are unused servers that are available for less than the regular price. Therefore, you can significantly save on your infrastructure costs. It does come with a price, though. Your cloud provider can take away your spot instance at any time, and give to another client who has requested it at a standard cost. How can you save money, but work around disappearing servers? Learn how you can leverage Kubernetes to self-heal your infrastructure and cut costs with Spot Instances.
kubernetes  aws 
8 days ago
Record terminal sessions as SVG animations
svg  cli  terminal  screencast  animation 
8 days ago
An Introduction to the Hitchhiker Tree
The goal of the Hitchhiker tree is to wed three things: the query performance of a B+ tree, the write performance of an append-only log, and convenience of a functional, persistent data structure.
clojure  algorithm 
8 days ago
🌈 A general-purpose color library for JavaScript. Contribute to Evercoder/culori development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  color 
8 days ago
Visualizing quaternions, an explorable video series
Explaining how quaternions, a four-dimensional number system, describe 3d rotation.
math  algorithm 
8 days ago
Smaller, easier, more powerful, and more reliable than make. An implementation of djb's redo. - apenwarr/redo
makefile  make  build 
8 days ago
Generating Software Tests
Welcome to "Generating Software Tests"! Software has bugs, and catching bugs can involve lots of effort. This book addresses this problem by automating software testing, specifically by generating tests automatically. Recent years have seen the development of novel techniques that lead to dramatic improvements in test generation and software testing. They now are mature enough to be assembled in a book – even with executable code.
book  testing  bestpractices 
8 days ago
LOTR Americas
Here is a map made using a new extended version of the My Precious style (direct link to the style description). It shows the World Wildlife Fund's terrestrial biomes and labels from the Living Atlas World Landforms. Lakes and rivers come from Project Linework. The font is Aniron by Pete Klassen. Happy Mapping! John
do-it  map  funny-project 
11 days ago
How to visualize decision trees
Decision trees are the fundamental building block of gradient boosting machines and Random Forests(tm), probably the two most popular machine learning models for structured data. Visualizing decision trees is a tremendous aid when learning how these models work and when interpreting models. Unfortunately, current visualization packages are rudimentary and not immediately helpful to the novice. For example, we couldn't find a library that visualizes how decision nodes split up the feature space. So, we've created a general package (part of the animl library) for scikit-learn decision tree visualization and model interpretation.
12 days ago
⚡️ Set up tests for REST in seconds with YAML. Contribute to eykrehbein/strest development by creating an account on GitHub.
12 days ago
MAC address age tracking
networking  mac 
12 days ago
QA Environments on Demand with Kubernetes
Several years ago the Engineering team at Dollar Shave Club had a challenge: we only had one pre-production staging environment where we could test features (we called it “QA”), and it was getting…
12 days ago
10 Data Structure, Algorithms, and Programming Courses to Crack Any Coding Interview
Many junior developers dream of making it at one of the larger tech companies, but, to be honest with you, getting your first job is never easy. It is, in fact, one of the hardest things in your life…
coding  children 
12 days ago
A curated list of awesome READMEs. Contribute to matiassingers/awesome-readme development by creating an account on GitHub.
documentation  inspiration 
12 days ago
Exploring Movie Data with Interactive Visualizations
Have you ever watched a movie you liked and thought about the different factors that make it successful? This is an exploration of The Movie Database (TMDB) data from 1910–2016. A commercially…
data-virtualization  movie 
12 days ago
How to teach programming to teenagers
In the past, many enthusiastic parents have approached me and asked me how I learned to code in the beginning — mainly with the interest in finding ways to help their children how to code. And every…
children  programming 
12 days ago
Tests Coverage is Dead — Long Live Mutation Testing
In today’s industry, having a great product might not be enough. Competition lurks around the corner, and a key advantage for market leaders is their ability to move fast without breaking things…
testing  programming  quality 
13 days ago
Debugging designs with TLA+
This post talks about why you should model your systems and exhaustively test these models/designs with the TLA+ framework. In the first par...
19 days ago
Consistently Beautiful Visualizations with Altair Themes
If you are a data visualization fan or practitioner who also uses python you may have heard of Jake Vanderplas and Brian Granger's altair: "a declarative statistical visualization library for Python…
python  data-virtualization 
20 days ago
Gensim Tutorial – A Complete Beginners Guide
Gensim is billed as a Natural Language Processing package that does ‘Topic Modeling for Humans’.
python  nlp 
20 days ago
Code search and intelligence, self-hosted and scalable - sourcegraph/sourcegraph
search  code  hcb 
20 days ago
🏡Your home assistant on your Raspberry Pi. Contribute to GladysProject/Gladys development by creating an account on GitHub.
home-automation  do-it  raspberrypi 
22 days ago
Docker, Kubernetes and the Rise of Cloud Native Databases
Results from the 2018 Kubernetes Application Usage Survey should put to rest concerns enterprise users have had around the viability of Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration for running…
docker  kubernetes 
22 days ago
List of free Icons, Illustrations, fonts and mockups for your next project | noShit
Handpicked curated List of Free Icons, Illustrations, Fonts and Mockups for your next project.
resources  design 
4 weeks ago
Declarative web scraping
scraping  go 
4 weeks ago
A supercharged godbolt embedded in Emacs
4 weeks ago
Watch anything instantaneously, just write its name.
streaming  p2p 
4 weeks ago
Dropbox traffic infrastructure: Edge network
In this post we will describe the Edge network part of Dropbox traffic infrastructure. This is an extended transcript of our NginxConf 2018 presentation.
infrastructure  networking  performance  distributed 
4 weeks ago
My journey into fractals
Hi, I’m Greg, and for the last two years, I’ve been developing a 3d fractal exploration game, which started as just a “what if” experiment. I would describe myself as technical artist, meaning, I am…
art  math  fractal 
4 weeks ago
Sal (Scroll Animation Library) was created to provide a performant and lightweight solution for animating elements on scroll. It's based on the Intersection Observer, which gives amazing performance in terms of checking the element's presence in the viewport.
animation  scroll 
4 weeks ago
Generative Coding — The Nature of Code Ported to Three.js
I’ve not reproduced every single example, but rather the key ones in each chapter. These should be more than enough for anyone to understand how to code all his examples in three.js. The listing is…
javascript  3d  coding 
4 weeks ago
How to deliver on Machine Learning projects
Concrete tips for each phase of ML Development, as well as on optimizing the process as a whole.
machine-learning  programming  ai 
4 weeks ago
12 Factor CLI Apps
Set of 12 principles for building CLI apps
cli  bestpractices  development 
4 weeks ago
Introducing Alan
Alan is a low code platform, enabling efficient and low cost development of tailor-made software applications.
framework  programming 
4 weeks ago
A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live
TinyTeX is a custom LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live that is small in size but functions well in most cases, especially for R users. If you run into the problem of missing LaTeX packages, it …
latex  markdown 
4 weeks ago
A curated list of delightful VS Code packages and resources.
vscode  editor  list 
4 weeks ago
Start Performance Budgeting
Addy Osmani is an engineering manager at Google working on Chrome. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.
javascript  web-performance  performance 
4 weeks ago
FlatBuffers: FlatBuffers
FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library for C++, C#, C, Go, Java, JavaScript, Lobster, Lua, TypeScript, PHP, Python, and Rust. It was originally created at Google for game development and other performance-critical applications.
javascript  python  serialization 
4 weeks ago
Why top and free inside containers don't show the correct container memory
Go through the reason why free and top show the host's memory instead of container memory.
docker  blog-material 
4 weeks ago
Useful tools: Headless Chrome & puppeteer for browser automation & testing.
Websites have become more complicated than ever. Instead of a single html page, modern sites are often composed of multiple component files that are packaged together and then optimized. When a site…
headless-chrome  testing 
4 weeks ago
The Best Board Games for Kids, According to a Board Game Blogger
Meeple Lady is a board game blogger, rulebook editor and podcaster. She shares with us her favorite board games for kids—ones that grownups would enjoy playing, too.
games  children 
4 weeks ago
Poor man’s Bose – Open Office and On The Go Noise Control
noise  diy  audio 
4 weeks ago
A PostgreSQL SQL syntax beautifier that can work as a console program or as a CGI.
4 weeks ago
Bomb Jack Dissected
what I learned about the Bomb Jack arcade machine while writing an emulator for it.
emulator  games 
4 weeks ago
25 Open-Source Machine Learning Repos to Inspire Your Next Project
In the last couple of years, machine learning has opened up new horizons in a wide range of industries, with advanced use cases emerging: facial recognition Facebook’s facial recognition, Netflix’s…
ai  machine-learning 
4 weeks ago
Federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular. - Chocobozzz/
video  streaming  p2p 
5 weeks ago
Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua - Hammerspoon/
mac-osx  automation 
7 weeks ago
How to Become a Better Software Developer: A Handbook on Personal Performance
There’s a big difference between writing code and being a great programmer. Writing code is the output--and almost anyone can learn the basics of syntax and formatting. But what makes someone...
programming  engineering  hcb  culture 
7 weeks ago
Is Serverless the future of Cloud Computing?
Read this in-depth interview with Gojko Adzic on this guest post by Luciano Mammino. Join Gojko as he uncovers the secrets behind Serverless and explains why
serverless  architecture 
7 weeks ago
What is Tailwind?
Documentation for the Tailwind CSS framework.
css  framework  front-end 
7 weeks ago
A guide to logging in Java
Developers can use this guide to discover, understand and use the right Java logging library for their applications, like Log4j2, Logback, or java.util.logging.
logging  bestpractices 
7 weeks ago
Serializable ACID Transactions on Streaming Data
serializable ACID transactions to applications built on a streaming architecture
stream-processing  transitions  architecture 
7 weeks ago
Why We Chose Kafka For The Trello Socket Architecture
Writings and code from the engineering team behind Trello.
kafka  message-queue 
7 weeks ago
Distributed storage for sequential data
LogDevice is a scalable distributed log storage system that offers durability, high availability, and total order of records under failures. It is designed for a variety of workloads including event streaming, replication pipelines, transaction logs, and deferred work journals.
logging  distributed 
7 weeks ago
Safe code refactoring for modern Python
python  library  tools 
7 weeks ago
Host your blog on DigitalOcean with Docker, Nginx and Let’s Encrypt
How to setup a blog using Ghost on DigitalOcean with CoreOs, Docker, Nginx and Let's Encrypt.
blog  docker  cms 
7 weeks ago
A fully automated HTTPS server powered by Nginx, Let's Encrypt and Docker. - SteveLTN/
nginx  https  docker 
7 weeks ago
Guitar Dashboard
An interactive music theory dashboard for guitarists including a circle of fifths.
music  learning  guitar 
7 weeks ago
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