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React Component Patterns – gitconnected
It’s been a while since I’ve been working with React — a Facebook library to build user interfaces using JavaScript — and there are a few concepts I wish I knew when I was just starting. This text is…
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11 days ago by lenards
11 React Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018
A great reason for working with React is its components. Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation.
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14 days ago by lenards
ganderzz/react-scroll-to: Scroll to a position in React
it looks like there is a suggestion about "adding a Render Prop" in the Issues ... this is something that Michael Jackson talks about in "Never Write Another HoC Again"
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23 days ago by lenards
Use a Render Prop! – componentDidBlog
HOCs have gained a lot of traction in the React community, but render props are a more powerful abstraction in almost every way.
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24 days ago by lenards
Contribute to react-remote-data development by creating an account on GitHub.
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25 days ago by lenards
Gatsby.js Tutorial Part One | GatsbyJS
Hello fellow Gatsby-er! Welcome to part one of our community Gatsby.js tutorial. In this tutorial you’ll be gently introduced to the…
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29 days ago by lenards
Gatsby Starters | GatsbyJS
The Gatsby CLI tool lets you install “starters”. These are
partially built sites preconfigured to help you get moving faster on
creating a…
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29 days ago by lenards
website for grommet ux framework
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29 days ago by lenards
React 16 Error Boundaries
On React 16? Learn how to start using error boundaries today!
react  reactjs  errors  error-handling 
6 weeks ago by lenards
dvajs/dva: 🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)
dva - 🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)
react  redux  javascript  github 
6 weeks ago by lenards
How to write your first React.js component – freeCodeCamp
The most important concept to understand in React.js is the component. A React component can be one of two types. It can be either a function component or a class component. Sometimes you will hear…
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9 weeks ago by lenards
No Need for Dependency Injection in React Components
Dependency Injection (DI) is a big part of the way things are done in Angular, so it’s natural to look at whether/how it’s needed in building UI components with React or similar tools. I’ll discuss…
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10 weeks ago by lenards
React Performance Anti-Pattern: Creating Functions in render()
There is a very common mistake that I see in React components from beginners and experts alike. Sometimes I even find myself typing it, even when I know it’s a mistake. That’s because it feels so…
reactjs  antipattern  react  javascript 
11 weeks ago by lenards
Rethinking drag and drop – Alex Reardon – Medium
We have recently released react-beautiful-dnd which makes drag and drop for lists on the web more beautiful, natural and accessible
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11 weeks ago by lenards
How can I securely use CSS-in-JS with React?
CSS-in-JS is a bit like eval for CSS. It is incredibly powerful, but it also makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot.
security  react  reactjs  css  css-in-js 
september 2017 by lenards
Introducing downshift 🏎️ for React ⚛️ – Kent C. Dodds – Medium
downshift 🏎 is the primitive you need to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete/typeahead/dropdown/select/combobox/etc (AKA “item selection”) (p)react ⚛️ components. From…
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august 2017 by lenards
Dissecting Twitter’s Redux Store – Statuscode – Medium
Today we moved all of Twitter's mobile web traffic (that's like, a lot) to our new web stack - Node.js, Express, React PWA.
react  redux  javascript 
august 2017 by lenards
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