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sanniassin/react-input-mask: Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX.
Input masking component for React. Made with attention to UX. - sanniassin/react-input-mask
react  javascript  interesting 
5 weeks ago by lenards
React's Render Props Pattern - RWieruch
The concept of children as a function or child as a function, also called render prop in general, is one of the advanced patterns in React. This tutorial goes through a real world example ...
react  design-patterns  render-props 
8 weeks ago by lenards
Simple internationalization of React apps – ITNEXT
react-intl is still a standard when it comes to i18n of React apps. Even though it haven’t been maintained for about a year, the community is so strong that it’s gaining on popularity and new…
react  i18n 
8 weeks ago by lenards
React Reduction
React version of Reduction Admin Template
web  webdev  react  bootstrap  admin  framework  examples  style-guides  patterns 
may 2018 by lenards
React’s ⚛️ new Context API – kentcdodds
It’s way more ergonomic, it’s no longer “experimental,” and it’s now a first-class API! OH, AND IT USES A RENDER PROP! NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter. I publish each email two weeks…
react  reactjs 
february 2018 by lenards
todo-react-testing/package.json at master · jackfranklin/todo-react-testing
todo-react-testing - A silly small React TODO app used in a blog post about testing React apps.
react  reactjs  unit-testing  testing 
january 2018 by lenards
The Ugly Side Of Redux – codeburst
In this post I will briefly explain Redux at a very high level for those of you who don’t already know it, I will try to convince you why Redux is actually promoting an anti-pattern (the singleton…
javascript  redux  react  reactjs 
january 2018 by lenards
create-component-app v1 is out now 🎉 – Hacker Noon
How much time do you spend copying and pasting the component folder to create a new one ? Or you create your own snippet on your editor ?

create-component-app is a tool to generate different types…
react  reactjs  javascript  components 
january 2018 by lenards
React Binding Patterns: 5 Approaches for Handling `this`
There are at least five ways to handle the this context in React. Let’s consider the merits of each approach. If you use React.createClass, React autobinds all functions to this. So the this keyword…
react  reactjs  javascript  es6  classes  es6-classes 
december 2017 by lenards
React Component Patterns – gitconnected
It’s been a while since I’ve been working with React — a Facebook library to build user interfaces using JavaScript — and there are a few concepts I wish I knew when I was just starting. This text is…
react  reactjs  patterns  components 
december 2017 by lenards
11 React Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018
A great reason for working with React is its components. Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation.
react  reactjs  components  library 
december 2017 by lenards
ganderzz/react-scroll-to: Scroll to a position in React
it looks like there is a suggestion about "adding a Render Prop" in the Issues ... this is something that Michael Jackson talks about in "Never Write Another HoC Again"
react  reactjs 
november 2017 by lenards
Use a Render Prop! – componentDidBlog
HOCs have gained a lot of traction in the React community, but render props are a more powerful abstraction in almost every way.
react  reactjs  anti-hoc  opinion  javascript 
november 2017 by lenards
Contribute to react-remote-data development by creating an account on GitHub.
react  reactjs  data  javascript 
november 2017 by lenards
Gatsby.js Tutorial Part One | GatsbyJS
Hello fellow Gatsby-er! Welcome to part one of our community Gatsby.js tutorial. In this tutorial you’ll be gently introduced to the…
react  reactjs  gatsby  tutorial  tutorials  learning 
november 2017 by lenards
Gatsby Starters | GatsbyJS
The Gatsby CLI tool lets you install “starters”. These are
partially built sites preconfigured to help you get moving faster on
creating a…
react  reactjs  gatsby  starter-kits 
november 2017 by lenards
website for grommet ux framework
reactjs  react  gatsby  design  components 
november 2017 by lenards
React 16 Error Boundaries
On React 16? Learn how to start using error boundaries today!
react  reactjs  errors  error-handling 
november 2017 by lenards
dvajs/dva: 🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)
dva - 🌱 React and redux based, lightweight and elm-style framework. (Inspired by elm and choo)
react  redux  javascript  github 
october 2017 by lenards
How to write your first React.js component – freeCodeCamp
The most important concept to understand in React.js is the component. A React component can be one of two types. It can be either a function component or a class component. Sometimes you will hear…
react  reactjs  javascript  learning 
october 2017 by lenards
No Need for Dependency Injection in React Components
Dependency Injection (DI) is a big part of the way things are done in Angular, so it’s natural to look at whether/how it’s needed in building UI components with React or similar tools. I’ll discuss…
reactjs  react 
october 2017 by lenards
React Performance Anti-Pattern: Creating Functions in render()
There is a very common mistake that I see in React components from beginners and experts alike. Sometimes I even find myself typing it, even when I know it’s a mistake. That’s because it feels so…
reactjs  antipattern  react  javascript 
september 2017 by lenards
Rethinking drag and drop – Alex Reardon – Medium
We have recently released react-beautiful-dnd which makes drag and drop for lists on the web more beautiful, natural and accessible
reactjs  react  animation 
september 2017 by lenards
How can I securely use CSS-in-JS with React?
CSS-in-JS is a bit like eval for CSS. It is incredibly powerful, but it also makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot.
security  react  reactjs  css  css-in-js 
september 2017 by lenards
Introducing downshift 🏎️ for React ⚛️ – Kent C. Dodds – Medium
downshift 🏎 is the primitive you need to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant React autocomplete/typeahead/dropdown/select/combobox/etc (AKA “item selection”) (p)react ⚛️ components. From…
react  reactjs  javascript 
august 2017 by lenards
Dissecting Twitter’s Redux Store – Statuscode – Medium
Today we moved all of Twitter's mobile web traffic (that's like, a lot) to our new web stack - Node.js, Express, React PWA.
react  redux  javascript 
august 2017 by lenards
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