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2 days ago by lenards
Your easy guide to Monads, Applicatives, & Functors
Are you curious about monads? 🤔 Or maybe you’re further down the rabbit 🐰 hole, looking into applicatives? Does “functor” sound alien 👽 to you? Monad, applicative functor, and functor are just…
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8 weeks ago by lenards
The Future Of Work Will Be Told In Pictures
David Nour on the power and promise of simplifying complex language into visual storytelling, others can understand, embrace and contribute to.
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10 weeks ago by lenards
After the Workshop - Spiralbound - Medium
A comic about the afterlife of Post-It notes. “Do they dream of becoming real?”
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10 weeks ago by lenards
For your writing to spark fire in the minds of readers, ask these questions
The best starting point for creating content that connects with people is to uncover an emotional spark inside yourself. When you can find that, and lay it bare in the form of your words, your spark…
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november 2017 by lenards
Learning to Learn: Collaborative Learning Spaces | UA@Work
The UA has begun overhauling spaces across campus – big and small – to create environments that foster interaction and hands-on activities.
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november 2017 by lenards
The anatomy of a Bootstrap dashboard that earns $1,000s each month
We at Creative Tim have always wanted to deliver great tools to all the web developers who are using our products. If you want to read more about how we’ve built our business and what is our drive…
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november 2017 by lenards

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