Wood Lye for lye priming of all kinds of woodwork
This pickles the wood before a soap finish. Looks like it may include a pigment (titanium white?) as well.
wood  finishes  scandinavian  woodworking  floor  soap  woodwork 
october 2017
The titanium white pigment is used in paint or to make your floors bright
"Titanium whites are especially good if you want to manufacture your very own 'white soap' for lather-treated floors. (Read more about this during Ludbehandling)."
woodworking  whitewash  wood  woodwork  finishes  soap  floor 
october 2017
Soap beans with 80% fat content. Perfect for soap treatment after lice
"Tip! If you want 'white soap' for your floors, add a teaspoon of titanium white to a bucket of soapy water."

Traditional danish soap for floors and furniture
woodworking  floor  whitewash  wood  soap  finishes  woodwork 
october 2017
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