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blog.reddit -- what's new on reddit: reddit's new comment sorting system
e gets posted in the first hour a story is up, it will become the top comment if it's even slightly funny. (I know this particularly well because I have dozens of reddit fake identities and with them have posted hundreds of mediocre jokes.) The reason for this bias is that once a comment gets a few early upvotes, it's moved to the top. The higher something is listed, the more likely it is to be read (and voted on), and the more votes the comment gets. It's a feedback loop that cements the comment's position, and a comment posted an hour later has little chance of overtaking it -- even if people reading it are upvoting it at a much higher rate.
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february 2011 by lehrblogger
The decline effect and the scientific method : The New Yorker
ples of selective reporting concerns the testing of acupuncture in different countries. While acupunctu
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january 2011 by lehrblogger
The Data-Driven Life - NYTimes.com
The contrast to the traditional therapeutic notion of personal development is striking. When we quantify ourselves, there isn’t the imperati
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june 2010 by lehrblogger
Twinfluence - Twitter Influence Analyzer
Calculate the indirect influence of you and your followers on Twitter!
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october 2008 by lehrblogger
Feltron Eight
Feltron.com is the personal website of graphic designer Nicholas Felton.
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january 2008 by lehrblogger
WORDCOUNT / Tracking the Way We Use Language /
WORDCOUNT. An interactive presentation of the 86,800 most common words in the English language. By Jonathan J. Harris / Number27
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december 2006 by lehrblogger

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