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Binet: Digital has skewed marketers too far into sales-driven advertising - CMO Australia
What might surprise marketers is this optimal ratio has skewed even higher towards brand building in the digital age. Binet noted 2004-2016 figures pitched the optimum balance to be 60 per cent brand and 40 per cent activation, up from 55 per cent / 45 per cent in 1998-2010. These figures are published by the IPA Databank.
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september 2018 by leftywill
Online engagement results in 70% positive perception shift | The Wall Blog
Did you also know that a customer-facing retailer could improve general satisfaction by 41% were their employees to smile, or that even a ‘smile badge’ on employee increases that same emotion by 27%?
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may 2012 by leftywill
Srivastava (2005) stated that the mobile phone has shifted from being a ‘technological object’ to a key
‘social object’ as communication with others is the main purpose for mobile phone purchasing.
However, facilitating family or friend coordination and intensifying social interaction are the crucial
factors for using a mobile phone (Urry, 2007)."
mobilephone  research  behaviour  from delicious
march 2012 by leftywill
Groundbreaking ideas come from “The stranger”
Our results show that changes and new innovation typically come from “the stranger”. In other words, a person who does not participate much in the community, but who potentially has a large network that covers many communities
innovation  research  weakties  interesting  planning 
november 2011 by leftywill
Exploding The Message Myth : TV and the Brain : TV Effectiveness : Thinkbox
"often inventing an elaborate scenario in order to dress up an essentially intellectual idea"
advertising  planning  research  psychology  marketing 
february 2011 by leftywill
YouTube - bubble's Channel
Youtube's best of channel for ads/virals et al.
advertising  youtube  video  research  demo  examples  ranking  list  bestof  ads 
july 2010 by leftywill
Confabulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"In psychology, confabulation is the spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened."
psychology  memory  wikipedia  brain  neuroscience  research  character  words  confabulation  interesting 
july 2010 by leftywill
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