The 'safest' ads are at greatest risk of going unnoticed
Gilovich christened his finding the ‘spotlight effect’. It’s the idea that we believe we’re the centre of attention far more than is the case.

In Gilovich’s words: “Whether making a brilliant point in a group discussion, contributing to a successful project or executing the perfect jump shot on the basketball court, we sometimes find that the efforts we view as extraordinary and memorable go unnoticed or underappreciated by others.”
spotlighteffect  planning  thinking  2019 
january 2019
Binet: Digital has skewed marketers too far into sales-driven advertising - CMO Australia
What might surprise marketers is this optimal ratio has skewed even higher towards brand building in the digital age. Binet noted 2004-2016 figures pitched the optimum balance to be 60 per cent brand and 40 per cent activation, up from 55 per cent / 45 per cent in 1998-2010. These figures are published by the IPA Databank.
branding  research  binet  digital  brand  2018 
september 2018
Advertising just got micro-personal – why we don't care
Analysing research from Michael Kosinski and David Stillwell's (with colleagues) main experiment to test the responding click through rates of people targeted with ads suited to their psychological profile (introvert or extrovert), they found that across all 3.1 million exposures, CTRs were a bit lower overall than the industry average for Facebook ads.
personal  behavioural  targeting  personalisation  2018 
august 2018
The Big Lies of Strategy - Rotman School of Management
So, stop aiming for perfection and creating long strategic documents, and focus instead on the few key choices you need to make. Don’t try to be perfect in a world where perfection is impossible. And ask the question, ‘What would have to be true?’ rather than ‘What is true?’. When you do these things, strategy is what it should be: simple, enjoyable and effective, rather than complicated, arduous and ineffective.
strategy  lies  behaviour  thinking  2018  rogermartin 
august 2018
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