Understanding Post-Mutation Data Updates in Apollo – VulcanJS
update api lives with the mutation

reducer api can live with the config or queries
react  javascript  webdesign 
22 hours ago
Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki: what we know is damning - Vox
The big issue, at this point, isn’t what we don’t know; it’s that we have no idea what to do with what we do know.

The Trump campaign coordinated — privately or publicly or both — with Russia to steal documents from Democrats and win the election. In the aftermath, as president, Trump has pursued a pro-Putin foreign policy and fought efforts to investigate or punish Russia’s crimes in 2016. What is the remedy for that? And even if there was one, who has the incentive and credibility to impose it?
news  politics  america!  government 
3 days ago
Is 'Abolish ICE' a Viable Message for Democrats? - The Atlantic
”Imagine a candidate telling voters:

Trump postures as if his immigration policy is focused on stopping dangerous criminals like MS-13 members, but the truth is that under his watch ICE spends much of its scarce time and resources going after people who pose no danger. You’ve probably seen photos of elderly people, women, and young children being hauled away. Couldn’t you find better uses for the time of those ICE agents?

Trump himself avows that MS-13 is menacing American communities, and yet he persists in sending ICE after farm hands, restaurant workers, and stay-at-home moms. Does that sound like a man who is strong or whose priorities are in order?

Trump’s poseur, reality-TV approach squanders limited, expensive federal resources. Let’s reform ICE so that it better protects ordered liberty. That’s the right priority—not “looking tough” like Trump or making America white again like Stephen Miller, both of whom could be keeping American families safer but for their decision to chase those other goals. They’re spending a good bit of your tax dollars in order to chase them.

Couldn’t you think of 50 better ways to spend that money?”
politics  government  news 
7 days ago
How to Really Find Your Passion - The Atlantic
“If passions are things found fully formed, and your job is to look around the world for your passion—it’s a crazy thought,” Walton told me. “It doesn’t reflect the way I or my students experience school, where you go to a class and have a lecture or a conversation, and you think, That’s interesting. It’s through a process of investment and development that you develop an abiding passion in a field.”
psychology  work  advice  life 
7 days ago
Trump administration scandals: why it never ends - Vox
“This not only sends a signal to subordinates that bad behavior will be tolerated, it makes it essentially impossible for anyone in the broader conservative movement to attempt to insist on holding members of the Trump administration to a high standard of conduct.

Republicans hold a majority in the Senate at the moment and could easily confirm replacements for any officials who got fired in a house-cleaning. But nobody can articulate a plausible red line — on corruption, on sexual misconduct, on racism, on conspiracy theories, on honesty, or virtually anything else — that wouldn’t implicate the president and his family.

The result is a filthy White House that’s not going to be cleaned up any time soon.”
politics  government 
8 days ago
ASCIIFlow Infinity
I suppose if you don't want to pay for Monodraw, there's this
textures  ascii  design  drawing 
10 days ago
How to Use Emojis as Icons – Preethi Sam
Clever: make them transparent, and use a text shadow.
css  emoji  icons  webdesign 
10 days ago
Your design portfolio needs better copy
What's the angle? Tell a story. Avoid jargon
writing  portfolio  design 
10 days ago
The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have About Eating Right
Bear in mind that humans evolved to eat a wide variety of diets, all over the world, from the Arctic to the tropics, desert, plains, mountains, all of which offer wildly different kinds of foods. But none of them “naturally” offer junk food or industrially produced animal products. If you bear that in mind, and eat a balanced diet of real food, you don’t have to worry about much else. It’s really quite simple.
food  advice  reference  health 
10 days ago
Fonty: the new way for testing web fonts
fonts  webdesign  webtools 
10 days ago
Scott Pruitt Wasn’t Corrupt Enough for Trumpistan
“Donald Trump is unequivocal proof that As hire Bs and Bs hire Cs, and Trump hires people without the judgment, qualifications, ethical foundations, and moral stature to run an underground bum-fighting operation. Scott Pruitt’s obvious money problems should have screamed out in any background check, to say nothing of a Senate confirmation hearing.

Pruitt is a man, like so many of Trump’s claque of low-rent hoodlums, bus-station conmen, edge-case dead-enders, and caged-immigrant child porn aficionados, utterly unsuited to a role of public trust and responsibility.”
politics  government  ethics 
13 days ago
The People Are the Problem | GQ
“That is a serious problem, because our greatest progress is often made when our leadership is at odds with its people. Lincoln was not exactly beloved for ending slavery. Sixty percent of Americans disapproved of MLK’s march on Washington. The passage of Obamacare likely cost Democrats control of Congress a few years ago. There is a bravery in doing the right thing that Trump, and his voters, have confused for bravery in doing the dumbest thing. There is very little profit in moral defiance in 2018 America, which is why you don’t see much of it from those in power.
So if our own leaders are too chickenshit to stand up to their own people, it’s gonna have to fall to you and me to defy them. We’re gonna need a lot more Red Hens. We’re gonna need more protests. We’re gonna need more boycotts. We’re gonna need (ugh) more Thanksgiving fights. We’re gonna need more unions. We’re gonna need an opposition party behind us that actually opposes this shit, and works at a structural level to take power away from our most feckless citizens. Trump voters are people who have complained over and over about being marginalized, but you and I know that was never true. They remain the most influential band of assholes in America, and I think it’s way past time for them to experience what true irrelevancy really feels like.”
politics  america! 
13 days ago
Designed in China, Assembled in California - iA
Justice, truth, and beauty are not measurable. And yet they are real. Happiness, freedom, and imagination are not measurable, and yet they have the power to move mountains. The West has 16 things to lose. None of these 16 can be touched, bought or expressed in numbers.
culture  america!  history  internet 
15 days ago
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags – Locus Online
“A decade later, everything is on fire and we’re trying to tell Zuck and his friends that they’re going to need to pay for the damage and install the kinds of fire-suppression gear that anyone storing oily rags should have invested in from the beginning, and the commercial surveillance industry is absolutely unwilling to contemplate anything of the sort.

That’s because dossiers on billions of people hold the power to wreak almost unimaginable harm, and yet, each dossier brings in just a few dollars a year. For commercial surveillance to be cost effective, it has to socialize all the risks associated with mass surveillance and privatize all the gains.

There’s an old-fashioned word for this: corruption. In corrupt systems, a few bad actors cost everyone else billions in order to bring in millions – the savings a factory can realize from dumping pollution in the water supply are much smaller than the costs we all bear from being poisoned by effluent. But the costs are widely diffused while the gains are tightly concentrated, so the beneficiaries of corruption can always outspend their victims to stay clear.

Facebook doesn’t have a mind-control problem, it has a corruption problem. Cambridge Analytica didn’t convince decent people to become racists; they convinced racists to become voters.”
facebook  internet  culture  politics 
16 days ago
Donald Trump and norms: Resistance needs substance - Vox
“In fact, it’s extraordinarily dangerous for conventional liberals to simply cede the field of ordinary politics in favor of ruminating on the allegedly unique evils of Trump.”
history  politics  america!  government 
16 days ago
List: 17 Real-Life Would-You-Rathers I, a Woman, Have Had to Ask Myself - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
12. Would you rather accept societal messaging that tells women they have to compete against each other for men, jobs, and who wore it better, or reject that messaging and support women, you ugly man-hating feminist?
culture  feminism 
16 days ago
Takeaways from trying out Tachyons CSS after ages using BEM – Made by Many
“What I enjoyed most about Tachyons was its simplicity and how productive I felt using it. It also offered some perspective on BEM: above all was that I no longer had to think about how to organise my CSS. I didn’t have to think about what to name my ‘components’, where to draw the line between one component and another, what should live where, and crucially, how to refactor things when new requirements came in. This is the biggest sticking point for me with BEM because it often seems like a huge overhead. These points are especially true for applications that change over time, which is all-too-common in the kind of work we do.”
webdesign  css  programming 
17 days ago
There is one way to fix the Supreme Court | The Outline
increasing the size of the Court is an entirely proportional response the GOP’s abuse of process. Gorsuch’s appointment alone justifies it. In shifting the Court from a potential 5 to 4 liberal majority to a 5 to 4 conservative majority, the Republicans effectively stole two votes. Increasing the Court’s size to 11 justices would merely rebalance what was taken.
government  politics  history  law 
17 days ago
Incredibles 2: director Brad Bird shouldn’t be compared to Ayn Rand - Vox
“In short, his movies always posit that the exceptional should be allowed to express their talents to the best of their abilities — but only insofar as they can benefit society at large.”
movies  culture  philosophy  criticism 
18 days ago
There Is No Immigration Crisis - The Atlantic
“Politicians can’t be purists. But if political commentators are going to endorse such moral compromises, it’s crucial that they at least acknowledge those compromises for what they are. The truth is that in the United States today, immigration is a challenge but not a crisis—except to the degree Trump makes it one. The United States can expedite and improve its asylum process, and reduce the number of people coming across the border, without putting families behind bars. Immigration enforcement does not require inhumanity. And saying so has never been more important than it is now.”
politics  history  government 
22 days ago
Artificial Intelligence for more human interfaces | Christian Heilmann
“Wouldn’t it be great if the interfaces we use were be a bit more lenient with our mistakes? What we do on the web is often limited compared to what operating systems and native interfaces offer. How often do you get stuck because a search interface expects perfect keywords? How often are you lost in a navigation that Russian-doll-like opens more and more options – neither applicable to your query – the more you click it? How many passwords have you forgotten because the form requests it in a special format that doesn’t allow special characters?

We have the power with deep learning and already harvested information to create some very human friendly interfaces. Interfaces that add extra information to work around barriers people have.

Visually impaired people benefit from image descriptions. People with cognitive impairments benefit from being able to ask simple questions instead of clicking through an animated tree of options. Seeing someone who doesn’t like computers ask Siri a question and getting a result is great. So was seeing elderly people play Wii tennis. They played it because they swung a racket instead of pressing confusing buttons on a controller. The point is that we have the power to allow humans be humans and still interact with machines as we taught machines about our flaws. An erroneous entry in your product isn’t a dead end. It is an opportunity to teach an algorithm how things go wrong to help them out.

Interfaces can make sensible assumptions what we did wrong and fix it instead of telling us to use the correct words. Interfaces that don’t assume humans think in keywords and filters but in words and metaphors.”
design  usability  accessibility  ai 
22 days ago
This Is Just the Beginning
“Stop working for this man. Stop enabling him. Stop assisting him. Start fighting him. The people who are responsible for what is happening are not going to get out of this with their happy wealthy respectable lives unscathed. This is a country that locks poor people in cages for decades for trying to make $20. This is a country that is “tough on crime.” Remember? And the ones who make the laws are not going to like what happens when America starts to regard them as the criminals.”
politics  history  government  assholes 
24 days ago
Derek Powazek - AI is Not a Community Management Strategy
AI is not a community management strategy because it’s skipping the hard part of community management: deciding what’s allowed and what’s not. You can’t skip the definition step in community management because that’s literally the very first thing you have to do, and the thing that only you can do. You can’t just give a pile of bad stuff to the computer and say “you figure it out.” That’s just outsourcing your responsibility.

You have to do the hard part. You have to decide what your platform is for and what it’s not for. And, yeah, that means deciding who it’s for and who it’s not for (hint: it’s not bots, nor nazis). That’s not a job you can outsource. The tech won’t do it for you. Not just because it’s your job, but because outsourcing it won’t work. It never does.

Call it “AI” or “machine learning” or “the algorithm” or whatever you like, but it’s really an abdication of your duty to care for the community that depends on you. And these days, that community is all of us, our fragile democracy, and possibly the stability of the world in general.
internet  facebook  twitter  culture  programming  design 
24 days ago
Inclusive Components: Cards
Good thoughts on making whole cards clickable and a solid use for :focus-within

- Use list markup to group your cards
- Make sure your cards don't break when lines of content wrap or images don't meet specific aspect ratio requirements
- Avoid too much functionality and reduce tab stops. Cards shouldn't be miniature web pages.
- Remember that headings should begin sections. Most everything that belongs to the section should follow the heading in the source.
html  webdesign  css  accessibility 
28 days ago
Alternatives to CSS-in-JS | Go Make Things
“I use link and script elements to load my CSS and JavaScript. I’m not using frameworks or large libraries. I have no dependencies. I’m not doing any complicated bundling or package management.

It’s 100% Boring Web.”
performance  webdesign 
29 days ago
Adactio: Journal—Detecting image requests in service workers
if (request.url.match(/\.(jpe?g|png|gif|svg)$/)) {
// Handle your image requests here.
browsers  http  javascript  webdesign 
4 weeks ago
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