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Being Alive by miss_whimsy
7,022 words | Eliot sends some letters. Quentin tries his best. Alice and Margo are smarter than everyone.

Post-season 4, canon divergence.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  angst 
12 days ago by leahbeex
just like marie antoinette by Nokomis
2,081 words | Quentin is forcibly yeeted out of the afterlife. (Post-413 fix-it)
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  reunions 
12 weeks ago by leahbeex
5 Scenes from a Road Trip by portraitofemmy
16,218 words | Five scenes from Quentin and Eliot's "sometimes 'I don't want to be here anymore' just means you need to go somewhere else" road trip.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  tm:post-s4  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  road.trip  bed.sharing  relationship.development  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
november 2019 by leahbeex
timekeeper by rizcriz
2,984 words | “How the fuck did I agree to this?”

“I think the better question is why didn’t we stop Eliot from knocking Stoppard out,” Julia murmurs, staring down at Stoppard's sleeping body. “That’s definitely something we could have done.”

Eliot looks over his shoulder at them, his hand slipping from the edge of the window. “Would you two stop wasting time and tell me how to work this fucking thing?” When Penny turns a glare on him, Eliot simply offers a glare right back and motions towards the mirror. “Please.” He adds obligingly, when Julia pointedly raises her eyebrows at him. His hand slowly falls until Penny sighs and moves around him, gently shoving Eliot out of the way.


Or. Eliot uses Stoppards machine to say goodbye to Quentin.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  time.travel  angst  awesome 
october 2019 by leahbeex
Darkness Again by MermaidMarie
11,402 words | In which Eliot and Margo return to Fillory, only to find that a Shadeless Eliot has taken the throne in their absence.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:dark-king-au  tm:post-s4 
october 2019 by leahbeex
the world begins to saturate by impossibletruths
13,465 words | Eliot is dreaming of the dark, the hungry, cold, empty dark. It's kinder than the memory, the grief, the what-ifs. Nothingness feels an awful lot like peace.

Eliot, as it turns out, is dreaming of Quentin.


aka a bodyswap-esque au where eliot dreams of quentin in limbo and then the gang rescues him cause fuck it that’s why
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  bonding-mates 
september 2019 by leahbeex
the harder the rain, honey, the sweeter the sun by milominderbinder
11,099 words | As he curls into the space of Eliot’s body now and stutters something against his lips, Quentin realises, for the first time, that sacrificing himself to save Eliot wouldn’t have been a good thing. It wouldn’t have been better for Eliot. It wouldn’t have made Quentin into the hero he always wanted to be. It would have just been –– over.

And there’s a lot here for him, still, in this world.


A finale-inspired fix-it fic, where everything is still hard, but will be okay in the end. There's also wine. And some very well-earned kisses.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  reunions  awesome 
september 2019 by leahbeex
the second hand unwinds by impossibletruths
11,813 words | After the Monster, Quentin writes to Eliot. Eliot writes back.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  sickness-injury  awesome 
september 2019 by leahbeex
But woke up in a safe house singing, "Honey, let’s get married." by buckybunnyteeth
8,568 words | “I really hope you’re right about this,” about us, he doesn’t say, “Because I can’t stand to see anyone hurt again, especially not you, Q.”

A thumb caresses his cheek and Quentin whispers;

“Eliot Waugh, will you marry me?”


Or; the 5x05 that we should have gotten
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  tm:s5-au  marriage-commitment 
september 2019 by leahbeex
have me (hold me) by portraitofemmy
4,893 words | “I don’t think either of us is exactly married to anyone, anymore,” Eliot hedges, giving Q a sheepish look.

“The circumstances aren’t really clear,” Quentin says, picking up the paper to squint at it again. “I think we could fake it.”

“You can’t fake a marriage for magic, Quentin.”
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  established.relationship  tm:sex-magic  telepathy  superhotjfc 
september 2019 by leahbeex
the fundamental things apply by Butterfly
1,144 words | "Eliot took Quentin by the elbow, smiled his brightest and most fake smile at some cousin or other that Quentin had pointed out a minute ago. No one in the room looked very much like Q, though Eliot could spot a few similar features here and there. His mother's family, he'd said, numerous and loud and, from how Q had said it, too intimidating for Quentin to want to face alone."
quentin/eliot  rating.pg  00-05k  pretend.relationship  tm:post-s4  alternate.universe  au-canon 
september 2019 by leahbeex
whatever here that's left of me (is yours) by Butterfly
2,037 words | "It's strange, but after all that fighting to get Eliot back, Quentin can't think of any possible way to start the conversation. Anything would either be too much or not enough, so he just stays where he is, knotted up on the chair, not able to take his eyes off Eliot's face."
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  reunions  tm:post-s4  awesome 
september 2019 by leahbeex
To Learn to Be Again by portraitofemmy
18,295 words | “You don’t have to apologize. I just wanted you to know,” Eliot says softly, once Quentin can breathe again, once he’s stopped leaking all over everything, himself and the grass and Eliot. “You deserve to know you’re loved.”

“I don’t think– I can’t be anyone’s boyfriend right now, Eliot,” and somehow it hurts more to say it now than it had to say it to Alice. But Eliot just smiles, sad but real, and reaches out to smooth Quentin’s hair off his face. It’s too short to hook behind his ear, but Eliot keeps petting him anyway. It feels nice. Grounding.

The Monster is gone, but that doesn't mean everything's okay. It's not. But maybe Quentin and Eliot can learn to be.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  warning:suicidal.thoughts  domesticity  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
Relief by rizcriz
4,466 words | “You’re missing your own party.”

Quentin startles, flipping around so his back against the balcony wall, and bringing a hand to his chest as Eliot steps out onto the balcony with him. He’s watching him expectantly, a strange little smile on his lips, and Quentin swallows, attempts a sheepish shrug. “It’s a lot,” he says after a moment, carefully turning back around to look over the city view the penthouse grants. He reaches up and clutches the bars on the wall, fists tight and knuckles burning white.

The sound of Eliot’s shoes tapping against the concrete beneath their feet fills the silence, until Quentin can feel him, warm and real, standing just behind him.


Or, Quentin and Eliot have a talk (and thensome.)
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4 
august 2019 by leahbeex
be still my foolish heart (i'm almost me again) by Butterfly
3,754 words | Quentin's friends throw him a birthday party, but what he really wants is a chance to be alone with Eliot.

For birthday sex challenge in honor of Quentin's 27th birthday.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4 
august 2019 by leahbeex
the one with the dog by portraitofemmy
~42,000 words (series, WIP) | A post season 4 series which has become a catch-all bucket for when I want to write something mostly canonical but don't want to have to undead Quentin again.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  series  30-50k  wip  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  established.relationship  future-fic  warning:depression  hurt/comfort  fluff  domesticity  *favorites 
august 2019 by leahbeex
like real people do by ramblingsofaqueerwoman
24,483 words | “Its like you said. We don't know how long we've got before all hell breaks loose again. But you need a break and I need a moment for life to be normal again, so...I don't know, let's pack the car and start driving.”


Quentin and Eliot go on a road trip and find happiness, healing, and each other.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  pining  bed.sharing  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing  road.trip 
august 2019 by leahbeex
on what ground i was founded by foxwatson
14,469 words | Eliot’s trying to take care of himself in Fillory, and trying to be brave, when he starts receiving letters Quentin wrote in their alternate timeline - letters addressed to Eliot, after he’d died. Then Eliot starts having strangely vivid dreams of Q, too.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  tm:mosaic-timeline  dreams-insomnia  dream-sharing 
june 2019 by leahbeex
(this is not a) Temporary Love by rizcriz
20,684 words | There’s a layer of dust coating everything in the cottage, like nobody’s been here since them. A thick white film, almost the perfect representation of what their lives ended up being. He swipes a finger along the counter as he goes, a thin streak left behind, as he marvels at the fact that it’s exactly how they left it — despite never having actually been here. Even the lines along the doorway to the kitchen, where Quentin had insisted on marking Teddy’s height; Eliot pauses here, to press his nail into the tallest mark, a soft smile dancing along his lips at the memory of Quentin pouting when they finally had the proof that Teddy had officially grown taller than him.

He swallows down a lump and moves down the short hallway. The door to the bedroom is closed, and he hesitates for a moment, before reaching out and wrapping his hand around the knob. He freezes, a memory flashing of Quentin.


Or, hey there's actually a use for the vial of blood.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  20-30k  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  angst  awesome 
june 2019 by leahbeex
A Partial Age of Miracles by hetrez
35,376 words | On the tablet Eliot saw a webpage from the New York Daily News, and at the top was a picture of an old woman, holding her own death certificate and smiling. The headline said, "DEAD RISE AGAIN IN QUEENS, BROOKLYN."

Margo said, "You bitches better sober up, because this is a massive goddamn problem, and it just might get us our friend back."

Even in the middle of tragedy, sometimes you can have a cosmically lucky accident.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  30-50k  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  angst  warning:depression  warning:suicide  warning:body.horror  hurt/comfort 
june 2019 by leahbeex
Mending (No Easy Fix) by junes_discotheque
10,415 words | Eliot wakes up to learn that they won the fight against the Monster, and everyone survived, but in the aftermath Quentin has admitted himself to an inpatient treatment center to deal with his mental health. (Or: Q and Eliot get the help they need, and maybe manage to build something good out of the wreckage)
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:suicide.attempt  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  angst  awesome 
april 2019 by leahbeex
it's no better to be safe than sorry by wearealltalesintheend
8,886 words | Penny, in true Penny form, rolls his eyes, stepping aside to impatiently motion them out of the elevator and into a shockingly white room. “Calm down, you guys don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine down here,” he hands them two glasses of what turns out to be an also shockingly good Scotch. “You’re here for Quentin, right?”

“Yeah,” Julia nods, eyeing his suit and tie suspiciously, “are you going to try and stop us?”

It brings a burst of laugh out of Penny. “God, no. Please, take him with you,” he shakes his head, “do you have any idea how much trouble he’s causing here?”

And that brings an almost-smile out of Eliot, because yes, that does sound like him. “Please, do tell.”

or, first, Eliot grieves. Then, Julia finds a hare-brained solution that's right up their alley. After that, a lot of talking happens.

Alternatively titled, Eliot and Julia's adventure in the Underworld.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  angst  hurt/comfort  grief-mourning  fix-it-fic  awesome  brotp:eliot.julia 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Always Keep Fighting by trekkiepirate
5,688 words | What Penny knows and Quentin doesn't, when he hesitantly take the Underworld Metro Card, is that the campfire wasn't a memorial.

It was a spell.
quentin/eliot  rating:pg  00-05k  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4 
april 2019 by leahbeex
as it was by peacefrog
3,913 words | Quentin stepped through the empty doorway and into the unknown. He blinked and it was dark, then light. So much light. The warm amber glow of the Physical Kids’ Cottage. He could feel the warmth of it down in his bones, every molecule in his body vibrating with brand new magic. Brand new life.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic 
april 2019 by leahbeex
i didn’t know i was broken (‘til i wanted to change) by decideophobia
928 words | Eliot shifts slightly, opening his eyes. “I almost lost you,” he says, so softly Quentin almost misses it. “Twice.”
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  hurt/comfort 
april 2019 by leahbeex

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