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Laundry Day by Tysolna
1,188 words | Habitually, every Tuesday without fail, John goes and does his laundry. Sherlock had developed a habit of his own: He would put small handwritten notes into the pockets of John’s trousers. Notes containing small things, mundane things, calm little asides in the usually hectic and turbulent life in 221B.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  domesticity 
october 2015 by leahbeex
Senza Catene by Mad Lori
6,500 words | Sherlock has a secret hobby. One night John follows him to find out what his flat mate is up to and gets the surprise of his life.

|| SO CUTE. Sherlock sings opera as a hobby, which John discovers one day when he follows him to practice. Fluffy feels ensue.
john/sherlock  05-10k  rating.pg  au-canon  musicians  fluff  awesome  livejournal 
october 2015 by leahbeex
Cut To Fit by kellifer_fic
3,211 words | When Jane moves into the mansion, she takes Darcy with her.

|| Darcy is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and it's a delight reading from her POV.
fic:gen  c:darcy.lewis  steve/tony  clint/darcy  jane/thor  00-05k  rating.pg  mcu:avengers.bonding  domesticity  awesome 
june 2015 by leahbeex
the best of life is but intoxication by kellifer_fic
4,741 words | Where Steve and Darcy are platonic BFFs and Tony and Clint just aren't buying it.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  brotp:steve.darcy  warning:alcohol/drunkenness 
june 2015 by leahbeex
Domestic Partnership by valtyr
2,036 words | In which Tony deals with stress poorly and Steve deals with Tony's stress efficiently.

|| cute!
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  marriage-commitment  fluff 
june 2015 by leahbeex
First Date(s) by ashinan
1,295 words | Tony is a little slow on the uptake.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
june 2015 by leahbeex
The More Things Change by cookinguptales
5,743 words | Steve's not entirely sure how seduction works nowadays, but he's learned from the best.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
june 2015 by leahbeex
When You're Happy by pensversusswords
1,575 words | Prompt: Steve brings Tony flowers, not knowing he's allergic. Cue cuddling and promises to make it up to him.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  established.relationship  misunderstandings  hurt/comfort  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing  fluff  sickness-injury 
june 2015 by leahbeex
Bruised Ribs With A Side Of Flirting by pensversusswords
1,700 words | Prompt via anon: "We got in separate bar fights downtown and now we're waiting in the ER comparing stories."

AKA two beat up dweebs make starry eyes at each other.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  mcu:pre-serum.steve  fluff  au-all.human 
june 2015 by leahbeex
The Old-Fashioned Way by missbecky
1,289 words | Steve has a question he needs to ask Jarvis. What better opportunity than on Father's Day?
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  holiday:fathers.day  marriage-commitment  c:jarvis  marvel:comics 
june 2015 by leahbeex
Swinging For the Fences by akatonbo
206 words | Steve walks in on most of the team sitting around the kitchen table, and Tony, whose back is to the door, saying, "Anyway, pretty sure Cap doesn't swing that way."
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  bisexuality  humor 
june 2015 by leahbeex
Re(a)d All Over by brandnewfashion, MusicalLuna
3,303 words | Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark can blush.

It just takes Steve getting drunk on some magical Asgardian mead for it to finally happen.

|| Super cute!
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  warning:alcohol/drunkenness  awesome 
may 2015 by leahbeex
You Know How to Give by brandnewfashion
6,250 words | Steve was one of very few people who knew that the real Tony Stark was thoughtful and selfless, and genuinely cared about others.

The problem? The man was absolute shit at showing it.
steve/tony  rating.pg  05-10k  mcu:avengers.bonding 
may 2015 by leahbeex
The Truth of It Is by nightwalker
635 words | You can't lie to your soulmate, everyone knows that. Tony's always thought it was just hype until he tries to sass Steve and the words freeze in his throat.

|| I am a SUCKER for soulmate fics.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  soulmates 
may 2015 by leahbeex
The Baby-Sitter Experiment by nightwalker
4,681 words | Steve and Tony volunteer to babysit. Fluff ensues.
steve/tony  rating.pg  00-05k  established.relationship  kid.fic  domesticity 
may 2015 by leahbeex
The Sign by nightwalker
2,991 words | Tony hadn't slept the night before and he knew Steve hadn't either. They'd just laid there, side by side, listening to each other breathe and thinking their own thoughts. Somewhere around dawn Steve had rolled onto his side and splayed his fingers over Tony's heart.
steve/tony  rating.pg  established.relationship  kid.fic  fluff 
may 2015 by leahbeex
Just Transport by kinklock
4,656 words | Sherlock deduces a very interesting man on the tube one day, and starts to take public transport more often. Which is of course, just a coincidence.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  fluff  pining 
may 2015 by leahbeex
Like You Best by what_alchemy
2,391 words | When Sherlock comes down with the flu, he's nothing at all like John might have imagined him.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  sickness-injury 
february 2015 by leahbeex
Worth It by JezebelGoldstone
3,467 words | John receives a minor injury during a case, and Sherlock's reaction makes John wonder if Sherlock is the best friend he's ever had, or the worst.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  sickness-injury  humor  hurt/comfort  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
january 2015 by leahbeex
Voice Like Thunder by JezebelGoldstone
4,907 words | It's thundering over 221B, and Sherlock is nowhere to be found. But shouldn't John be the one who's frightened of thunder?
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  hurt/comfort  sbbc:post-202hob 
january 2015 by leahbeex
Evidence by JezebelGoldstone
7,618 words | Sherlock steals evidence. Lestrade threatens to cut him off murder cases unless he gives it back. Faced with a severe blow to The Work, Sherlock grits his teeth and offers a compromise: he'll tell Lestrade why he stole each and ever piece of evidence, and Lestrade can then decide if he gets to keep it.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  05-10k  fluff 
january 2015 by leahbeex
Battle of Bakerloo by bendingsignpost
1,494 words | The change had occurred, John had accepted it, and when Sherlock had asked, “You don’t mind, do you?”, John had answered, “No, of course not.”

In hindsight, an obvious mistake.

|| very cute!
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
october 2014 by leahbeex
As I Love You by Mazarin221b
1,466 words | "When John sticks his hand in his jacket pocket, all he expects to find are keys and maybe a few coins rattling around. What he does not expect to find is a card." John is led where he's meant to go.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
october 2014 by leahbeex
Engaged by lifeonmars
3,146 words | sequel to Damage | Sherlock did not believe in marriage, but he wanted to be married.

He found this something of a surprise.

|| adjskjhfkjhfkjhf I AM A PUDDLE
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  marriage-commitment  established.relationship  awesome 
october 2014 by leahbeex
[Podfic] To Mend A Heart read by consulting_smartass
~16 minutes | Hearts can be broken, and mended, and broken again. Good thing, then, that hearts are only the seat of all emotion, and not something Sherlock needs in order to live.
podfic  time:00-1hr  john/sherlock  rating.pg  hurt/comfort  alternate.universe  au-magical.realism 
october 2014 by leahbeex
Home and Dry by BeautifulFiction
1,052 words | Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and comfort can come from the most unlikely source. John and Sherlock pre-slash blanket-fic fluff.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  pre-slash 
october 2014 by leahbeex
The Internet Is Not Just For Porn by cyerus
1,911 words | John is Sherlock's internet boyfriend - from CANADA.

No one thinks he's real.

|| SO adorable, I love it.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  humor  fluff  alternate.universe  *favorites 
october 2014 by leahbeex
A Distant and a Simple Thing by mithen
3,629 words | Experimental therapy has robbed John Watson of his memories of Sherlock Holmes. When he starts receiving mysterious emails and then is sort-of kidnapped by a stranger, John has a mystery to unravel.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  amnesia 
october 2014 by leahbeex
Amnesia Doesn't Make You Gay by Grey_Bard, jmtorres
1,251 words | "If it could be easily induced and temporary, I might quite like having amnesia," Sherlock mused. "What a challenge! What a mystery! Pity it's wasted on you, John."
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  amnesia  humor  fluff 
october 2014 by leahbeex
Finally by ewells4
5,611 words | Another post-5.11 story
andy/sam  rating.pg  05-10k  rb:post-s5 
september 2014 by leahbeex
Duvet (green) by Mazarin221b
2,021 words | Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John's room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
september 2014 by leahbeex
The Trouble With Being Subtle. by VictoryCandescence
5,429 words | In which Sherlock experiments, John misinterprets, and everyone else stands back and waits for the light to turn on.

|| So cute!!!
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  *favorites 
september 2014 by leahbeex
Work In Progress by JenNova
7,856 words | “What are you trying to do?” Lydia asks finally.

“Fix Derek,” Stiles says, not bothering to dissemble – Lydia's been lied to enough. “You know, before someone or something else tries to use him.”
derek/stiles  rating.pg  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tw:post-3a  brotp:stiles.cora 
june 2014 by leahbeex
Freehand Drawings of Lon Chaney by daleked, ordinaryink
5,025 words | Coffee Shop AU. Allison Argent, barista, meets Lydia Martin on her very first day when she pretends to be Lydia's girlfriend to chase away an unwanted patron. Charmed by this act, Lydia begins visiting Allison during her shifts and their relationship blossoms into something very much real.
allison/lydia  rating.pg  05-10k  alternate.universe  coffee.shop  pretend.relationship 
june 2014 by leahbeex
Countdown by actingup
6,096 words | 0000d 00h 00m 37s

He always imagined meeting his soul mate would take forever; that time would slow down and he would see them walking towards him, he would know without a doubt who it was. It might have been someone he’s seen before but never talked to, or it might be a complete stranger that he never would have guessed. He didn’t imagine it in front of about a hundred people, maybe two-hundred, at a Dolphin show.

|| okay. Cute, but not really any actual Derek/Stiles interaction and I wish it had gone on past the point where the fic ended.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  05-10k  alternate.universe  hales.are.alive-laura.only  fluff  mates 
june 2014 by leahbeex
Making Noise so Restlessly by Nereemac
1,996 words | Written for lowriseflare for the omg_rookieblue holiday gift exchange on LJ. Her prompt was: the one from right at the beginning where she's really and truly annoying the shit out of him.

Set between Signals Crossed and Broad Daylight.
andy/sam  rating.pg  00-05k  rb:post-1.04 
june 2014 by leahbeex
Ni'Var by WerewolvesAreReal
11,320 words | Humans have daemons. Vulcans have katras. Spock, born of both, has neither. Which he's fine with. Really. Meanwhile, James Kirk is a little curious about this whole daemon business, because how the hell can he have two souls - ?
kirk/spock  rating.pg  10-20k  angst  alternate.universe  crossover-fusion  au-fantasy 
april 2014 by leahbeex
eyes just like his father's (they are blue when skies are grey) by omnia_sol
1,317 words | Eyes as blue as Jim Kirk's are illogical. Spock investigates.
kirk/spock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
april 2014 by leahbeex
Notes by Kryptaria
2,756 words | It had begun innocuously enough, when Sherlock had found a scrap of paper under the armchair that had become reserved solely for John’s use. Sherlock Holmes, it read, with 221B Baker Street underneath.

|| Super cute!
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
april 2014 by leahbeex
run in the blood of the sun's hard rays by magneticwave
2,559 words | "They say that la loba wanders the desert, gathering the bones of dead wolves. When she has enough, she—can sing them back to life.”

|| Made me bawl my eyes out but was just what I needed after this most recent episode.
fic:gen  brotp:allison.lydia  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  #allisonlives  *favorites 
march 2014 by leahbeex
Suite for Violin and Clarinet by AwkwardAnnie
9,165 words | John finds a clarinet in a charity shop and discovers that some things are better said with music. Eventual Sherlock/John.

|| So lovely. Made me feel nostalgic and want to pick up my musical instrument that's been sitting in my closet for years.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  05-10k 
february 2014 by leahbeex
Sonata for the Lovelorn by what_alchemy
2,443 words | A consulting detective consults the British government on the matter of wooing army doctors. This is not, perhaps, Sherlock’s brightest idea.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k 
february 2014 by leahbeex
A Study in Sherlock by Ariane_DeVere
3,027 words | Sherlock asks an awkward question, and John struggles to answer helpfully without revealing his hidden feelings towards his flatmate.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k 
february 2014 by leahbeex
Like Toothpaste And Toes by flawedamythyst
2,231 words | Sherlock goes to the supermarket with John, and discovers something unexpected while there.

Prompted by, betaed by, and titled by Trillsabells. Yeah, I passed as much of the work on as possible.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
february 2014 by leahbeex
Like Bad Wallpaper by flawedamythyst
6,077 words | In which John discovers that family weddings really are the worst way to spend an evening, and Sherlock solves a mystery.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  05-10k  *favorites 
february 2014 by leahbeex
Seventeen Letters by out_there
2,357 words | "I love Sherlock," John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn't change anything. Sherlock's still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  *favorites 
january 2014 by leahbeex
Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft) by out_there
8,666 words | The first time Sherlock kisses him, John keeps his eyes open, and so does Sherlock, and mostly, he wonders what Sherlock could possibly be up to. There'll be some logic to this. Some ridiculous experiment about body warmth or respiratory rates or testing a new way of picking pockets. Sherlock does the unimaginable for bizarre reasons, but behind it, there's always logic and curiosity. Sometimes, it just takes him a while to explain it to John.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  05-10k 
january 2014 by leahbeex
and stand there at the edge of my affection by coloredink
2,683 words | "You've written love letters," Sherlock asserted.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff 
january 2014 by leahbeex
Cold Hands
1,000 words | John has cold hands. Sherlock helps.
john/sherlock  00-05k  rating.pg  established.relationship  fluff  via:jerakeen 
december 2013 by leahbeex
all wound up in you by verity
2,685 words | Stiles's blue project grows steadily, the finished pieces draped over each other haphazardly on one edge of the knitting basket in the living room. Sometimes Derek touches them, squishing the springy wool between his fingertips. Maybe it's an afghan: those are supposed to take a long time to make.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  future-fic 
december 2013 by leahbeex
Voldemort and Jean Valjean (Walk into a Coffee Shop) by PsychicPineapple
2,187 words | So sue him, Stiles had a stupid habit of giving out goofy names at coffee joints.


‘Name?’ He stood with his sharpie at the ready.

‘Voldemort,’ Stiles answered without missing a beat.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  coffee.shop  fluff  *favorites 
october 2013 by leahbeex
is this the real life by verity
1589 words | "That's not coffee," Derek says, which is exactly what he'd said when Stiles had collected himself enough to move past the fact that Derek was working in Stiles's favorite coffee shop and get to the ordering part of standing in front of the counter with his mouth open. "That's—"

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Do you argue with all your customers?"
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  coffee.shop 
october 2013 by leahbeex
Cupboard Love by mklutz
32,682 words | He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  30-50k  alternate.universe  college  food-bakery-restaurants  domesticity  holiday:christmas  holiday:thanksgiving  *favorites 
october 2013 by leahbeex
Better Than Chicken Soup by pollitt
670 words | “You’re not dying,” Derek answers, tossing the tissues in Stiles’s direction and dropping the medicine assortment on the bedside table. “You just have a cold.”

In which Stiles is (cold-induced) snotty and Derek plays nursemaid.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  hurt/comfort  sickness  fluff  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Private Eyes (They're Watching You) by prettyasadiagram
1,741 words | She wonders idly if Stiles is in the know about werewolves now, or if sometime when she wasn’t paying attention, Stiles suddenly got game.

(Probably the former, she thinks, but the boy has always had potential.)
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  pretend.relationship  pre-slash 
june 2013 by leahbeex
howls of protest by kellifer_fic
3,760 words | Stiles is aware that he's a squishable human with breakable bits. He doesn't need reminding.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  hurt/comfort  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Of books and boys by RonnieMinor
23,966 words | The one where Stiles is at Oxford (with Lydia), works in a second-hand bookshop (also with Lydia), and meets Derek Hale, the Irish creeper who likes poetry and brooding.

Now including: Derek meeting the Sheriff/Stiles' friends from home, and Stiles meeting the Hales.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  20-30k  alternate.universe  college  brotp:lydia.stiles  au-all.human  tw:bamf!lydia 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Baby, It's Cold Outside by Jebiwonkenobi
2,791 words | Beacon Hills has a snow storm. Totally-not-cuddling happens.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Nightmares by Captain_Loki
2,393 words | “I keep having the same dream over and over,” he says, addressing the opposite side of the train car. “About what happened…at the pool.”

“Oh,” Derek replies. There's a long pause that passes in silence. “What happens?”

“No one comes.”
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  pre-slash  hurt/comfort  angst 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Dream a Little Bigger (Darling) by Dira Sudis (dsudis)
1,745 words | Stiles had plenty of experience with putting himself out there and getting shot down.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  fluff  holiday:valentines-day 
june 2013 by leahbeex
The Space Between by bella8876
3,258 words | Derek trusts Stiles, when the hell had that happened.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  pre-slash 
june 2013 by leahbeex
Daddy Do's by bookgodess15
8,065 words | “Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]

|| Super cute fic! I wish there was more of it because I'd love to see a kiss or just more of Derek and Stiles together as an actual couple and dealing with both being single fathers etc, but Lydia as a kid is extremely awesome and the adorable awkwardness of this fic makes it a really fun read.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  05-10k  kid.fic  fluff 
may 2013 by leahbeex
Survival Strategies and Interior Design by alocalband
4,710 words | It takes Derek a lot longer than it should to realize what Stiles is doing.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k 
may 2013 by leahbeex
Truth or Dare by dira
2,700 words | When Stiles said, "Hey, let's play truth or dare," Derek swallowed the anticipation of pain and humiliation and said, "Okay."
derek/stiles  00-05k  rating.pg  established.relationship 
april 2013 by leahbeex
[podfic] Howls of Protest
Podfic of kellifer_fic's "Howls of Protest," read by knight_tracer.
podfic  derek/stiles  time:00-1hr  rating.pg 
april 2013 by leahbeex
It's A Start by YouShineBrighter
And then Derek’s stalking across the room and fisting a hand in Stiles’s shirt and tugging him down and kissing him.

Derek's kissing him.
derek/stiles  rating.pg  00-05k  angst  firstkiss 
april 2013 by leahbeex

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