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[PODFIC] A Brand of Gold read by Lockedinjohnlock
1hr 50min | What am I doing? he wondered. The answer came back at once:

He sank deeper into the pillows, let the mist and blur of the wine settle around him, let it shore up his nerves and dim the warning signals that flashed dully in the back of his mind. He let the rest of the disappointment about Lucy and his strange accommodations and about the weekend as a whole fade into obscurity. He let the vital, missing piece snap into place as surely and as cleanly as if it had always been there.

He was flirting with Sherlock Holmes.
podfic  time:1-3hrs  john/sherlock  texting  pining  *favorites  dirty.talk  phone.sex 
september 2016 by leahbeex
The Sixth Time is the Charm by nightwalker
7,829 words | The fifth time Steve tried to get Tony to fuck him (and failed) is when he started taking it personally.
steve/tony  rating.nc17  05-10k  established.relationship  dirty.talk 
may 2015 by leahbeex
Melt Me Slowly Down by maichan808 (maichan), the_deep_magic
20,307 words | The last thing Stiles expects when he walks into Lydia’s exclusive S&M club is to rescue a sub who’s obviously been mistreated for a long time. His name is Derek, and when he awkwardly reaches out, asking Stiles to be his Dom, the urge to shield Derek from more pain is too strong for Stiles to resist. But Derek is still recovering from his past and learning how to set boundaries, so they have to take things slow.

|| really enjoyed this! Some angst, some fluff, some good bdsm.
derek/stiles  rating.nc17  20-30k  alternate.universe  warning:past.abuse  misunderstandings  hurt/comfort  au-all.human  bdsm  dirty.talk  kink:orgasm.denial  kink:praise  voyeurism 
december 2014 by leahbeex
A Matter of Degrees by sophiahelix
32,360 words | A series beginning with: In which John has a nice date, disturbs his flatmate, and makes it up to him.

|| Really enjoyed this! Had a unique idea which I hadn't seen before in fic and was definitely super hot.
john/sherlock  rating.nc17  30-50k  series  dirty.talk  kink:masturbation 
march 2014 by leahbeex

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