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Burnt to Ashes, She Will Rise by bowl_of_glow
~8,000 words | A mysterious letter is delivered to Baker Street and Sherlock finds out John is not as bad at keeping secrets as he thought.
john/sherlock  rating.pg  05-10k  crossover-fusion  au-hp  livejournal 
august 2016 by leahbeex
you are a paradigm by 1electricpirate
10,013 words | Sometimes, only sometimes, when Sherlock is very far away and absolutely guaranteed not to return for at least three hours, John sits on the sofa and lets the tea make itself.

In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.
john/sherlock  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  crossover-fusion  au-hp  magic 
may 2014 by leahbeex
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by pandacowhipster
13,363 words | When potions prodigy Stiles blows up one cauldron too many during one of his ‘experiments’, he gets assigned to making Wolfsbane Potion for the new groundskeeper. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the guy wasn’t you know, terrifying.
derek/stiles  rating.pg13  10-20k  magic  au-hp 
june 2013 by leahbeex

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