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the world begins to saturate by impossibletruths
13,465 words | Eliot is dreaming of the dark, the hungry, cold, empty dark. It's kinder than the memory, the grief, the what-ifs. Nothingness feels an awful lot like peace.

Eliot, as it turns out, is dreaming of Quentin.


aka a bodyswap-esque au where eliot dreams of quentin in limbo and then the gang rescues him cause fuck it that’s why
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  bonding-mates 
20 days ago by leahbeex
you've got me feeling emotions (deeper than i've ever dreamed of) by wardo_wedidit
31,131 words | “Um,” he tries, suddenly concentrating very hard on his shoelaces. “I have what is probably a very, very stupid idea. What if… I pretended to be your boyfriend?”

Or: David thinks he's come up with the perfect mutually beneficial arrangement with Patrick, but it isn't long before things start to get complicated.
david/patrick  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  pretend.relationship  hurt/comfort  pining  bed.sharing 
20 days ago by leahbeex
Cards on the Table by bigficenergy
25,984 words | “I… feel something for you.”

It's vague, but it's a start.

“Um, something? Like… a general disdain, or...?”

Patrick laughs. “Uh, nope. Kind of the opposite of that.”

An AU where Patrick tells David upfront that he's developing feelings for him, in the interest of being honest as they go into business together.
david/patrick  rating.r  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sc:s4au  pining  bed.sharing  hurt/comfort  awesome 
20 days ago by leahbeex
The Serving of Servants by CaffeinatedFlumadiddle
81,657 words | When a new position is made in the royal household to oversee the servants, Arthur didn’t think much of it. It was only days later when he noticed the mysterious injuries appearing on frightened servants that the prince decided to go undercover and to find out what is going on.

Meanwhile, Merlin thinks the newest servant is a mess.


Arthur learns what it is like to be a servant and learns some interesting thing about his own servant.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  80-100k  alternate.universe  au-canon  secret.identity  undercover  magic-reveal 
20 days ago by leahbeex
between you and gravity by schweet_heart
1,000 words | “If you want to kill him,” Merlin said, squaring his shoulders, “you’ll have to kill me first.”
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal  sickness-injury  protectiveness  bamf!merlin 
20 days ago by leahbeex
Bodyguard for the Day by navaan
11,427 words | Tony gets kidnapped from his Stark Industries office. Steve gets taken with him. But AIM doesn't know they've mistaken Captain America for a simple security guy – and nobody knows Tony is Iron Man... Life is complicated.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  identity.porn  secret.identity  missing-kidnapped  hurt/comfort  protectiveness  awesome 
20 days ago by leahbeex
the harder the rain, honey, the sweeter the sun by milominderbinder
11,099 words | As he curls into the space of Eliot’s body now and stutters something against his lips, Quentin realises, for the first time, that sacrificing himself to save Eliot wouldn’t have been a good thing. It wouldn’t have been better for Eliot. It wouldn’t have made Quentin into the hero he always wanted to be. It would have just been –– over.

And there’s a lot here for him, still, in this world.


A finale-inspired fix-it fic, where everything is still hard, but will be okay in the end. There's also wine. And some very well-earned kisses.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  reunions  awesome 
20 days ago by leahbeex
the second hand unwinds by impossibletruths
11,813 words | After the Monster, Quentin writes to Eliot. Eliot writes back.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  sickness-injury  awesome 
22 days ago by leahbeex
But woke up in a safe house singing, "Honey, let’s get married." by buckybunnyteeth
8,568 words | “I really hope you’re right about this,” about us, he doesn’t say, “Because I can’t stand to see anyone hurt again, especially not you, Q.”

A thumb caresses his cheek and Quentin whispers;

“Eliot Waugh, will you marry me?”


Or; the 5x05 that we should have gotten
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  tm:s5-au  marriage-commitment 
22 days ago by leahbeex
now i found you (don’t know what to do) by hudders-and-hiddles (huddersandhiddles)
17,192 words | Stevie has decided to rent out their sofa for the weekend, and David can't imagine a worse hell than three nights with a stranger sleeping right outside his door.
david/patrick  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-diff.first.meeting  fluff 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
a solid five minutes by hudders-and-hiddles (huddersandhiddles)
1,246 words | At the party, Patrick's parents aren't as surprised by David as either David or Patrick had thought they might be.
david/patrick  rating.pg  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sc:511 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
My heart was broke, My head was sore by blueink3
31,024 words | “Um,” his voice cracks and he clears his throat and tries again, “Um, Patrick can’t come into work today?”

“Oh?” Alexis asks, keeping the question carefully nonchalant which really only makes things worse. If she’s sparing his feelings then shit surely must be hitting the fan.


“Did he say why?” Again, meticulously neutral.


Or, the morning after Grad Night goes somewhat differently when Patrick gets a call from home.
david/patrick  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sc:post-313  established.relationship  relationship.development  new.relationship  angst  hurt/comfort  sickness-injury  domesticity  *favorites 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart by blueink3
37,405 words | What if David and Patrick didn’t survive the Rachel reveal? What if David fell back into destructive behavior and a pattern of bad relationships? What if, to get out of a bad relationship, he calls on the one person who actually truly cared about him?
david/patrick  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sc:post-407  angst  warning:drug.use  warning:unhealthy-relationships  protectiveness  pining 
4 weeks ago by leahbeex
have me (hold me) by portraitofemmy
4,893 words | “I don’t think either of us is exactly married to anyone, anymore,” Eliot hedges, giving Q a sheepish look.

“The circumstances aren’t really clear,” Quentin says, picking up the paper to squint at it again. “I think we could fake it.”

“You can’t fake a marriage for magic, Quentin.”
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  established.relationship  tm:sex-magic  telepathy  superhotjfc 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
safe (as) houses by Butterfly
1,183 words | "Quentin didn't feel the wards drop, only became aware Eliot had returned when he felt a soft kiss on the top of his head. He closed his book, tossed it – carefully – onto the coffee table, and tilted his head back to get an upside-down kiss from his boyfriend."
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:hedge-witches-au 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
the fundamental things apply by Butterfly
1,144 words | "Eliot took Quentin by the elbow, smiled his brightest and most fake smile at some cousin or other that Quentin had pointed out a minute ago. No one in the room looked very much like Q, though Eliot could spot a few similar features here and there. His mother's family, he'd said, numerous and loud and, from how Q had said it, too intimidating for Quentin to want to face alone."
quentin/eliot  rating.pg  00-05k  pretend.relationship  tm:post-s4  alternate.universe  au-canon 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
to help and to hold by impossibletruths
7,044 words | Eliot needs a date. Quentin’s a good friend. Like, a really good friend. Like–– what’s the step that comes after really good friend who goes on fake dates with the guy who flirts with you around the clock and really kind of only opens up to two people and one of them is his platonic soulmate and the other is you? Quentin’s that sort of friend.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:brakebills-au  pretend.relationship  marriage-weddings 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
whatever here that's left of me (is yours) by Butterfly
2,037 words | "It's strange, but after all that fighting to get Eliot back, Quentin can't think of any possible way to start the conversation. Anything would either be too much or not enough, so he just stays where he is, knotted up on the chair, not able to take his eyes off Eliot's face."
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  reunions  tm:post-s4  awesome 
5 weeks ago by leahbeex
Golden Age by supercalvin
11,027 words | The man in front of him looked similar to Arthur’s manservant, but he could not possibly have been Merlin.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-s3  merlin:court-socerer-merlin  time.travel-alternate.universe 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
Gadarene by unpossible
76,831 words | “You’re the Prince?” Merlin says, eyeing him. He hesitates, then adds, defiant, “The Mad Prince of Camelot.”

Arthur doesn’t move. There’s quiet for a long time, then he says it. “I am.”

“You don’t seem mad,” he says.

The smile wells up from somewhere deep, and very sad. “Well, Merlin,” he says, “give me time.”
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  50-80k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-slavery  sickness-injury  magic-reveal 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
and it shall set you free by schweet_heart
5,100 words | Merlin's secret is out in the open, and after months of preparation, Arthur is on the brink of lifting the ban on magic forever. But there is one last truth that remains to be shared between them, if only Arthur can bring himself to take the first step.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:arthur-knows  domesticity  fluff  pining  obliviousness  bamf!merlin  humor  merlin:knights  merlin:court-socerer-merlin 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
Safekeeping by schweet_heart
5,531 words | “There were bandits,” Arthur confirms. There is something grim in his tone which tells Merlin this is not the whole of it. “There was also a sorcerer.”

Merlin sighs. “Of course there was.”

As it turns out, there was also a magical beast, and there was also a sacrifice.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal  missing-kidnapped  dragons  bamf!merlin  protectiveness  hurt/comfort  fluff  sickness-injury 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
Hidden Light by Destina
9,490 words | During a winter hunting trip, Merlin finds he still has much to learn about Arthur.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:s4-au 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
To Learn to Be Again by portraitofemmy
18,295 words | “You don’t have to apologize. I just wanted you to know,” Eliot says softly, once Quentin can breathe again, once he’s stopped leaking all over everything, himself and the grass and Eliot. “You deserve to know you’re loved.”

“I don’t think– I can’t be anyone’s boyfriend right now, Eliot,” and somehow it hurts more to say it now than it had to say it to Alice. But Eliot just smiles, sad but real, and reaches out to smooth Quentin’s hair off his face. It’s too short to hook behind his ear, but Eliot keeps petting him anyway. It feels nice. Grounding.

The Monster is gone, but that doesn't mean everything's okay. It's not. But maybe Quentin and Eliot can learn to be.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  warning:suicidal.thoughts  domesticity  *favorites 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
Relief by rizcriz
4,466 words | “You’re missing your own party.”

Quentin startles, flipping around so his back against the balcony wall, and bringing a hand to his chest as Eliot steps out onto the balcony with him. He’s watching him expectantly, a strange little smile on his lips, and Quentin swallows, attempts a sheepish shrug. “It’s a lot,” he says after a moment, carefully turning back around to look over the city view the penthouse grants. He reaches up and clutches the bars on the wall, fists tight and knuckles burning white.

The sound of Eliot’s shoes tapping against the concrete beneath their feet fills the silence, until Quentin can feel him, warm and real, standing just behind him.


Or, Quentin and Eliot have a talk (and thensome.)
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
this is the knife by helloearthlings
2,051 words | In which Arthur has visions of the future that cause him more pain and heartache than strictly necessary.

(basically an Arthur/Morgana role reversal)
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal  protectiveness  hurt/comfort  angst 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
How They Didn't Find Out (magic reveal one-shots) by Fulgance
117,457 words (series) | A collection of unrelated and standalone magic reveal one-shots, because my favourite thing about the Merlin fandom are the reveal fics. Most of these will be centered around Arthur and Merlin, but not all. All are set during the canon era.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  100k+  series  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal  merlin:1x10  merlin:1x13  merlin:2x13  merlin:4x02  merlin:4x03  merlin:5x05 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
be still my foolish heart (i'm almost me again) by Butterfly
3,754 words | Quentin's friends throw him a birthday party, but what he really wants is a chance to be alone with Eliot.

For birthday sex challenge in honor of Quentin's 27th birthday.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
Promises by Rizandace
7,751 words | "And since we're never going to see each other again, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making me feel like shit, for once. Think of it as a going away present."

This stupid and immature outburst doesn't rile Eliot up, the way Quentin was maybe kind of hoping it would. Instead, his incredulous anger falls away instantly, leaving genuine bewilderment and a little bit of hurt in its wake.

"I'm - not trying to make you feel like shit," Eliot says slowly. "Why would you say that?"

Quentin scoffs, turning away from Eliot so he doesn't have to meet his eyes. "I get that you were miserable there, but I wasn't," he admits finally, furious at the burning in his own eyes. "And every time you say something about it, about how awful the whole thing was, it makes me feel - I mean, can't you hear the way it sounds, from my perspective?"

He turns around to see Eliot staring at him with his eyebrows scrunched up. "Complaining about the mosaic was like - our favorite pastime when we were trapped there," he says. "It's revisionist history to pretend we both had a jolly good time with that fucking puzzle."

|| This fic, ya'll, holy shit. Angsty, tender, angry, emotional, working-through-their-shit. It's SO GOOD.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:s3  angst  *favorites 
6 weeks ago by leahbeex
the one with the dog by portraitofemmy
~42,000 words (series, WIP) | A post season 4 series which has become a catch-all bucket for when I want to write something mostly canonical but don't want to have to undead Quentin again.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  series  30-50k  wip  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  established.relationship  future-fic  warning:depression  hurt/comfort  fluff  domesticity  *favorites 
9 weeks ago by leahbeex
like real people do by ramblingsofaqueerwoman
24,483 words | “Its like you said. We don't know how long we've got before all hell breaks loose again. But you need a break and I need a moment for life to be normal again, so...I don't know, let's pack the car and start driving.”


Quentin and Eliot go on a road trip and find happiness, healing, and each other.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic  pining  bed.sharing  cuddling-snuggling-bedsharing  road.trip 
9 weeks ago by leahbeex
In the Darkness, You Are My Light by Seravia
8,665 words | In which Gwen leaves Camelot, Arthur is not heart-broken, and Merlin is convinced Arthur is pining for Gwen. It takes another sorcerer, several attempts on Arthur's life, and the king at his bedside for Merlin to get it.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal 
10 weeks ago by leahbeex
The Stars Make Me Dream by Penndragon27
19,957 words | After a sudden encounter with Morgana, Merlin is severely injured, only managing to survive by calling the Great Dragon. However, he must return to Camelot still affected and somehow hide this from Arthur. But what's another secret on top of so many others?
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  sickness-injury  pining  possessive-jealousy  magic-reveal  angst  bamf!merlin 
10 weeks ago by leahbeex
If Ever, Now by Athena1919
16,526 words | Merlin realizes that Morgana has magic and that he needs to help her before anyone else realizes it, too. He agrees to give her illegal magic lessons on top of all the work he does for Arthur and chores he handles for Gaius.

Arthur hears rumors of something going on between Merlin and Morgana and isn't pleased.

To Merlin, it just seems like the prince is determined to monopolize his thoughts- as if he didn't already. With even more secrets to keep, Merlin is glad he knows how to juggle.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-203  brotp:merlin.morgana  pining  bamf!merlin  magic-reveal 
10 weeks ago by leahbeex
Treaty Negotiations by marguerite_26
10,559 words | In the face of his people’s suffering, Arthur turns to the druids to see if a treaty with magic users can secure his kingdom’s future.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:druids  tattoo-body.art 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
Destiny Ordered You to Die, But I Willed You to Live by ironfamjam
17,285 words | Cornelius Sigan deals Arthur a heavy blow, but fails to knock him unconscious for long.

Unable to move or help defend his kingdom, Arthur is forced to bear witness to Merlin's heroics...and treason.

"Better to serve a good man, than rule with an evil one!"

Arthur's discovery will change destiny itself as he refuses to fall into tragedy or lose the one person who matters most.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  magic-reveal  merlin:ot4-team 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
Shelter by sinestrated
39,504 words | Eight years have passed since Merlin fled Camelot after revealing his magic, leaving behind a home and a budding relationship with Arthur. Now, with his kingdom crumbling beneath a mysterious magical attack, Arthur reaches out to sorcerers throughout the land in search of a solution--and gets one sorcerer in particular he never expected. After so much time apart, Merlin and Arthur have to learn how to fit each other all over again, and all the while sinister forces bent on the destruction of Camelot threaten everything they have ever believed in.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  angst  awesome 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
The Long Shadow by Destina
13,738 words | What's the point of being the most powerful sorcerer who ever walked the earth, if you can't tinker with destiny now and then? Spoilers for all of season five; goes AU just before the end of 5.13.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-s5 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
Gulf of Years by Cookie
11,467 words | When they are attacked returning to Camelot with Balinor, the Dragonlord is injured rather than killed - and everything Arthur knew or believed is turned on its head.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  c:balinor 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
rail against your dying day by helloearthlings
9,753 words | Arthur turned around, stomach churning at the thought of living the rest of his life without Merlin by his side. Merlin was his constant, his steady presence forever a guiding light.

And now he was gone.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  temporary/mistaken.character.death  grief-mourning  magic-reveal  angst 
11 weeks ago by leahbeex
The Three Stages of Attraction to Merlin by SassyWarlock
8,837 words | After the barmaid in that tavern called Merlin 'handsome' Arthur can't stop thinking about it and begins to pay attention to his manservant as he hasn't before, trying to figure out what it was the woman had seen in the other man. This is the result.


The three stages of Arthur realizing he's attracted to Merlin.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-304  fluff  hurt/comfort 
12 weeks ago by leahbeex
i will let you be righteous (if you will let me be bold) by igrab
3,871 words | It has been five years and ten days since the death of Uther Pendragon, and five years exactly since Arthur's coronation.

It has been five years and Merlin isn't any less in love with him, Arthur isn't any less of a prat (but only to Merlin, these days), and he still doesn't know about the magic.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  future-fic  magic-reveal 
12 weeks ago by leahbeex
Remember When We Never Faded by giselleslash
37,246 words | Merlin and Arthur don't meet in Camelot: they meet near Ealdor. Merlin brings an unconscious Arthur home from battle, but when Arthur wakes, he's forgotten who he is. The closer they become, the more Merlin believes in the world their shared destiny could create.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-diff.first.meeting  amnesia  magic-reveal 
july 2019 by leahbeex
How to Untrain Your Dragon by Teumessian
34,375 words | Merlin has many secrets but Arthur sees more than anyone knows. This is the story of a prince and a dragon. A canon changeling!verse AU, deviating around season 2.

[aka, Merlin turns into a dragon sometimes]
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-changlings  supernatural.beings  magic-reveal  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Change in Crowns by derekstilinski
11,601 words | Arthur has traveled to sign a treaty of friendship with other kingdoms, when he realizes they've intended to set him up to marry as well. He doesn't want to marry for the sake of marrying, so he pulls a clumsy, crowned Merlin in with false talk that they married quietly.

Arthur's true in saying he wants to marry for love, because he chooses Merlin for more than one reason.
merlin/arthur  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  pretend.relationship  pining  magic-reveal 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Of Faith and Hope and Love by versaphile
30,095 words | To lose a manservant once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him twice looks like carelessness. When Merlin vanishes in the mines of Kemeray, Arthur's search for him uncovers decades of secrets and betrayals. But the sudden appearance of a baby white dragon bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur, and for the land that they will build together.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  30-50k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:s4  merlin:407  dragons  magic-reveal  angst  hurt/comfort  sickness-injury  bamf!arthur  merlin:aithusa  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Keep the Magic Secret by orphan_account
73,580 words | For the prompt: Someone tells Arthur about the legends of Emrys, an all-powerful warlock whose destiny is to protect Arthur and his kingdom and help bring about an age of peace. He is told that Emrys is someone close to him, and has hidden his identity and trials over the years to protect himself and make sure he can continue on at Arthur's side. When Arthur asks who it is, the person turns to Arthur and shrewdly asks: "Arthur, who do you want it to be?" ... Arthur's mind automatically goes to Merlin.
merlin/arthur  rating.nc17  50-80k  alternate.universe  au-canon  merlin:post-s4  merlin:s5-au  established.relationship  bamf!merlin  magic-reveal  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Dying to Return by StormDancer
19,869 words | When they try to hang him, he floats.


They put him on the pyre at dawn.

He doesn’t burn.
merlin/arthur  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  future-fic  angst  secret.identity  bamf!merlin  *favorites 
july 2019 by leahbeex
Binary System by Annie D (scaramouche)
13,063 words | Tony tends to be tactile with people he trusts. These days that list of people includes Steve, which is a good sign of the progression of their friendship. For his part, Steve seems to enjoy it as much as Tony does... until Tony goes a little too far.
steve/tony  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  mcu:2012-branching-timeline  fluff  humor 
june 2019 by leahbeex
paint it red by portraitofemmy
7,197 words | "This isn't a hazing, but I'm happy to spank and shave you if your little heart is set on it."

Eliot's careless drawl is met with eye rolls and muttering from most of the first year class, which he expects. He is happy to spank or shave anyone who asks him nicely, but he doesn't exactly expect any of them to take him up on it. What he doesn't expect is the burning red blush or look of interest on Quentin Coldwater's face.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:brakebills-au  bdsm 
june 2019 by leahbeex
when all you wanted was to be wanted by IsleofSolitude
6,050 words | Quentin gets an invite to his ten year class reunion. Being who he is, he panics.

Eliot happens to know how to help his friend.

[Post-S3, no monster, no consequences, etc AU.]
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s3  pretend.relationship 
june 2019 by leahbeex
to be unbroken or be brave again. by milominderbinder
14,135 words | In December, Eliot Waugh goes through a terrible break-up and denounces the entire concept of love. In January, Quentin Coldwater finds out his dad is sick, and becomes determined to help out with money. In February, Josh Hoberman asks Margo Hanson out on a date, and she says no. But she doesn't just say no. She says no because she's worried about her best friend: she's not going to date anyone until Eliot starts dating again, too.

To Josh, the solution seems clear. Pay Quentin, ...
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:brakebills-au  pretend.relationship  bed.sharing  matchmaking  family-parents 
june 2019 by leahbeex
no matter how they toss the dice by wearealltalesintheend
6,800 words | “You don’t?” Eliot asks, sounding a little off, hoarse, and Quentin passes him his water bottle, shrugging when Eliot looks uncomprehendingly down at it. “What– okay,” He clears his throat, starts again. “So you’re over your ex, that’s good. I’m sure your father will understand.”

“Yeah, I mean– yeah, he’ll get it, but he’ll worry,” Quentin runs a hand through his hair, huffing, “he’ll worry, and he’ll start asking questions and wondering– El, what if he wants to visit? He can’t co...
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  pretend.relationship  holiday:thanksgiving 
june 2019 by leahbeex
once in a while, two people meet by wearealltalesintheend
7,315 words | Alice pins him with an icy glare, jutting out her chin as she crosses and uncrosses her arms over chest. “I’m not upset,” she scowls, still standing in the middle of the room, “I’m pissed. I spent all morning tearing mistletoe from the doorways of the Library.”


Her anger crumbles, cracking into a worried, desperate confusion that Quentin would know. Seriously. He’s seen it every day in the mirror for the past couple weeks. “It’s not even Christmas!” She complains, st...
quentin/eliot  rating.pg  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  humor  pining 
may 2019 by leahbeex
slowly learning that life is okay by queer-z0mbies (LaVoileBlanche)
19,865 words | There isn’t a monster in the world that Quentin wouldn’t face, for a chance at this. Peaches and plums, he thinks, and Eliot hums into his mouth, as if in agreement. Peaches and motherfucking plums.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:413  fix-it-fic  hurt/comfort 
may 2019 by leahbeex
do not go gentle by portraitofemmy
10,260 words | Quentin Coldwater doesn’t die alone, trapped in a world between mirrors.

He doesn’t watch all of the people he loves mourn him and think my life is done. He doesn’t give up, or give in, or waste away.

But he dreams he does.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:413  warning:mental.health.issues  fix-it-fic  bdsm 
may 2019 by leahbeex
this year's love had better last by wearealltalesintheend
5,726 words | “Quentin Coldwater?” Eliot asks, just to be sure, just to catch his attention and hold it forever, possibly, just to fill out the air buzzing around them.

Quentin nods, mumbling an incoherent string of sounds.

“I’m Eliot,” he says, and puts out his cigarette, drops down from the school sign. “You’re late.”

Under his assessing gaze, Quentin is obliviously still looking around, and Eliot finds his lost lamb-ness strangely endearing.

This year just might turn out to be interesting, after all.


or, the one where Fillory isn't real and a world of problems is avoided, Quentin still finds his way to Brakebills, Eliot still falls in love. Destiny is bullshit, but some things are constants.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:brakebills-au  fluff  pining 
may 2019 by leahbeex
Mending (No Easy Fix) by junes_discotheque
10,415 words | Eliot wakes up to learn that they won the fight against the Monster, and everyone survived, but in the aftermath Quentin has admitted himself to an inpatient treatment center to deal with his mental health. (Or: Q and Eliot get the help they need, and maybe manage to build something good out of the wreckage)
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-s4  warning:suicide.attempt  warning:mental.health.issues  warning:depression  angst  awesome 
april 2019 by leahbeex
it's no better to be safe than sorry by wearealltalesintheend
8,886 words | Penny, in true Penny form, rolls his eyes, stepping aside to impatiently motion them out of the elevator and into a shockingly white room. “Calm down, you guys don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine down here,” he hands them two glasses of what turns out to be an also shockingly good Scotch. “You’re here for Quentin, right?”

“Yeah,” Julia nods, eyeing his suit and tie suspiciously, “are you going to try and stop us?”

It brings a burst of laugh out of Penny. “God, no. Please, take him with you,” he shakes his head, “do you have any idea how much trouble he’s causing here?”

And that brings an almost-smile out of Eliot, because yes, that does sound like him. “Please, do tell.”

or, first, Eliot grieves. Then, Julia finds a hare-brained solution that's right up their alley. After that, a lot of talking happens.

Alternatively titled, Eliot and Julia's adventure in the Underworld.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  angst  hurt/comfort  grief-mourning  fix-it-fic  awesome  brotp:eliot.julia 
april 2019 by leahbeex
A Small Weight, Lifted by peanutbutterpacifist
11,198 words | Alice and Quentin get the spell they need from Brakebills South, and the gang gets together to defeat both monster-gods and Everett. Everyone is fucked in their own ways, plans go sideways, like always, but if there's one thing this ragtag team can do, it's come together at the last minute and improvise.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  tm:post-412  angst  hurt/comfort 
april 2019 by leahbeex
as it was by peacefrog
3,913 words | Quentin stepped through the empty doorway and into the unknown. He blinked and it was dark, then light. So much light. The warm amber glow of the Physical Kids’ Cottage. He could feel the warmth of it down in his bones, every molecule in his body vibrating with brand new magic. Brand new life.
quentin/eliot  rating.r  00-05k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s4  fix-it-fic 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Our mistakes, they were bound to be made by Rays
4,896 words | After saving Eliot from the monster, Alice decides to offer some advice.

|| Loved this! Has a great feel for the characters, and I loved the way they connected Eliot and Alice's experiences.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg  00-05k  pov:outsider  tm:post-monster  alternate.universe  au-canon  angst  brotp:eliot.alice 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Monsterless by portraitofemmy
7,022 words | He shoots the monster, but the monster doesn’t die. Apparently the meat suit it’s wearing doesn’t have to be living, exactly. They don’t realize that until after the debacle with the keys and the library showing up, however.

But that’s fine. Nigel, the bastard son of a British Lord, doesn’t know or care about monsters.

A re-imagining of the death of Quentin's father if Eliot was not possessed by The Monster.
quentin/eliot  rating.nc17  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-s3  hurt/comfort  grief-mourning  awesome 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Reunited by janezy
22,824 words | Eliot wanted a reunion with Quentin, but this was *not* what he had in mind.
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  tm:post-409 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Couldn't Whisper When You Needed It Shouted by coloursflyaway
11,210 words | If necessary, Quentin will rip apart the universe with his bare, bloody hands to get Eliot back.

[AU after 409]
quentin/eliot  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  fix-it-fic  angst 
april 2019 by leahbeex
Light Pollution by FestiveFerret
7,282 words | Steve blinked at him. "I have no idea what's happening right now."

Tony leaned a hip against the wall, crossed his arms, and stretched his grin wider, his eyes lighting up. "And isn't it great?"
steve/tony  rating.pg13  05-10k  alternate.universe  au-canon  temporary/mistaken.character.death  grief-mourning  angst 
february 2019 by leahbeex
Falling Into You by sabrecmc
53,595 words | Tony and Steve end up as fuck buddies after the events of The Winter Soldier until Steve calls it off. When Loki's spell wipes all of Steve's memories since the last time Loki was in town, Tony decides it will be so much easier to just not tell Steve they had something of a relationship. Spoiler: It isn't.

Or, how Steve fell in love with Tony and forgot about it, and how Tony fell in love with Steve and realized it.
steve/tony  rating.r  50-80k  mcu:post-catws  alternate.universe  au-canon  friends.with.benefits  mcu:loki-shenanigans  mcu:magical-shenanigans  amnesia  pining  obliviousness  oblivious!tony  jealousy-possessiveness  mcu:howard-starks-a+-parenting  warning:internalized.homophobia  awesome  *favorites 
january 2019 by leahbeex
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now by vorkosigan
12,953 words | "Hold that thought," Tony said into his phone. "I apparently just got hit by a hitchhiker."
"You hit a hitchhiker?" Happy sounded horrified.
"What? Am I talking to a wall? I got hit by a hitchhiker."

Having just broken up with Pepper, Tony is driving to California on Christmas Eve. When he picks up a hitchhiker, he hardly expects him to be the former Captain America, defrosted and on the run from SHIELD.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  au-diff.first.meeting  holiday:christmas  hitchhiking  k:clothes.sharing  awesome 
january 2019 by leahbeex
Gained in Translation by Annie D (scaramouche)
11,556 words | Steve returns to New York and meets Tony for the first time since they’d parted ways after the Chitauri incident. It’s a little awkward at first, but they gain a new rhythm, which is mainly based on their ability to surprise each other and prove those first impressions inaccurate.

Set between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  mcu:post-catws 
january 2019 by leahbeex
Five Times Steve and Tony Spent Christmas Alone Together (And One Time They Didn't) by FestiveFerret
4,679 words | Christmas had lost its appeal for Steve long before he'd been shot seventy years into the future.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  00-05k  au-canon  mcu:post-avengers  holiday:christmas  5x-fic  fluff 
december 2018 by leahbeex
Emanata (The Comics Will Break Your Heart Remix) by teaberryblue
29,720 words | Steve Rogers has the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dreams of becoming a comic artist when eccentric billionaire, superhero patron, and obsessive comic enthusiast Tony Stark offers him a job drawing Iron Man.

But Tony Stark has no idea that Steve Rogers is really Captain America, the newest member of the Avengers.

And Iron Man has no idea that Captain America is really Steve Rogers, up-and-coming comic book artist.

And Steve doesn't know what to do about the fact that he's falling head over heels for them both.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  20-30k  alternate.universe  au-canon  secret.identity  art-artists  hurt/comfort  angst  pining  *favorites 
october 2018 by leahbeex
Who You Think You Are by Tahlruil
64,215 words | In a world where no one knows the identity of Iron Man, Tony Stark is the best thing since sliced bread, at least in the opinion of one Steve Rogers. He doesn't like to let anyone know that - especially not Tony - but one day it sort of slips out. Luckily it's only to his best friend, and Shellhead won't tell anyone. What could possibly go wrong?
steve/tony  rating.r  50-80k  alternate.universe  au-canon  secret.identity  pining  protectiveness 
october 2018 by leahbeex
The Song Without Words by Lelantus
57,688 words | Everyone knew what happened when soulmates touched each other. Whether it was hands clasping together, fingers brushing across a jaw, or lips meeting in a kiss - it didn’t matter. Any skin-to-skin contact and chests started glowing with soft, white-blue light. Soul-light, it was called.

Tony woke up in a cave in Afghanistan with a hole in his chest and wires coming out of it and felt his blood run cold. He knew instinctively what it meant. He’d lost his ability to produce a soul-light. And so no matter how much he yearned for it in the secret, hidden corners of his heart, Tony would never find his soulmate.
steve/tony  rating.r  50-80k  alternate.universe  soulmates  au-canon  hurt/comfort  pining  *favorites 
october 2018 by leahbeex
To Make Much of Time by Sineala
16,114 words | When Iron Man rejects Steve's romantic advances, Steve is disappointed, but of course he understands -- Iron Man's secret identity is important. But when a portal opens and Tony Stark crashes into their midst from twelve years in the future, Steve starts to suspect that there are more secrets here than he can even begin to comprehend, and neither Iron Man nor Tony are providing any answers.
steve/tony  rating.pg13  10-20k  alternate.universe  au-canon  secret.identity 
october 2018 by leahbeex
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