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There’s an idea that starting a blog is harder than it used to be. That there used to be a way to write a few words, slap it online and wait for the traffic to roll in. I call BS. It’s not that it’s not true exactly - but that kind of thinking is living in the shadow of the Digg homepage.
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9 days ago by ldodds
The Disturbing Case of the Disappearing Sci-Fi Story | WIRED
Memes continue to be a messy business. They harm as well as empower. Sometimes the harmful ones can become empowering. Sometimes that makes them even messier. In 2014, people began to claim that they sexually identify as attack helicopters.
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4 weeks ago by ldodds
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
In 2016, William Gibson was a third of the way through his new novel when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.
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4 weeks ago by ldodds
Notes on Technical Writing – mkaz.blog
Over the past year, I’ve worked on and off documentation for WordPress. I started contributing during a freeze around launch to help developers transition to the new platform. I found writing documentation is something I enjoy, plus rewarding to help and educate people.
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6 weeks ago by ldodds
What I learned from studying billions of words of online fan fiction - MIT Technology Review
When I was 10, I was a lonely, geeky girl, a first--generation Latina growing up in a small town in Indiana. I happened across J.R.R.
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7 weeks ago by ldodds
Making Data Meaningful: A guide to writing stories about numbers (PDF)
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe document about writing stories about statistics
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july 2007 by ldodds

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