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Information Visualization and Visual Data Mining
Classification of different types of visualisation techniques
october 2012 by ldodds
The Risks of Visualization
Proposes classification of different types of issues with data viz. Can be used as a checklist for avoiding bad practices.
october 2012 by ldodds
Gadget - SIMILE
an XML inspector designed to create useful summaries of vast pools of XML data.
xml  visualization  simile 
june 2010 by ldodds
datapress: Data for Your Blog
Embed Simile Exhibit sites into a WordPress blog
plugin  visualization  data  wordpress  exhibit 
june 2010 by ldodds
Primer Timeline
Visualisation of timelines in Primer. Spoilers!
scifi  visualization  movies  timeline 
july 2009 by ldodds
timemap - Google Code
Timemap.js is a Javascript library to help use Google Maps with a SIMILE timeline. The library allows you to load one or more datasets in JSON, KML, or GeoRSS onto both a map and a timeline simultaneously. By default, only items in the visible range of the timeline are displayed on the map.
javascript  visualization  maps  timeline 
june 2009 by ldodds
CS171 Visualisation
Includes links to materials and free videos of lectures
visualization  education  lectures 
april 2009 by ldodds
TLG View
TLGView's objective is to enhance the exploration and navigation of data in the cloud.
data  Search  visualization 
march 2009 by ldodds
Flamenco Home
The Flamenco search interface framework has the primary design goal of allowing users to move through large information spaces in a flexible manner without feeling lost. A key property of the interface is the explicit exposure of category metadata, to guide the user toward possible choices, and to organize the results of keyword searches. The interface uses hierarchical faceted metadata in a manner that allows users to both refine and expand the current query, while maintaining a consistent representation of the collection's structure. This use of metadata is integrated with free-text search, allowing the user to follow links, then add search terms, then follow more links, without interrupting the interaction flow.
OpenSource  Search  visualization  metadata 
march 2009 by ldodds
jQuery Sparklines
This jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small inline charts) directly in the browser using data supplied either inline in the HTML, or via javascript
javascript  visualization  jquery  sparklines  plugin  charts 
march 2009 by ldodds
Visualization Trends For The Noosphere - Articles - MIX Online
Data visualization is an expressive medium. We use it to tell stories that help us make sense of the world.
data  visualization  Design 
february 2009 by ldodds
JuiceKit for Visual Analytics - JuiceKit™ SDK
The JuiceKit™ is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for building Information Experience™ applications. The SDK can be used by web designers and developers to build graphically rich and interactive information displays. The JuiceKit is currently integrates with Adobe Flex to create components that are easy to implement and aesthetically pleasing. Components of the JuiceKit include controls, visualizations, and utility classe
visualization  Flash  flex  charts 
february 2009 by ldodds
Flashbulb Interaction | Working through Screens Book
"Ideas for Envisioning Powerful, Engaging, and Productive User Experiences in Knowledge Work", "a reference for product teams creating new or iteratively improved applications for thinking work. Written for use during early, formative conversations, it provides teams with a broad range of considerations for setting the overall direction and priorities for their onscreen tools. With hundreds of envisioning questions and fictional examples from clinical research, financial trading, and architecture, this volume can help definers and designers to explore innovative new directions for their products."
visualization  ebook  webdesign 
november 2008 by ldodds
ScapeToad - cartogram software by the Choros laboratory
ScapeToad uses the Gastner/Newman [2004] diffusion-based algorithm to adapt map surfaces to user-defined variables without altering their topological relations.
visualization  mapping  software  java  opensource 
november 2008 by ldodds
Circos - visualize genomes and genomic data
Circos is designed for visualizing genomic data such as alignments, conservation, and generalized 2D data, such as line, scatter, heatmap and histogram plots.
visualization  Tools  bioinformatics  data 
august 2008 by ldodds
Virtual worlds by sector
Diagram plotting virtual environments by sector and age
visualization  metaverse  filetype:jpg  media:image 
august 2008 by ldodds
Freebase Parallax: A new way to browse and explore data on Vimeo
Fantastic demonstration of novel browsing interface for FreeBase. Really demonstrates the potential of Linked Data
visualization  freebase  SemanticWeb 
august 2008 by ldodds
Visual Understanding Environment
The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) project at Tufts is focused on creating flexible tools for managing and integrating digital resources in support of teaching, learning and research. VUE provides a flexible visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information.
visualization  tool  java  rdf 
august 2008 by ldodds
Track-n-Graph - Home
Track-n-Graph is a FREE web-based service for friends, family, and co-workers to track and graph information.
web2.0  visualization  data 
august 2008 by ldodds
UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
The GMapCreator is a freeware application designed to make thematic mapping using Google Maps simpler. The application takes a shapefile containing geographic areas linked with attributes and automatically generates a working Google Maps website from the data
visualization  mapping  maps  gis 
august 2008 by ldodds
Show Us a Better Way
Tell us what you'd build with public information and we could help fund your idea!
government  mashup  visualization 
july 2008 by ldodds
Multivalent Documents: Inducing Structure and Behaviors in Online Digital Documents (PDF)
1996 paper describing document overlays for visualizing annotations. References the Talmud as one possible use case. Wonder if this kind of application could now be implemented in pure Javascript?
annotation  visualization  trust  talmud  filetype:pdf  media:document 
june 2008 by ldodds
Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
visualization  Web2.0  tagcloud  Taxonomy 
june 2008 by ldodds
Graph Gear | Creative Synthesis
Graph Gear is an open platform for graph visualization (the mathematical kind, not the bar chart kind). It allows you to create an interactive graph with force directed layout that has a good interactive user experience.
graph  visualization  flash  opensource 
may 2008 by ldodds
Information Design Patterns
Design patterns for visualizing different kinds of data
information  visualization  patterns  Design 
may 2008 by ldodds
the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter
twitter  SocialSoftware  visualization  art  culture 
april 2008 by ldodds
birdeye - Google Code
BirdEye is a community project to advance the design and development of a comprehensive open source information visualization and visual analytics library for Adobe Flex
flex  visualization  library 
april 2008 by ldodds
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Featured Content Glider
This script lets you painlessly showcase new or featured contents on your page, by turning ordinary pieces of HTML content into an interactive, "glide in" slideshow.
javascript  library  jquery  visualization 
december 2007 by ldodds
Google Earth Design: Why didn't I think of that?
Using google earth and sketchup blocks to visualize and animate geological sections.
geology  mapping  science2.0  learning2.0  visualization 
december 2007 by ldodds
flot - Google Code
Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side.
Ajax  visualization  chart 
december 2007 by ldodds
Making Data Meaningful: A guide to writing stories about numbers (PDF)
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe document about writing stories about statistics
statistics  writing  visualization  filetype:pdf  media:document 
july 2007 by ldodds
ECOresearch | Media Watch on Climate Change
The vision of a Geospatial Web promotes the convergence of geographic information, Internet technology and social change. Taking a step towards this vision, the Media Watch on Climate Change uses automated content analysis to extract geospatial context an
visualization  climate  ecology  science2.0  geo 
june 2007 by ldodds
Visualization Lab | Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Asynchronous Collaborative Information Visualization
This paper describes mechanisms for asynchronous collaboration in the context of information visualization, recasting visualizations as not just analytic tools, but social spaces.
visualization  statistics  SocialSoftware  Me/ToRead 
june 2007 by ldodds
JoSS: Journal of Social StructureVisualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion Groups
Social roles in online discussion forums can be described by patterned characteristics of communication between network members which we conceive of as ‘structural signatures.'
SocialSoftware  visualization  Me/ToRead 
june 2007 by ldodds
WebSnapr - Website Thumbnails For Your Site
WebSnapr lets you capture screenshots of (almost) any web page. Let your visitors to instantly visualize any web page before clicking. Increase site traffic, click-through rate and site stickiness.
URL  visualization  web2.0  images  Javascript 
march 2007 by ldodds
JoVE is an online research journal for publishing visualized (video-based) biological experiments. We invite submissions in all areas of biological sciences.
science2.0  video  visualization 
january 2007 by ldodds
RedHanded » Sparklines for Minimalists
Sparklines in pure ruby code for generating bmp and png
sparklines  visualization  ruby  graphics 
december 2006 by ldodds
PlotKit - Javascript Chart Plotting | liquidx
PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support.
graph  Javascript  library  visualization 
december 2006 by ldodds
Google Trends
Trends in search statistics from Google
statistics  visualization 
december 2006 by ldodds
Open-jACOB Draw2D
Create drawings and diagrams with the Open-jACOB Draw2D Javascript library. The User interface allows interactive drawing by using your standard browser. No additional software; no third party plug ins. Just run it and use it.
Javascript  library  visualization  graphics 
november 2006 by ldodds
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