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hen you imagine the future, what’s the first date that comes into your mind? 2050? 2070? The year that pops into your head is almost certainly related to how old you are — some point within our lifetimes yet distant enough to be mysterious, still just outside our grasp.
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5 weeks ago by ldodds
The Disturbing Case of the Disappearing Sci-Fi Story | WIRED
Memes continue to be a messy business. They harm as well as empower. Sometimes the harmful ones can become empowering. Sometimes that makes them even messier. In 2014, people began to claim that they sexually identify as attack helicopters.
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5 weeks ago by ldodds
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
In 2016, William Gibson was a third of the way through his new novel when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.
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5 weeks ago by ldodds
Neon Genesis Evangelion: what the powerful anime really means in 2020 - Polygon
There is a reason I had been hearing about Neon Genesis Evangelion for nearly 20 years. Originally broadcast from 1995 to 1996, it is considered one of the seminal works of Japanese animation.
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6 weeks ago by ldodds
How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real | The New Yorker
Suppose you’ve been asked to write a science-fiction story. You might start by contemplating the future. You could research anticipated developments in science, technology, and society and ask how they will play out.
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10 weeks ago by ldodds
Vintage Future
Awesome collection of sci-fi photos
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january 2011 by ldodds
Primer Timeline
Visualisation of timelines in Primer. Spoilers!
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july 2009 by ldodds

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