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A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
A fun periodic table of data visualization methods.
ut  research  visual  design 
january 2007 by lbrightphd
Internet Activities
A list of recent online trends from the Pew Internet Life Project.
research  teaching  technology  ut 
december 2006 by lbrightphd
TIP: Theories
Notes on experiential learning for podcasting paper.
podcasting  theories  learning  research  ut 
december 2006 by lbrightphd
Proff reads NTU Student Surveys VideoSift
For anyone who has ever had to be evaluated by students ;).
research  ut  teaching 
november 2006 by lbrightphd
A New Advertising Engine -
An article about Google expanding it's advertising business.
advertising  research  ut 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
Smart Mobs: Maps and advertising
An article about advertising through online map and navigation services.
advertising  communication  blogs  ut  research  navigation 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
Signal Without Noise--by Guy Kawasaki: Is Advertising Dead?
A blog post about reaching the new generation of kids with advertising and how difficult it is.
blogs  advertising  communication  research  ut 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
Ad Mashup | Where advertisers come to play
A website dedicated to advertising 'mashups' ... not to be confused with Web 2.0 mashups ;).
advertising  ut  fun  blogs 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
How will the Clintons harness the political force of the blog?
An article by David Perlmutter that focuses on the adoption of blogs within the political realm and where they are headed for future elections.
politics  advertising  blogs  ut  research 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
Google boss warns politicians about Internet power.
An interesting article about the Internet will effect political campaigns and politicians themselves in future elections.
politics  advertising  google  ut  research 
october 2006 by lbrightphd
MAKE: Blog: Kids safety labels we want to see...
A satirical article on labels for consumption safety among children ... hilarious!
advertising  ut  research  fun 
september 2006 by lbrightphd
IAB Resources and Research
A short list of interactive advertising resources, mainly geared towards why to use interactive advertising.
advertising  interactive  ut  research  utadv304 
september 2006 by lbrightphd
YouTube - American Superiors Responsible for US Torture Pt 1
A video being used for demonstration in my social psychology class.
social_psychology  ut  research 
september 2006 by lbrightphd
European Advertising Academy
Home page for the European Academy of Advertising.
research  ut  conferences  advertising 
september 2006 by lbrightphd
E-mail: UMBS Help - Getting Started with
The page for getting started with activating an email account at UT Austin
ut  school  personal 
september 2006 by lbrightphd
An academic article about perceived interactivity on political candidate blogs.
The purpose of this research was to examine the effects of a political candidate’s blog—a form of eWOM (electronic Word-of-Mouth)—on attitudes toward the website, attitudes toward the political candidate, and intentions to vote. The results showed t
interactivity  advertising  ut  research  blogs  politics  ewom 
august 2006 by lbrightphd
Seth's Blog: What I learned from eye tracking
A blog post from Seth Godin about what he learned from performing an eye-tracking experiment on a client's website.
eyetracking  web_design  usability  ut  research  utadv304 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Theory Clusters
An online database for social science theories.
theories  archive  research  ut  advertising 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Chronicle Careers: 6/9/2006: A Tough-Love Manifesto for Professors
An article about the tough love manifesto that professors should have with their students.
advertising  teaching  jobs  ut 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
A website with information about presence research in advertising and related fields.
advertising  research  ut  journals 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Chronicle Careers: Jobs in Higher Education
A website about working in higher education.
jobs  research  teaching  ut 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Theory of Planned Behavior/ Reasoned Action
An article about the theory of planned behavior or reasoned action.
theories  research  ut  planned_behavior 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Guest Columnist: Beyond Obligation.
A column written by Deborah Morrison about going beyond regular obligations.
advertising  jobs  productivity  ut 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
CNET Sites Offer RSS in IAB Ad Units · MarketingVOX
An article about RSS and acceptance of IAB ad units.
advertising  research  ut  rss  blogs 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles
An article about graphics and web design based on Edward Tufte's design principles.
web_design  usability  ut  research 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
European Advertising Academy
Homepage for the European Academy of Advertising.
advertising  associations  ut  conferences 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Forrester Research: Blogging: Bubble Or Big Deal?
An article about when and how businesses should use blogs.
blogs  advertising  work  ut  research 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Intercoder Reliability in Content Analysis
A resource for assessing and reporting intercoder reliability estimates for content analysis research.
advertising  research  ut  stats 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
An archive website of advertising materials.
advertising  research  ut  archive 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
A listing of the top ten mistakes in web design according to Jakob Nielsen.
usability  ut  research  lists  utadv304 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Networking on the Network
A guide for doctoral students pursuing academic careers.
advertising  ut  productivity  jobs 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Home Page - ACM/SIGCHI
Homepage for the special interest group for human-computer interaction.
human_computer_interaction  sigchi  ut  research 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Austin UPA - Home
Homepage for the Austin Usability Professionals association.
associations  ut  usability  austin 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design
A website that has articles about interaction design, web design, etc.
web_design  research  ut  informationarchitecture 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
IAB Interactive Marketing Standards and Guidelines Internet Ad Unit Guidelines
The interactive advertising bureau's standards and guidelines for online ads.
advertising  interactive  ut  research 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
All-But-Dissertation Survival Guide
The ABD survival guide website for doctoral students.
advertising  ut  survival 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
FeedBurner - Feed 101
An introduction into rss and feed readers.
rss  tutorial  research  ut  blogs 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
An interview prep guide for doctoral students.
advertising  ut  jobs  productivity 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Data acquisition and analysis, analog to digital converters and more - BIOPAC.
The website for the BioPak psychological response equipment in the media lab.
biopak  research  advertising  media_lab  ut 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
School of Information - University of Texas
The website for the School of Information at UT Austin.
information_science  ut  ischool 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Texas Advertising @ The University of Texas at Austin
The website for the UT Austin Department of Advertising.
advertising  ut 
july 2006 by lbrightphd
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