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Jules Artwear
Jewelry place in PA where Christmas present from Shane came from - clay jewelry
shopping  jewelry 
january 2010 by lbrightphd
Look at vintage rooster / hen stuff on here for BA.
art  design  fashion  shopping  jewelry  fun  crafting  to-buy  ba-wedding 
august 2007 by lbrightphd
Alchemy Goods - Products - Other Models
Bags made from recycled advertising billboards, tires and seatbelts.
fashion  green  shopping  fun 
july 2007 by lbrightphd
Delight :: Dedicated to the Cult of Shopping
A shopping website for finding bargains and coupons.
july 2006 by lbrightphd
P.O.S.H. Chicago
A shopping website for all sorts of odds and ends, bargains, flea market items, etc.
july 2006 by lbrightphd
Pearl River
A shopping site for fabrics, jewelry, etc.
shopping  crafting  jewelry 
july 2006 by lbrightphd

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