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Forrester: Empowered Research Tool for Technographics
Forrester's Social Technographics data classifies consumers into seven overlapping levels of social technology participation. Based on our proprietary Consumer Technographics survey data, we can share with you how social participation varies among your consumers globally and help you plan a targeted social technology strategy. Use this tool to get a high-level snapshot of the social technology behaviors of consumers.
demographics  marketing  socialmedia  tools  advertising  media-planning 
september 2011 by lbrightphd
The Ad Contrarian: Advertising And The Future Of Apple
Advertising will be an early indicator of whether people without vision and taste are moving in at Apple. It will be interesting to watch.
advertising  apple  marketing 
august 2011 by lbrightphd
Database Guides - Marketing
This is a list from April Kessler at the UT library system - it provides all of the UT marketing database information and links.
research  mkt460  marketing  advertising 
january 2010 by lbrightphd
Use to show web 2.0 integration in class.
advertising  agency  branding  design  inspiration  web  marketing 
april 2008 by lbrightphd
Zip Skinny - Get the Skinny on that Zip!
A website that provides demographic information for US zip codes.
information  interesting  advertising  reference  statistics  marketing 
march 2008 by lbrightphd
Are Designrs the Enemy of Design?
An interesting article about sustainable design / living life in beta.
advertising  blogs  marketing  journalism  living 
march 2007 by lbrightphd
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